Woodpecker Totem: Native American Zodiac

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The Woodpecker totem represents someone who is devoted to the people around them. This sensitive soul believes in nurturing the people around them and their inner self in order to find happiness. While they can be a bit emotional at times, their emotional nature also means that they know how to bring harmony into their relationships and their home.

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Overview of the Woodpecker Totem in the Native American Zodiac

In Native American astrology, the Woodpecker totem is born between June 21 and July 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. This totem is born between December 22 and January 19 in the Southern Hemisphere. This roughly corresponds to the Western zodiac’s Capricorn in the South and Cancer in the North.

The Woodpecker is known for being emotional and sensitive. While this can be a good thing, it can also lead the Woodpecker to wallow in self-pity when they do not achieve their goals. Luckily, this totem knows how to forgive themselves and others. After dwelling in pity for a bit, they forgive themselves and quickly figure out a way around the problem.

In many Native American traditions, the sound of the Woodpecker is the rhythm of the earth. When a Shaman walks between the spiritual and earthly realms, they recreate these exact sounds. For the Woodpecker, it is important to listen to these inner sounds and to follow their inner medicine.

The Woodpecker totem is often the heart of their home and family. They throw their entire being into making their family and loved ones happy. Sometimes, this means that the Woodpecker forgets about their own needs in their rush to satisfy others. It can also mean that the Woodpecker can get taken advantage of by less scrupulous friends, and this can lead them to feel burned out.

If you are dating a Woodpecker totem, then make sure to show your appreciation for them. The Woodpecker merely wants their loved ones to be happy, so your appreciation will bring them joy and drive them to continue developing a strong relationship with you. For the Woodpecker, family is truly everything.

In the Native American zodiac, the Woodpecker often gets caught up in their intense emotions. To be fully mature and realized, the Woodpecker totem must learn how to balance their logical thoughts with their emotional drive. Sometimes, the Woodpecker just needs a moment to stop and think through their next choice. When their feelings are too overwhelming, it is important for the Woodpecker to stop and listen to what their guides are trying to tell them.

The Personality of the Woodpecker Totem

Woodpecker people are ruled by the direction of the South and the South wind. They are also linked to the Water element. The Southern direction and wind ring a sense of warmth to the Woodpecker, which means that the Woodpecker totem is often ruled more by their emotions than logic.

When confronted with a situation, the Woodpecker uses their emotions and intuition to work their way through the problem instead of relying on structured logic. The good news is that this means that the Woodpecker is talented at showing their love and feelings for people around them.

Like the Woodpecker bird, this Native American astrology sign has sharp claws that allow the Woodpecker to hang on to specific situations and people. Unfortunately, the Woodpecker does not always latch on to the people that are actually best for them. While the Woodpecker might latch on to good or bad influences, this does not dissuade their believes. Their generous, benevolent nature guides their decisions.

If you happen to be around a Woodpecker totem, make sure to choose your words with care. Gentle words are the best option because the Woodpecker can be easily hurt by the underlying meaning behind what you say. Be tactful because the Woodpecker is immensely vulnerable. Ruled by the Water element, this Native American zodiac sign is easily swept up by their feelings.

Because of their commitment and love of their family, Woodpeckers often take on the burdens of the people around them. Before long, the Woodpecker can feel depressed, overwhelmed and moody by their burdens. The empathetic Woodpecker also picks up on the emotions of people around them, so an overly negative social group will weigh greatly on the Woodpecker’s spirit.

As an Air creature with a soul filled with Water, the Woodpecker is a unique lend of compassion and creativity. They are a part of the Frog Clan with Wolf and Snake. This totem is also tied to wild rose and rose quartz. These two items help the Woodpecker to activate their more loving emotions. Like the rose, the Woodpecker can exhibit thorns to new relationships. These thorns are merely a way for the Woodpecker to protect itself from falling too quickly for the wrong person.

In terms of career, the Woodpecker totem will do well as a teacher or caregiver because of their emotional awareness. Because of their love of family and desire to make others happy, they succeed as cooks as well. The Woodpecker will often do well in a family-run business or a company that has a family-like environment. If they choose to set up their own home business, they will truly thrive.

Dating a Woodpecker Totem and Love Compatibility

This is one of the more romantic signs of the Native American zodiac. The Woodpecker totem truly believes that all you need is love to be happy. They shower their lover with thoughtful gifts and kind notes. Once they truly love you, the Woodpecker will be exceptionally attentive to all of your needs.

The Woodpecker totem pairs up best with the Snow Goose, Beaver, Snake, Bear and Wolf. In Native American astrology, this sign is known for being an exceptionally sensual, attentive lover in the bedroom. Their partner just needs to keep in mind that the Woodpecker has an intense drive to be monogamous. If their lover makes the mistake of cheating, they can be certain that the Woodpecker will not hang around for long.

The Woodpecker Totem in Native American Astrology

Birth Dates in the Northern Hemisphere: June 21 to July 21
Birth Dates in the Southern Hemisphere: December 22 to January 19
Color: Fuchsia Pink
Season: Month of Long Hot Days
Plant: Wild Rose
Corresponding Western Zodiac Signs: Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere, Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere
Stone or Mineral: Rose Quartz
Clan: Frog
Birth Moon: Strong Sun Moon
Direction: South
Compatible Spirit Animals: Beaver, Snake, Brown Bear, Wolf and Snow Goose
Complimentary Spirit Animal: Snow Goose
Wind: South
Element: Water

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