Dream Interpretations: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last Updated on November 19, 2020 by Cassandra Nostredame

When you wake from a dream, especially one that caused you to wake up with your heart beating, your mind racing, or another physical reaction, it is common to want to know what your dream means. You may find that you are interested in interpreting your dream, but you may not understand the nuances of what specific aspects of your dream may indicate. When you search for dream interpretations, your desire to learn about what your dream meat may cloud your mind. You will likely find that introspection will help you understand your dreams more than anything else, but our article will provide you insights into the possible meanings of many attributes of your dreams.

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What Does My Dream Mean?

In all cultures and throughout history, humanity has been interested in understanding the world through our dreams, the stars, and other mystical qualities of life. Not only is this healthy, but it also allows us to broaden our perspective and provides us a lens that turns distorted images into rational understandings. You have arrived here for some reason that your distant ancestors have and for the same reason that all human descendants will millennia from now. Equally important to the theme of your dream is the emotions that you felt throughout the experience. This will help you understand what the dream is trying to tell you, as it colors the experiences in a personal and intimate way that is wholly unique.

How to Understand The Theme of Your Dream

Within your dream, there is often a theme that is underlying the entire plotline of your dream. Of course, sometimes everything seems confused or outside of a normal timeline. Because of this, you should consider the overall story that seems to occur within your dream. For example, you may have a dream that is about running away from something, though it may include classrooms, cannons, masks, elevators, and finally an interstellar vessel destroying a cruise liner. While the secondary aspects of the dream color the experiences of the dream, the common theme of the dream is being chased. That primary attribute of your dream should be considered when you look inward to understand it.

One of the most common themes that appear are dreams about death, and you will find that such dreams are covered in extensive detail in that article. When these dreams occur, they are most commonly associated with strong negative emotions related to fear, loss, and sadness. Because of this, people often feel concerned when they awaken from such dreams. However, death is a reflection of change, rather than a sign of mortal danger, so it is important to be aware that those negative feelings are more often connected to clinging and craving, rather than concerns in your waking life.

Of course, there are other reasons why death or similar themes may be present within a dream. You may find that events in your waking life may have a strong impact on your dreams. School shootings, terrorist attacks, and global pandemics often trigger rational concerns of fear, which, in turn, impacts our dreams. Because of this, you will find that the influences in your life should be managed if you find that you are plagued by negative dreams. If you find that your nightmares seem to be related to the horror movies that you watch or violent games that you play, then consider removing yourself from those harmful influences.

There may be various common dream themes that you may be curious about. For example, many people find that dreams about money are common, especially during times of financial stress. Likewise, water is often the main aspect of a dream when you are considering spiritual questions, especially if you are interested in making a major change. Some themes, like snakes, may be reflections of either positive or negative influences in your life, and the interaction that you have with the snake will help inform your understanding of the dream. For whatever dream you have, remember that you should consider the primary story, rather than focusing on a specific aspect. Of course, if you find that the pattern and color of a specific snake scale stood out to you, then you should be mindful of that when you consider the meaning of your dream.

How to Understand The Emotions Within Your Dream

The other main aspects of dreams are the emotions that we feel during the experience and after we wake up. Most of the time, our feelings inform the purpose of the dream. For example, when the theme of a dream is related to a walk through the forest, you may find that you will either be filled with curiosity or confusion. This emotional or intellectual state should guide you when you try to understand what the dream means to you. Consider the fact that our emotional reaction to our experiences isn’t objective, but rather based on our preconceptions and prejudices regarding such events. One person may find that a dream about falling is frightening, while another person may feel overcome by a sense of freedom.

Few things are more emotionally powerful than dreams about relationships, especially when it comes to strong feelings of desire or hatred. For this reason, our crushes and exes often make appearances within our dreams, even if they are not an active part of our lives. If you wake up with a thumping heart after dreaming of a mysterious stranger, you may feel that this means that someone will come into your life in the future. While this is likely accurate, it is important that you realize that you will likely meet someone new every single day. Make sure that dreams about love make you behave in a kind and compassionate manner, as this will help manifest positive energy into the world.

Even if you are unable to pinpoint a specific theme to your dream, it is certain that the emotions within the dream will provide you with supportive insights. A chaotic swirl of images may cause you to feel overwhelmed, but it may also fill you with feelings of wonder. Often, you may want to think about the emotion itself, as this will help you understand your values, experiences, and desires. For example, a dream about finances may fill you with stress, but it may also make you realize that you need to take immediate action, which may cause you to be influenced by feelings of ambition and energy. After a stressful nightmare last year about my financial trouble, I refinanced my student loans with Earnest. I still have debts to pay, but at least my dreams inspired me to do something about them so that the future will be a little brighter.

It is worth mentioning that your experiences and emotions within a dream are not always accurate reflections of reality. For example, someone who has been happily married for decades may have a dream about infidelity. This should not cause you to be overcome by guilt or suddenly decide that your partner is secretly cheating on you. Instead, think about the dramatic movie that you may have recently watched or the gossip you heard at work about a cheating spouse. Sometimes, a dream is just a dream, and you should base your behaviors in your waking life off of the real experiences that you have in your life. Allow your dreams, even the most powerful ones, cause you to consider the influences that you have in your life, as this will guide you in a positive and beneficial direction.