Losing Yourself

Losing yourself can be a valuable tool when seeking to develop an attunement to the world around you. To become one with nature, you must first lessen the control that your ego has over your body and mind. There are many ways that you can attempt to lose yourself. This guide will give a variety of proven options that, when done properly, will help you become more at one with nature. Each of these tasks may be done alone, with a partner, or with a group of people. It is important that all of the people present are interested and willing to sincerely practice these techniques.

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Losing Yourself

Each of these practices requires a peaceful mind, a willingness to explore, and an understanding of the nature of reality. To develop a peaceful mind, you may be benefited by developing the skill of silence. Though feel free to use any technique that helps you develop a silent mind and a serene body. Next, open up yourself to the world around you. Before you attempt to lose yourself, be certain that you are willing to explore the nature of reality that exists without you as its core. And finally, understand that nature and reality are manifestations of your beliefs, ideas, and concepts. With this peace, willingness, and knowledge, you can attempt to develop the skill of losing yourself.

Looking Toward the Stars

We will begin by starting this process of discovery by traveling through time itself. Alone, with a partner, or with a group of friends, go out to a natural area that is free from light pollution. For those who reside in a city, this may require hours of travel to find a suitable area. For those unwilling to make this travel, find a place that allow you to see a wide range of stars, planets, and galaxies. When the sun sets, lay on your back and look upward. Search the stars for one that speaks to you. Focus on this light that may be thousands of years old. It is possible that the star that you are looking at has long since died, which means that you are seeing the memory of the star.

With this is mind, allow your thoughts to drift away. Feel yourself become one with the star. Some people experience strong emotional turmoil at this time. For this reason, it is important to develop a serene mind. Allow only positive emotions to fill your body. So be certain to allow any negative emotions to fade into the darkness. When you find that you no longer notice your body, allow your mind to become one with everything around you. When your mind is consumed by only the planets, stars, and galaxies above, then you have successfully lost yourself.

Looking Toward the Clouds

Like the stars, the clouds above are unobtainable by the average person. Few will have the means and desire to fly among the clouds and gather their vapors. Even these people will have not experienced the cloud in the manner that you are about to learn. As always, this can be done alone, with a partner, or with a group. Go out into nature to ensure that your vision is not influenced by objects made by humans. Lay on your back and look upwards toward the clouds. You will notice that the clouds are not static, but in a constant flux of movement, growth, and decay.

Allow your eyes to unfocus as you look skyward. Ignore everything but what your eyes are transmitting, as the purpose of this exercise is to understand the nature of the clouds. Watch as they increase in size, break apart, and slowly drift away. Watch as the colors and shades change throughout the day. After a few hours, you will notice that you have nothing in your mind except for these vaporous behemoths. If you are successful, then you will notice that any thoughts of your personal mind and body have long since vanished.

Experiencing the Natural World

This experience is highly personal, as the environment that you choose to lose yourself in will influence your future actions. For many, the ocean, a lake, or the woods will be chosen. Others still may find that they are more comfortable in a swamp, a desert, or even an urban environment. Whatever your decision, ensure that you are of tranquil mind and peaceful body. Go to an area that you find peaceful and allow yourself and your ego disappear within the area. This experienced may be heightened for those who have long histories of spending time in a particular environment.

Allow the mind to fade as you sense the world around you. The smell of the wind, the sound of a rustling bush, the taste of fresh berries, the feeling of gritty soil, and the sight of a wild animal can influence a variety of positive interactions. Instead of noticing a feeling as it pertains to you, notice the feeling as something in and of itself. It is not the soil that feels gritty, it is the nature of the gritty soil that feels gritty. As you follow this process of mindful thinking, you will find that the you who is experiencing these sensations ceases to exist. This is one of the most peaceful places that can be found when you are losing yourself.

Listening to Music

Another technique that helps you develop the skill of losing yourself is listening to music or other auditory influences. For example, some people find that listening to a river is highly calming. Others still may find that the chirps of birds is an excellent substitute. In this case, try to listen to this music or these sounds in a darkened room. It is highly beneficial to focus on a single sensory organ when attempting to lose yourself in music.

Allow your body and mind to move to the music, but without conscious thought. If your finger taps on the table, then allow it to tap. If you hum along, then enjoy the humming In time, you will find that these things will naturally diminish and the sounds will flow over and through your body. At that time, experience the sounds for the sounds themselves. If you find that the body that you are experiencing exists only as vibrations, then you have met your goal. Allow yourself to be experienced as an undulating wave of noise and movement.

Losing Yourself in Yourself

Of course, there are many options that people can take. For some, food is an excellent way to experience the reality around them. For others, singing or dancing takes their mind from their body. In time, each of you will find your own way of losing yourself. For those who have not yet become satisfied with the options available, there is another, ancient option. This option is best done while alone, as it is an exploration of the mind and body. Find a comfortable, quiet, and tranquil area for you to begin this practice.

Losing yourself in yourself can be done by focusing on the sounds and feelings that you experience that come from your own body and mind. For example, the taste of your tongue is something that can be experienced by a veteran practitioner. Listening to the sound of your heartbeat can be informative as well. For those looking for a basic practice, begin by focusing on the natural breathing as it enters and exits your nostrils. After a few days of practice, you will find that your mind is lost in the natural sensations that you experience.

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