Neptune in Astrology

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Neptune lies in deep space. This planet is associated with things like idealism, illusion, dreams, mysteries, missions, magic and secrets. Associated with the colors lilac and purple, Neptune in astrology rules the sign of Pisces. It represents all of the mysteries that cannot be revealed within our existence and the fairy tales that you seek to brighten your lifetime.

Truly understanding Neptune’s impact is nearly impossible. Dive into the deepest ocean of mysteries and you will still come up disappointed. This magical planet is hard to handle in any chart because it goes against the reality and beliefs that we are raised with. It creates its own kind of reality and necessitates a recognition of beauty from Venus. At the same time, it also needs our convictions set from Jupiter. Thus, Jupiter and Venus must be strong in your chart for you to understand the emotion, idealism and magic that Neptune can bring into play.

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Neptune in Astrology

Haziness is something that must be embraced if you want to understand Neptune. For a brief period, Neptune was the last planet in the solar system until Pluto was reinstated as a dwarf planet. This general haziness and confusion over reality is just an inconsistency that comes with the territory when you are handling Neptune in your chart. This planet is all about dualities. While it represents faith and trust, it also shows lies and fragile emotions. As a result, it is easy for one to become scared or unstable when influenced by Neptune because the rough nature of reality is too much.

Neptune in astrology is a font of compassion and incredible possibilities. You cannot understand Neptune by trying to understand it. It is an aura without a definable color and a concept without words. Neptune requires the individual to open up their senses and have faith in the illusions and dreams it throws into our path. When you can trust Neptune’s path, you can imbue your life with a sense of magic.

Neptune plays a deep role in giving us a reality that is different than the one we experience every day. To bring this planet to Earth, we must discover our mission and bring the experiences of our past lives into the present as we create our future.

Neptune as a Planet

Neptune is considered an ice giant and a gas giant. It possesses a cold, icy structure that has an enormous gravitational pull. While it possess rings like Saturn, Saturn is the one that gets all of the attention. Neptune is too far away from the earth to ever see without a telescope, so it was not discovered by ancient civilizations. It was only discovered in the 19th century. Each time this planet circles the Sun, it takes about 165 years. This means that it takes two lifetimes for it to complete one circuit.

Because of its distance from the Sun, Neptune is an extremely cold planet. It has an average temperature of just -214°C. Interestingly, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, which is a sign that has Venus (the warmest of planets) exalted.

The Manifestations of Neptune

Neptune in astrology often has a maleficent potential, but this is not always the case. Once we are aware of our life’s mission and talents, it can have a positive impact. The pull of Neptune can open us up to a world and reality outside of our own. Sometimes, the difficult nature of Neptune appears through problems like mental illness, substance abuse, sleep disorders and dishonesty. Physically, its negative impact can cause hormonal problems, allergies and illnesses without a cure.

When Neptune in astrology is positive, we become a missionary on earth. We learn to use our talents to inspire the people around us and bring professional accomplishments in helping people. It may help someone pursue accomplishments in charity, healing, medicine, volunteering or psychology. When guided by our talents, we are able to inspire large numbers of people. As we draw closer to our life’s mission, we are able to enjoy the positive manifestations of Neptune.

To truly benefit from Neptune, we have to have a strong psyche. Otherwise, we will cave under the severe pressures of Neptune’s manifestations. This is one of the reasons why celebrities often succumb to addictions and mental illness. While Neptune brings out great talents like acting or musical ability, the psyche must be strong to hold up to the pressure. Otherwise, Neptune in astrology can lead to difficulties and other problems.

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