The Planetary Dignities

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Planetary dignities discuses the way the planet feels wherever it happens to be found. The aspects (as discussed at length in another article) show us how to understand the planets’ energy flows in our charts. Meanwhile, the planetary dignity shows us both the energy level and the ability for grounding. For example, the feel of Venus in Pisces would make a huge difference. When the dignity is low, the person’s self-worth will decline and love will seem distant. This concept applies to any planet in your chart and helps us to understand the roots that make our inner natures strong or weak.

If you are interested in learning more about the celestial bodies of astrology, then take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of how the cosmos influences our lives.

Planetary Dignity: Essential and Accidental

In our practice, there are two basic types of planetary dignity. These can be essential dignity or accidental dignity. Essential dignity refers to the feel the planet takes on in the sign that it is in. Accidental dignity refers to the planet’s feel on a personal level within a set house on our chart. A planet with a strong essential dignity could have a low accidental dignity or the other way around. Essential dignity tends to receive more focus and has a higher significance, but you should not forget about accidental dignity as well.

Essential Dignity

The five main types of essential dignities are domicile and detriment, exaltation and fall, terms, triplicity, and face. Planets that lack any essential dignities are thought of as maleficent and are known as peregrine planets.

In modern astrology, the first two dignities matter the most, and the third one is recognized. It is important to learn which points and signs grant strength or remove it from planets. This teaches us our strengths, our talents, how to heal and our best qualities. If Mars is weak and in detriment, it shows that we should focus our attention on weaknesses like aggression or anger issues.

Opposing Planetary Dignities

When an essential dignity of domicile and detriment appears, it is always on opposite sides of the zodiacal circle. The same is true for exaltation and fall. Planets rule their signs, but the exaltation appears through a set point. For example, Venus has a point of exaltation at the 27th degree of Pisces, and a point of fall occurs on the opposing 27th degree of Virgo.

Different factors show us the relations and oppositions of the planet. They reveal the polarization that we so often see in the world. While you may think of this appearance as bad, the way to resolve it is by finding good things within the challenging dignity. Good can become bad, and life turns into death. This type of concept is difficult to teach to someone who is used to a polarized world of good and evil.

Healing and the Planets

Using the planetary dignities, you can see which traits are causing problems or need to be managed better in your life. They can teach you qualities that you need to live a happy, fulfilled life. You have to learn how to live through them and become capable of manifesting their best possible meanings. A candle lights up the darkest of rooms, so it is your goal to find that candlelight in the dark and bring it to life.

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