The Earth Element in Astrology

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The Earth element in astrology is the main purpose behind all of the elements. It is the reason why the other elements exist and are needed. It shows what we want to accomplish and why we exist. In essence, Earth is the material form of all of our desires. At the same time, this element can make life complicated. Earth is not an easy element to change or move, and this is especially true if you have a lot of planets in Earth. You need some planets in the Air element in order to balance out the influence of Earth.

Unsurprisingly, Earth is both the reason for our existence and the name of the planet we live on. Because of this, a lack of Earth in a chart shows that the person may have problems connecting to the world and remaining grounded.

If you are interested in learning more about the four elements in astrology, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding of the way the astrological elements influence our lives.

The Earth Element in Astrology

The Earth element in astrology rules Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. As you may guess, these signs are all practical. They know how to make a plan to achieve their goals, work toward their goals and value the material things around them. Each sign is able to look at concrete steps and tools in order to approach each problem in a reasonable, practical way.

Earth directly represents our bodies and matter. As such, it connects to what we eat, our money situation and our daily routine. People who are influenced strongly by Earth tend to be set in their ways. They may keep the same routine for decades because of their stubbornness or because of a fear of change. When this element is out of balance, the individual stick to negative habits just because they feel like they have to. They will ignore their emotional or intellectual needs to stay in a boring job because they believe it will give them the financial and material security that they need.

Balancing the Earth Element

When the Earth element in astrology is out of balance, people stick to their habits and avoid making changes. The unstable nature of Air challenges Earth and makes them question the decisions they have made. People who are influenced by Earth need to clearly determine their purpose and ensure that their emotions are unshakeable. The best way to do this and balance Earth is to increase the element of Air.

For individuals to connect to Air, they need to spend some time socializing or having a coffee break. An aimless walk, reading a book or making new friendships will help balance out the individual. They need to find people who are always on the go who can share their ambitions and ability to change with the Earth-bound sign. Individuals mired in the Earth element should spend time stretching their bodies, dancing or relaxing. The Earth element in astrology can help individuals work toward practical goals, but it must be in balance. A bit of carefree dancing or a spontaneous trip can help these individuals to unwind.

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