The Fire Element in Astrology

Last Updated on April 16, 2020 by Sloane Marie

The Fire element in astrology is one of the more attractive elements. It burns with a fiery passion that shimmers and sparkles in the nighttime air. While Water can sparkle in the firelight, Fire is the element that creates the spark.

Ultimately, Fire is a representation of energy. While the other elements may contain energy, Fire is the true source of our energy. The Sun is the perfect example of this with its fiery, energetic celestial body. Nothing can compare to the energy of the Sun or its important to maintaining life on Earth.

If you are interested in learning more about the four elements in astrology, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding of the way the astrological elements influence our lives.

The Fire Element in Astrology

Like the other signs, the Fire element in astrology is connected to certain zodiac signs. It is generally linked to Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. Each of these signs holds the strength and energy of the sun. Someone who is born with one of these Sun signs has to nurture their emotional side. Often, they have to deepen their emotional understanding and compassion to others. They can easily run into problems if they give more than they need to to someone who did not ask for any help.

To remedy this problem, individuals ruled by the Fire element in astrology should focus their fiery energy on their own needs and goals. If someone asks for help, they can give it. If not, they should continue to focus on their own needs. Sagittarius is especially known for being especially giving, and this sign possess good intentions and a strong philosophical backbone.

Balancing the Fire Element

Like any element, Fire must be balanced in the individual’s personality and life for the individual to be happy. This is an element that possesses a massive masculine energy. This quality means that feminine energies and tendencies can be ignored. The Fire element can burn away all of the Water in the individual’s body and life as it consumes everything.

Living a life without love is useless, so Fire people must learn how to connect to their emotional nature and fulfill their emotional needs. The Fire element can suppress feminine principals and cause conflicts, so this element must be in balance.

These fiery individuals have another challenge ahead of them. With this passion and energy in their nature, remaining peaceful and tranquil is not an easy task. These individuals always want to move forward to the next goal, and they tend to look for active roles in life. They often forget that being passive can sometimes allow the situation to unfold better and easier than forcing an issue does. Learning to connect with their emotion, developing an awareness for the world around them and controlling that energy are all things that Fire signs need to be balanced.

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