Snow Goose Totem: Native American Zodiac

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The Snow Goose totem is known as the quintessential environmentalist. This is a person who values the resources of the world and would never waste them. Whether they are dealing with people in their life or global resources, the Snow Goose is conscientious. They make sure that everything is used properly and are extremely reliable people.

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Overview of the Snow Goose Totem in the Native American Zodiac

In the Medicine Wheel, the Snow Goose is connected to the northern direction. If you were born between December 22 and January 19 in the Northern Hemisphere, you are a Snow Goose. If you were born in the Southern Hemisphere between June 21 and July 21, then you are also a Snow Goose.

According to tradition, the Snow Goose is filled with masculine energy. This type of person is full of ambition and tenacity. They have a strong work ethic and are exceptionally reliable individuals. The Snow Goose knows that there is a reality out there that they have to work with. Instead of trying to fight the tide, they use their resourcefulness to shape their reality. They persevere through everything and are extremely sensible individuals.

For this individual to be happy, they have to trust their inner wisdom. They understand reality and how to go after their goals, so they just have to keep faith in themselves. When they start to doubt their instinct, they lose the drive and level-headedness that normally comes with this sign.

Another common problem for the Snow Goose is other people. They care intensely for the people around them and want to help as much as possible. Sometimes, this reliable nature and care for others keeps the Goose from going after his own dreams in life. Other people know that they can rely on him, so he can get taken advantage of.

To other people, the Snow Goose may seem like he is lost in thought or wasting time. In reality, this is seldom the case. The Goose likes to plan out their strategy far in advance. The last thing that they want to do is jump into a half-baked plan and find out that it does not work. Instead, he will focus on the path ahead and plan out each step in his strategy.

Unfortunately, dating a Goose is not always easy. Once the Snow Goose starts his next plan, he does not want to rest until it is completed. He will become so wrapped up in his goals and projects that he can focus on little else. This also means that the Goose has a tendency to forget the small joys in life. He focuses on his plans and objectives, but he forgets that he is still a person who needs to have fun and a bit of spiritual development.

Dating a Snow Goose

This Native American zodiac sign can make for an excellent partner. While some individuals vary at time, the average Goose is exceptionally honorable. You can trust this person with all of your secrets and know that he will be there for you no matter what. If you need help or advice, the Snow Goose is the person to go to. He has an honest nature and keen insight that make him excellent at helping others and providing advice. Just remember that you might not see your Goose lover during his most intense projects—he has too much of a tendency to throw himself into each project with all of his heart.

The Goose works best with a Brown Bear, Snake, Beaver, Woodpecker or Wolf. They need someone who respects them and is worthy of their respect. Since the Goose is hard-working and likes building a stable life, they tend to prefer a financially stable partner. When the Goose starts to date you, they need a bit of ego boosting. They want to know that you genuinely like them, so a bit of reassurance is needed. Once the Goose is completely committed to you, then he or she will be totally faithful. They see relationships as a sacred duty that they want to fulfill. The Goose will take on exceptional responsibilities to make sure that their “nest” is a safe, stable and happy one.

In bed, the Goose is romantic and enthusiastic. This sensitive lover wants to mate for life, so their only problem is finding the right person for a lifelong commitment.

The Goose, Wind and Global Religions

The Goose is connected to the North wind. According to tradition, the Goose is actually the guardian of the wind. This North wind is the one that brings us the voice of the Divine and tells us that it is time to rest or rejuvenate.

In the Far East, the Goose is connected to faithfulness and family values. This connection is mirrored in Native American lore. The Goose is said to have a drive for a traditional relationship and is faithful to its family. Meanwhile, the Hindu religion connects the Goose to Brahma. This is supported by the Goose’s tendency to seek out spiritual, magical truths while creating a sense of beauty in its life.

While the Snow Goose may be reliable and hard working, the Goose loves to laugh and have fun. When this person is surrounded by people they trust, they exhibit warm emotions and a light-hearted character.

The Snow Goose Totem

Birth Dates in the Northern Hemisphere: Dec. 22- Jan. 19
Birth Dates in the Southern Hemisphere: June 20/21 – July 21
Color: White
Season: Month of Snow
Plant: Silver Birch
Corresponding Western Zodiac Signs: Cancer (South), Capricorn (North)
Stone or Mineral: Quartz
Clan: Turtle
Birth Moon: Earth Renewal Moon
Direction: North
Compatible Spirit Animals: Woodpecker, Beaver, Brown Bear, Wolf, Snake
Complimentary Spirit Animal: Woodpecker
Wind: North
Element: Earth

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