The Air Element in Astrology

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The Air element in astrology connects all of the other elements together. At first, you may assume that this element is less important. After all, air is invisible and is just something that seems to exist. It has a nebulous, intangible nature that makes you forget that it is even there.

At the same time, air is what you need to breath. This element is found in the Sun when it burns hydrogen, and is a requirement for Fire to burn. It allows human beings to exist on this plane and extends upwards toward the heavens. The Air element in astrology helps to open your soul to new possibilities and freedom. It helps to provide you with liberation and the independence that you need to be happy.

If you are interested in learning more about the four elements in astrology, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding of the way the astrological elements influence our lives.

The Air Element in Astrology

Each zodiac sign in astrology is matched up with certain elements. The Air element in astrology is connected to Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Interestingly, two of these signs have issues with the Sun. Aquarius takes it to detriment, and Libra takes it to fall. The Sun is responsible for keeping everything in order in its orbit, and Air is needed to freely circle through the universe.

Individuals who are strongly influenced by these zodiac signs often have problems blending in to the regular order of their home, workplace or country. Often, they want to stop having to please others. They do not want to care about what other people think because they want to develop their own brilliant ideas and be liberated.

Balancing the Air Element

The hardest part about the Air element in astrology is bringing it into balance. People who are strongly influenced by the Air element often find it hard to remain grounded. Instead of focusing on their body and the earthly realm, they tend to gravitate toward higher spheres where all of their dreams seem possible. Unfortunately, this makes it harder for them to put their intelligence and ideas into practice. Dreams are great, but practical matters must be considered in order to bring them to life.

To achieve personal development and reach your dreams, the Air element must be in balance. People must stop talking about their ideas and take practical steps toward achieving them. The Earth element can help to balance out this tendency among dreamers. Individuals must focus on their daily routing and make sure to have a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity and balanced meals help to remind these individuals that they have a physical existence. By fulfilling their physical needs, they can help their minds and bodies to remain grounded while they pursue their imaginative dreams.

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