The Water Element in Astrology

Last Updated on April 16, 2020 by Sloane Marie

A fluid stream is constantly moving and churning along. While the Water element in astrology may appear tranquil, don’t let its looks fool you. If you have ever seen a massive flood or tsunami, you know just how much damage Water can do. Even the simplest stream can massively change the landscape. Over millennia, trickles of water have eroded rocks and sand to change entire landscapes. The Great Canyon was made by just this process.

Water is an element that is constantly in movement, but it has a slow, steady pace. This is the element that is connected to birth, death and the secret of our soul. It is linked to the illusions we hold and the fairy tales of our childhood. With the Water element, we encounter all issues of our life, death and ancestors. This is the element of our emotions, so it shows how our ancestors and birthrights inform our feelings today.

If you are interested in learning more about the four elements in astrology, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding of the way the astrological elements influence our lives.

The Water Element in Astrology

The Water element in astrology is connected to Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. The ruler of Cancer falls in Scorpio, which tends to complicate this element a bit. This sign is known for being strongly connected to emotion. Many people influenced by Water are thought to be too emotional and sensitive.

While their sensitive nature makes them ideal therapists, it can also be a struggle to handle. Learning to embrace positive and negative emotions is something that Water signs must learn to do. With their capacity for love and emotional connections, Water signs can help teach the rest of the planet how love can grow and better the world.

Balancing the Water Element

Like any element, the Water element in astrology must be balanced for the individual to reach their true potential. The Water element provides individuals with a chance to learn about their emotional nature. This element holds tremendous possibilities, but it is far too easy for people to be complacent and ignore their creative, emotional potential. This element provides us with a river of the people born before us and afterward. It shows us the talents and possibilities in this lifetime.

While Water offers exceptional possibilities, it can be hard for it to find a direction in life without the influence of Fire. The Fire element offers a guiding light, goals and passion for people. When combined with the talents and compassion of Water, the combination is unbeatable. When Water is on its own, it just carries you along where life, dreams and other people take you. Without a clear direction, you can quickly find yourself spinning around in circles as the waves carry you wherever they are going.

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