Native American Astrology Signs

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Animals play a key role in Native American astrology signs and culture. Traditionally, Native Americans believed that the creator would speak to them through animals. Because of this, animals were treated like brothers and sisters. Each of these Native American astrology signs was connected to a clan, element, animal, stone and color. Like the traditional zodiac, these traits are connected to when you are born.

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Native American Astrology Signs

By learning more about your Native American astrology signs and the Native American zodiac, you can figure out your personality and where you fit on this earth. While there is more information and details available about these signs, the following descriptions will help you start your journey of self-realization.

The Goose

Dates: December 22 to January 19
Stone: Peridot and Quartz
Element: Air and Earth
Color: Silver and White
Western Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Personality Traits: Reliable and Serious
Compatible With: Brown Bear, Beaver and Raven

Known as the Goose or the Snow Goose, this Native American zodiac sign is motivated and full of ambition. Unlike some signs, the Goose is able to lay out a careful plan for reaching his goals. He is always relaxed and self-assured because he has planned out his strategy for the future and is ready to achieve it.

While creating a strategy and following through on a plan is a positive, it can be a bit much for the poor Goose at times. He is too demanding of himself as he sets high goals and then expects himself to immediately reach them. The Goose can become disappointed easily because he sets such a high goal for his own achievements in life.

Out of all the Native American astrology signs, this one is known for being quite a lover. He hates discord and disagreements, so he will rarely do anything to cause an argument. Instead, he will try to brighten the lives of the people he loves. He brings a ray of happiness wherever he goes. Whenever someone needs support, the faithful Goose is there for them. The biggest problem for the Goose is setting realistic goals. He has to learn how to be realistic and laugh off problems if he ever wants to be truly happy.

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The Otter

Dates: January 20 to February 18
Stone: Turquoise or Silver
Element: Air
Color: Silver
Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Personality Traits: Friendly and Independent
Compatible With: Falcon, Raven and Deer

The Otter totem is linked to the air and the cardinal direction of the north-northeast. This sign is known for being unconventional and unpredictable. While it might be hard to know exactly what the Otter will do next, this sign is quite good at doing anything it sets out to. The Otter is creative, intelligent and skillful. No matter what is thrown the Otter’s way, he is good at figuring things out.

This sign is known for being exceptionally curious. He likes to know how people think a certain way and what drives them to act in life. Because of his curiosity, the Otter is constantly listening to people, reading and compiling information. Often, the Otter will get extremely excited in a conversation. He can even become so enthusiastic that he takes over the entire conversation.

This is one of the Native American astrology signs that is known for his honesty. He is a good friend who wants to help people closest to him. The Otter is nurturing and supportive in relationships. He has a strong sense of intuition that he uses to guide himself in life.

Like the actual animal, this birth totem is known for being quite playful and sly. He loves to have fun and enjoy life. The hardest part of life is having to focus on the mundane, routine aspects of daily life. The agreeable Otter would much rather play and enjoy life instead.

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The Wolf

Dates: February 19 to March 20
Stone: Turquoise and Jade
Element: Water and Air
Color: Blue-Green
Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Personality Traits: Generous and Gentle
Compatible With: Brown Bear, Woodpecker and Snake

This zodiac sign is linked to the northeast. Like the lone wolf, individuals under this sign need some time alone in order to do their best. They need solitude to gather their thoughts and think of a new, better way of existing. If the Wolf is in a relationship, he needs a partner who understands his desire for solitude. While he loves companionship and being with his partner, he needs space to unwind and process all of his thoughts.

The Wolf is thought to be dangerous and ferocious in nature. The Wolf totem only has these qualities in certain circumstances. When he loves someone, the Wolf is quite fierce. He is loyal to the people he loves and will do everything that he can to protect them. Like the actual Wolf, this totem will be a guardian for all of the people around him.

People with this one of the Native American astrology signs tend to be quite generous. They are willing to give everything they have to protect their loved ones and help someone in need. Because of this tendency, the Wolf is also quite likely to be taken advantage of. Unscrupulous people may get the Wolf to give them things without any intention to pay them back. Wolves have to be quite careful about their generosity because there are many people who will not respect the Wolf’s better nature.

In the wild, the Wolf is loyal to his pack. The Wolf totem is the same. If he loves someone, he is fiercely loyal and will always protect them. This sign is also good at listening to his gut. Other people tend to follow this totem because he knows what he wants and how to get there.

Spiritually, this sign is deeply connected to his intuitive, inner side. He is able to balance the intellectual, spiritual and material worlds. He is a seeker who wants to find truth through learning, knowledge and new frontiers. With his intelligent mind, he is able to discover the deeper meaning to the world around him.

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The Falcon

Dates: March 21 to April 19
Stone: Opal
Element: Fire
Color: Green and Yellow
Western Zodiac Sign: Aries
Personality Traits: Spontaneous and Powerful
Compatible With: Owl and Salmon

The Falcon is known for always keeping his cool. This is one of the Native American astrology signs that does well in disasters and chaos. No matter how difficult the situation is, the Falcon can rise above the storm and see the big picture. Part of this is because of his tendency to be well-grounded. He knows what the real world is like and how to make decisions about it.

Like the Falcon, individuals under this sign are quite observant. They listen to their senses and notice all of the details in the world around them. The world is an exciting place for the Falcon, and he just wants to discover everything that there is in the world around him. He likes challenges and finding out interesting things.

This sign also has a strong self-confidence and high self-esteem. At times, this can border on being ego-driven and arrogant. Luckily, the Falcon is rarely too egotistical. His grounded sense of confidence and personal truth keep him from getting too full of himself.

With relationships, the Falcon likes sensual things. He puts his creativity to work in expressing his passion, desire and love. The hardest part of life for the Falcon is getting in touch with his inner world. He likes a challenge and looks at all of the details. Sometimes, the big picture gets lost because of all of the details that he is trying to process. Since the Falcon likes to see quick results from his challenges, he rarely connects deeply to his spiritual side.

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The Beaver

Dates: April 20 to May 20
Stone: Jasper and Hematite
Element: Air and Fire
Color: Blue and Yellow
Western Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Personality Traits: Methodical and Stubborn
Compatible With: Brown Bear, Woodpecker and Goose

This sign is connected to the Taurus. Out of the Native American astrology signs, the Beaver is known for being talented and tenacious. Like the animal, the Beaver totem is grounded and likes to build a stable foundation for his life. He wants to make sure that his family is financially secure and always has the things that they need.

Known for being industrious, this sign can also be a bit anxious. He is worried about whether his family will have enough and whether he can get everything done. The Beaver hates to stay still for long and is often on the move. He is constantly working to play foundations for his work and family. When he does have a bit of extra money, the Beaver will give it to charity or use it to make his family’s life more secure.

This birth totem is self-assured and a great host. His biggest problems are dealing with anxiety and relaxing. He is so focused on taking care of his home, friends, family and work that he forgets to relax and have some fun.

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The Deer

Dates: May 21 to June 20
Stone: Agate
Element: Fire and Earth
Color: Blue and Yellow
Western Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Personality Traits: Excellent Communicator and Moody
Compatible With: Otter and Raven

This totem is often whimsical and dreamy at times. While the Deer might like to focus on their fantasies, they also have a keen mind and a quite witty. This is one of the Native American astrology signs that loves to have conversations with other people. They are interesting to talk to and are often good at public speaking. No matter who they are with, they can carry on an interesting conversation.

At times, this sign seems a bit naive. They dislike arguments and hate when people are fighting around them. He would much rather bring people together and make a harmonious environment. The Deer totem is often nurturing, peaceful and compassionate. They are caring in their relationships and truly do not have a mean bone in their body.

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The Woodpecker

Dates: June 21 to July 19
Stone: Carnelian and Rose Quartz
Element: Water
Color: Pink
Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Personality Traits: Protective and Sympathetic
Compatible With: Wolf, Snake and Bear

The Woodpecker is connected to the Sacred Mother. Because of this, the Woodpecker is instinctive and intuitive in knowing how to help people around them and support their relationship. The Woodpecker focuses all of her energy on the people she loves and works hard to create an amazing relationship. Because of her focus on her relationships, she has a tendency to lose her identity at times. She forgets who she is because she is so connected to her partner and her loved ones.

This Native American zodiac sign is excellent at managing her finances. She loves her family, so she does everything that she make sure that they are financially provided for. Because she gives so much to others, there is a tendency for the Woodpecker to feel drained and overwhelmed. To be truly happy, she must find some self-love time to take care of herself.

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The Salmon

Dates: July 20 to August 21
Stone: Carnelian
Element: Fire and Water
Color: Red
Western Zodiac Sign: Leo
Personality Traits: Confident and Proud
Compatible With: Falcon and Owl

The Salmon is all about enthusiasm, fun and energy. He has a wealth of energy at his command and is ready to jump all of the rapids ahead of him. As you might expect, the Salmon is closely linked to the water. This means that he tends to be creative, innovative and artistic. He loves to root for the underdog and will always help out people in need. This Native American zodiac sign tends to be connected to anything that refreshes his mind or refuels his soul.

This sign loves to find meaningful goals in life. He thinks through each step carefully to see how he can contribute the most to the world around him. He is full of excitement and passion. In relationships, the Salmon works hard to create a better life and brings his passion to everything he does.

The Salmon is ruled by the direction of the South-Southwest. While the Beaver is known for being exceptionally energetic, the Salmon has him beat. The Salmon has such a high enthusiasm level that it is contagious. He can easily convince other people to overcome the rapids with him and fight the current. Because of his energy and enthusiasm, most of the things that the Salmon does will turn into a success. He has to have a deeper meaning to his life though, so everything he works toward is a part of a compassionate or meaningful objective. The Salmon is one of the Native American astrology signs that is least likely to be greedy ever.

In a relationship, the Salmon is creative and wants to build a deep relationship. He approaches the relationship with zeal and will do everything he can to help his partner. As a friend or a romantic partner, the Salmon is always there for you. He loves to root for the underdog, and he will put in a lot of extra work to help the underdog come out on top.

In life, the Salmon serves without a need for recognition. He only wants to help, so he doesn’t need a pat on the back to work toward a better world. When things do not go according to plan, the Salmon tends to feel it deeply. He has an artistic, creative soul that connects to others on an intuitive level.

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The Brown Bear

Dates: August 22 to September 21
Stone: Topaz
Element: Earth and Water
Color: Purple and Brown
Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Personality Traits: Practical and Modest
Compatible With: Beaver and Goose

The Brown Bear is curious and practical. He has a relaxed state of mind and loves to find out new information. While he understands the practical, material side of life, he still likes to explore the spiritual world outside of day-to-day life.

This sign never looks for changes to his life. He loves to have the same people and places in his daily life. If he goes to the same job and hangs out with the same people everyday, he will be completely happy. Once he finds a life and friends that work well for him, the Brown Bear has no reason to change anything. He is not going to get rid of a life that works fairly well on the slim chance that things might be better later on. Because of this, the biggest challenge for the Brown Bear is to try new things. To grow as a person, he has to be willing to try new things and step outside of his comfort zone.

The Brown Bear is intricately connected to the physical world. He likes to create a safe cave as his sacred space where he can relax and rejuvenate his spirit. He loves sensual input and is closely tied to the mundane details of day-to-day life.

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The Raven

Dates: September 22 to October 22
Stone: Jasper
Element: Air and Earth
Color: Brown and Blue
Western Zodiac Sign: Libra
Personality Traits: Friendly and Charming
Compatible With: Deer and Otter

The Raven is excellent at putting his business and monetary goals into action. This Native American zodiac sign is quite charismatic. Because of his charisma and energy, he draws other people to his cause. He is a principled person who knows how to turn his dreams into a reality.

This sign is quite perceptive and industrious. While he might be good at fulfilling his goals, the Raven is still quite easygoing. He will remain calm through any storm and continue to focus on his end goal. He can be quite demanding at times though because he just does not understand how other people could not be as focused as he is. If you point out how demanding he is, he will instantly feel sorry for his behavior.

The Raven totem loves to discover new ideas and explore the world. This is not a sign that is likely to set down roots. He tends to look in on things from the outside because he hates settling down at all. Instead, he surrounds himself with beautiful things and appreciates the finer, more exciting side of life. If you are dating a Raven, expect a life of constant excitement–if he does not have something to occupy his mind, he will become restless and move on.

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The Snake

Dates: October 23 to November 22
Stone: Amethyst
Element: Water and Earth
Color: Orange and Violet
Western Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Personality Traits: Impulsive and Ambitious
Compatible With: Wolf and Woodpecker

The Snake is linked to the cardinal direction of the northwest. Out of the Native American astrology signs, this sign is the most likely to become a healer or a shaman. The Snake is well-known for being calm and cool-headed. No matter what happens, the Snake will never lose his cool.

The Snake totem is cunning and has an active mind. He is outgoing with a good sense of humor. The biggest issue for this sign is letting go of their past. They have a tendency to keep reliving past mistakes. If they cannot let go of the past, they will feel anxiety and question whether they made the right choices in life.

Known for loving the mysteries of life, this Native American birth totem strives to understand the enigmas in the world around them. The Snake is flexible and can quickly adapt to new situations. He likes to support the people around him and is quite inventive when he needs to be. Because of his love of mysteries, the Snake is an excellent confidant who can easily keep a secret. He is also the perfect person to turn to if you are stuck in a difficult situation that requires a creative, unusual solution.

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The Owl

Dates: November 23 to December 21
Stone: Obsidian
Element: Fire and Earth
Color: Black and Gold
Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Personality Traits: Independent and Adventurous
Compatible With: Salmon and Falcon

The Owl totem is a fire sign. Because of this, he has a lot of energy and a restless spirit. He likes to seek out knowledge and beauty in the world around him. Unfortunately, the Owl sign also has a tendency to charge onward before he really thinks things through. Luckily, his energy and optimism often make things come out alright in the need.

This sign loves to observe and listen to everything before it decides on anything. This knowledge seeker likes to listen to other people’s opinions. He is full of hope and loves to charge ahead as he tries to reach fulfillment in his life.

Ruled by the direction of the Northwest, this is a sign that is known for being quite enigmatic. Their outgoing nature and energy makes it easy for the Owl to accomplish what it needs in this world. People who are around the Owl feel drawn to this person. The Owl is an excellent listener who rarely interrupts. If someone asks for his opinion, he will be completely honest (although a little too blunt at times).

The Owl is also known for being one of the Native American astrology signs that is best at blending a spiritual life with the rest of life. He finds his soul’s purpose and then works to remain true to that deeper meaning. In today’s hectic world, this can be quite difficult for the poor Owl, but he still does his best. As a restless soul, the Owl wants to see and do everything possible in this life. He will speed through an event, skim a book or fast-forward through a film in his excitement, and this can occasionally cause him to miss the deeper meaning in life.

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Native American Astrology Signs History and Origins

Since ancient eras, people have been curious about the world around them. The ancient Mayans were legendary for their ability to create an exact calendar that continued to be accurate for hundreds and hundreds of years after their civilization ultimately fell.

People have depended on zodiac signs, the stars and omens for centuries. For many ancient societies, it was up to the shaman or medicine person to interpret what these signs and omens meant. Today, healers, light workers and clairvoyants still play similar roles.

To live at one with the world around them, ancient people had to closely watch the sky, the weather and what was happening in the natural world. The patterns in the world around them signaled when it was safe to travel, the best time to harvest and when to plant their crops. These traditions gradually developed into a road map for the best way to live life. The stars held a vital role in Native American stories and myths. Even today, Native American cultures use these stories to show deeper truths and to convey life messages from generation to generation. By using the guides of the past, we can all learn better ways to live our lives as we journey into the future.

How Native American Astrology Signs Work

Native American astrology signs and the zodiac are quite similar to celestial systems from other cultures. Astrology is a science and art form that looks at how the planets, stars, moon and sun are placed at the moment of your birth. From these indicators, it predicts the patterns that are most likely within your life.

In modern life, it is easy to forget that we are all intricately connected to the stars and the earth. While we like to think we are different, we are just animals in the natural world like every other creature. For us to live a fulfilling, healthy life, we have to learn how to exist within this sacred network. Through Native American astrology signs, we can learn how to live closer to this system. We can learn to trust our instincts and how to grow as spiritual beings. We each have a great capacity for spiritual development and personal growth, but achieving it in the modern world is a constant challenge. We have to learn how to live as a part of the natural world instead of against it if we want to fulfill our own personal destinies.

The goal of Native American astrology signs and this zodiac system is to allow people to have a better understanding of their purpose in this world. From the moment you were born, you were initiated into an entire world. Your DNA and birth contain the archetype for your future. Through Native American astrology signs, you can take on your responsibilities in this world and prepare your soul for the next turn that you take on the wheel of reincarnation.

In Native American culture, life is seen as a constantly turning wheel. With each turn, you travel further and further into your destiny. The way that your Native American zodiac sign manifests in your life depends on the the phases of the moon. The full moon is full of spiritual energy, while the new moon carries inspiration with it. While the waning moon releases spiritual energy, the waxing moon exposes the emotions in your soul. Each of the zodiac signs on this list is associated with different elements, colors, stones, seasons and winds. For more in-depth information about your sign, make sure to check out the articles we have on Native American astrology signs on this website.

There is a great deal to learn, so prepare for a lifelong journey. As you learn about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Native American astrology signs, it can feel as if you are peeling a layer of an onion. After each layer of self-discovery, there is another insight waiting for you. Prepare for an exciting journey of exploring the mysteries, patterns and rhythms of the natural world. As you continue to grow, the ways you integrate Native American astrology signs into your life will become deeper and more profound. Call on your spirit animal to be your guide in this journey.

How Are Native American Astrology Signs Different From the Western Astrology?

While there are certainly some similarities between Native American astrology signs and the Western zodiac, there are great differences as well. With solar astrology, the sun plays a humongous role in understanding your birth chart. The Native American system does not place a greater emphasis on one sign or archetype. Your sign includes an array of possibilities for your potential in this life. While it is like a script of your life, there is still plenty of room for you to take fate into your own hands. Native American astrology signs are like a guide or map to life. It will not tell you where you have to go in this world, but it can certainly help you to get there.

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