The Four Elements in Astrology

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The four main elements of nature are Water, Earth, Air, and Fire. These four elements in astrology play a pivotal role. Once used by alchemists and long revered by ancient people, these elements continue to play a pivotal role in our astrological charts. The four elements of astrology are described to help you better understand the zodiac.

The Zodiac Signs and the Elements in Astrology

Each of the zodiac signs is associated with one of the four elements in astrology. These elements help us to learn about different ways of looking at the individual and can teach us which people are more compatible with each other. Like any other aspect of astrology, the four elements have a powerful potential to inform us about the world and our place in it.

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The Four Elements in Astrology

While there are always slight variations, there are few general inferences you can make from the elements. Air and Fire tend to go well together. Meanwhile, Water and Earth generally make a good pairing. Water fertilizes the Earth, and Air fuels the Fire. When the elements are harmonious, it brings a greater balance and harmony to your life. For this reason, gaining a greater understanding of the astrological elements will help you in every aspect of your life, especially in regard to your personal relationships.

How Do You Interpret the Elements?

When you look at someone’s astrological charts, see the occupancy of each element. If there are no planets in one of them, it indicates a specific problem that they will have to deal with in their lifetime. The absence of a planet in one element shows that the person is unable to connect with it. This causes problems on other planes of existence because we must have all of the elements working together to create anything in our lives. While it is possible to overcome this problem, it is challenging to find a balance and handle this issue.

There is also the opposite problem in some charts. The astrological chart may show many planets in just one of the elements. This indicates that it will be harder to be tranquil and balance out this plane or other planes. Toning things down and living harmoniously won’t be easy. However, with the knowledge that you will learn here, you will become better able to navigate the world with mindful balance. It is not only the procession of the equinox that you are learning about but also the very manner in which humans interact with the world around them.

Finding the Natural Order of Life

These elements in astrology make your life possible. You see this theory at work in nature. Each element must be present and in balance for nature to exist. In human beings, the elements are just as important. Without all of the elements in harmony, nothing will be easy. All of these links are connected in nature and within ourselves. Earth can be one of the most important elements to have in balance. You are of the earth, and your body directly represents the earth. How everything manifests depends on the earth, so you can run into problems if elemental earth is not well-positioned in your natal chart.

In rare cases, someone has just one planet in one of the elements. This rare situation is especially unique if it is one of the visible planets. This is liking tossing in a life raft to a drowning man. That life raft becomes the entire focus of the man, even though he would never have focused on or needed it otherwise. When you have this astrological situation, you have to focus more energy on it just to achieve a balance in your life.

The Fire Element

Within astrology, elemental fire is known for being a source of passion, energy, and ambition. It is what creates the spark that puts the entirety of the zodiac into motion. The fire element is connected to Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, all of which are known for their goal-oriented and powerful nature. For people born as fire signs, their life is often filled with new adventures and exciting relationships. Physically, these individuals are known to conquer all in their path, though some are prone to shape the world through their intellectual and emotional qualities. Take this opportunity to provide yourself with additional information regarding the fire element in astrology.

The Earth Element

According to the zodiac, elemental earth is famous for its creation of resolve, continuity, and pleasure. This is what continues the endless cycle of the precession of the equinox. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the embodiment of the earth element, and each is celebrated for their capacity to overcome hurdles through sheer determination. These individuals find value materialism more than others, though it is not for the purpose of greed, but rather for pleasure that they focus their energy toward the world. Of course, many will focus their energy on the physical and emotional aspects of life. Educate yourself by learning more about the earth element in astrology.

The Air Element

Those who are born of elemental air, according to the teachings of astrology, are characterized by their inquisitiveness, perspective, and adaptability. It is the element of air that allows the zodiac to change and modify, rather than being stagnant and lifeless. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are infused with this energy, and they navigate their life by surmounting stresses through curiosity and wonder. They are intellectual creatures, though they often allow their physical bodies and open heart to influence their behaviors. You will benefit from taking this time to teach yourself about the air element in astrology.

The Water Element

Throughout astrological understanding, those made of elemental water contain the attributes associated with insight, flexibility, and sentimentality. Elemental water is what gives the stars their ability to be influenced by the dances of the celestial bodies, for it is those relationships that influence our minds and hearts. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are born of the water element, and it is for this reason that they are known for achieving success through intuition and relationships. Above all, they are influenced by their emotions, though many individuals born of water allow the material and intellectual worlds to impact their hearts. Be certain to take this chance to learn more about the air element in astrology.

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