Bear Totem: Native American Zodiac

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The Bear totem is often thought of as a perfectionist in the Native American zodiac, and this reputation definitely has a bit of truth to it. The Brown Bear might be humble, but he is also naturally detail oriented. He knows what he and other people are capable of, so he strives to meet and exceed those expectations in every way. This birth totem is also a blend of curiosity, diligence and spiritual insight.

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Overview of the Bear Totem in the Native American Zodiac

With the Bear totem, you can always trust that everything will be finished exactly according to plan. This perfectionist is optimistic in pushing toward greater and greater goals. While this can lead to pessimism and a tendency to be overly critical, it also means that the Bear is also driven to learn intense spiritual lessons during his lifetime.

Throughout his life, the Beer observes everything around him. Each new experience is a chance to learn about a new talent, spiritual insight or skill. The Brown Bear matures as he diligently nurtures his creative, curious nature.

Spiritually, the Brown Bear has a tendency to be a bit stuck on the physical realm. One of his greatest challenges is learning how to break away from the concrete, material world around him. It is only by doing this that the Bear totem’s Higher Self can grow spiritually and discover the divine.

Like the Brown Bear, the Bear totem requires a metaphorical hibernation to become his best in life. Each moment of rest will rejuvenate his being so that he can be reborn into a fresh sense of awareness. Once he emerges from his cave, the Brown Bear is more sensitive to the opportunities and problems in the world around him.

The Personality of the Bear Totem

In Native American astrology, the Brown Bear totem is linked to the West-Southwest direction and the West wind. The presence of the West wind helps to open up the Bear to the spiritual realm and causes intense emotional undercurrents in the Bear’s being.

The Bear totem is also linked to the Earth element. This provides the Bear with a natural sense of stability and efficiency. The added stability is quite useful because the Bear likes to traverse between the worlds and needs that added balance.

The Bear is the person everyone else turns to when they need sensible advice or a creative suggestion. The Brown Bear totem has a tendency to be clairvoyant and can see the truth in everything. A spiritually mature Bear is known for his imagination, vision and practicality. In relationships, the Bear will always try to fix their partner’s problems or any perceived injustice. When their loved one is threatened, the Bear is fierce and courageous in finding a solution to the problem.

The Bear totem is connected to the season of the harvest. This means that the Bear needs to use this time to gather supplies and their greatest treasures so that they can navigate any cold, uncertain weather. Symbolically, real-life Bears do the same thing in their daily life. They know their blessings and seek to put aside a nest egg to protect their future. As the Bear matures, he will becoming increasingly spiritually aware and will use the work of the past to push onward in their journey around the Wheel.

The Bear totem is also strongly connected to the amethyst. When the Bear uses the amethyst, he gains a healing power and a better focus. It helps to boost the Bear’s perceptive talents. When combined with the plant, Violet, this increases the Bear’s ability to be a protector and healer.

In the natural world, the Bear will use every food source as an opportunity to refuel their inner being. They are quite focused on finding their honey, fish and berries, but this can lead to an overly intense focus. Sometimes, the Bear totem needs to relax and avoid becoming too focused on a narrow goal. In extreme cases, this excessive focus can prevent the Bear from seeing the world right in front of them.

The Brown Bear is a part of the Turtle clan like the Snow Goose and Beaver. As a part of the Turtle clan, the Bear has a heightened dive toward security. He wants to retain the balance and protection of the Earth as he seeks out his next spiritual step in life.

In terms of his career, the Bear does well in logical, sensible jobs. He is talented at any job that involves teaching others or analysis. This means that the Bear totem is often good at jobs such as being a researcher, financial adviser, technical writer or mathematician. His healing talent also means that he may do well in the medical field.

Co-workers and employers tend to love having the Bear in the workplace. Others can always depend on the Bear to pay attention to the small details and to stick to a deadline. As an assistant, the Bear really excels because of his natural sense of loyalty and ability to follow instructions perfectly.

Dating a Bear Totem and Love Compatibility

When it comes to love, a bear totem is compatible with a Snake, Snow Goose, Woodpecker, Beaver or Wolf. While the Bear is eager to please his companion, he also has high expectations. His expectations for his partner are just as high as the expectations that he has for himself.

The hard part about dating a Bear totem is getting the chance. At first, the Bear may not feel confident enough to express himself. He may wonder why anyone would want to have a relationship with him. Once the humble Bear overcomes his modesty, he will be an excellent companion. The Bear totem is a tender lover who takes things slowly as he pleasures his mate.

The Bear Totem in Native American Astrology

Birth Dates in the Northern Hemisphere: August 23 to September 22
Birth Dates in the Southern Hemisphere: February 19 to March 20
Color: Purple
Season: Month of Harvest
Plant: Violet
Corresponding Western Zodiac Signs: Virgo in the Northern Hemisphere and Pisces in the Southern Hemisphere
Stone or Mineral: Topaz
Clan: Turtle
Birth Moon: Harvest Moon
Direction: South—Southwest
Compatible Spirit Animals: Beaver, Snake, Snow Goose, Woodpecker and Wolf
Complimentary Spirit Animal: Wolf
Wind: South
Element: Earth

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