Cancer Woman in Love

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A Cancer woman in love has a strong maternal tendency. While she is able to draw a dividing line between her maternal and sexual instincts, she will still have a problem controlling her motherly nature. At heart, she is completely unselfish in giving herself to others. While this is perfect for her partner, it can also mean that the Cancer woman gets easily hurt. She can become vulnerable because of her tendency to open her heart and soul to her partner. When she does not maintain rational, careful boundaries, she tends to get hurt by the ones she loves. Take this time to learn about what happens when a Cancer woman is in love.

If you are interested in learning about how each zodiac sign behaves when in love, then consider taking this opportunity to broaden your perspective on the subject. You will serve yourself well by taking this opportunity to understand how to have a healthy relationship with a Cancer woman, as you will greatly benefit from realizing how to successfully navigate every aspect of this relationship.

Overview of a Cancer Woman in Love

In general, Cancer is a sign that is associated with being loving, sensitive and loyal. In addition to being motherly at times, a Cancer woman in love can also be moody. This is because Cancer is a water sign. Feelings can quickly change like the tides, which can be a struggle for anyone that she dates.

This zodiac sign is strongly focused around the home. A Cancer woman in love is often a homebody who revolves around her family members, friends, and loved ones. Her maternal, compassionate nature teaches us all about unconditional love and forgiveness. While she may be moody at times, you don’t have to analyze her too much. She tends to wear her emotions openly, so you can easily tell how she feels and why she feels that way.

There are times when you won’t be able to read her emotions easily. Many Cancer women have been hurt in the past because of their tendency to offer unconditional love and trust. If this is the case, then she has probably built up significant defenses to protect her sensitive heart from being harmed again. You will have to take time to show her that you are trustworthy before you are able to break down those walls.

Overall, this is one of the most nurturing and caring signs of the zodiac. A Cancer woman in love tends to be a great listener and is always willing to lend a hand. Her loving and protective nature means that people often turn to her when they are in need of help, love or support. To help you better understand her, take this opportunity to learn about the personality traits and characteristics of a Cancer woman.

A Cancer Woman in a Relationship

Relationships with a Cancer woman can be a loving, positive experience if you are the right match. Her incredible compassion makes her perfect for listening and empathizing with other people. If you have a problem, she will be more than happy to sit down, make you some comfort food and listen to your woes. This gentle soul loves to protect the people that she loves, and she carries this tendency to her lovers as well as her children or friends. In a relationship, she is looking for some emotional stability, a happy home, and a family. Don’t turn to a Cancer woman for a one-night stand because she probably won’t be interested.

The Type of Man Who Works Well With a Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman in love is open, compassionate and faithful. She automatically assumes that you will be just as loyal and faithful as she is. If you betray this trust, she will be irreparably hurt and betrayed. She needs a partner who is faithful and interested in having a happy family life one day.

Cancer is not a zodiac sign connected to cheap thrills or excitement. She does not need constant change. Once she finds a person that she likes, she wants to hold on to them. Because of this, she will likely keep her partner, friends, and homes for years—and often forever. When it comes to dating, she is happy to spend time at a quiet, intimate restaurant. She wants to get to know you without a lot of distractions. A crowd is fine sometimes, but she prefers it to be made up of people that she knows. To successfully navigate a developing relationship, consider taking this time to learn how to tell if a Cancer woman likes you.

The best partner for a Cancer woman in love will be intelligent and compassionate. She will be happy to find a partner who has common sense and an open world view. Don’t be fooled by her soft, sensitive nature because she can be a fighter when motivated properly. If you want to attract a Cancer woman, show your emotional side and never, ever criticize her meanly.

A Cancer Woman in the Bedroom

Because of her sign, sexuality can be a bit of an odd territory for the Cancer lady. Her sign is of Mars’ fall, so her instinctive desires are replaced with a need for emotional lovemaking. Expressing her sexuality is not always easy as she wants to have sensual lovemaking and tenderness. She needs a partner who can make her feel confident enough in the bedroom to express her desires openly. When she feels comfortable enough with you, she can be exceptionally passionate. You have to help her out of her shell first though, or you will never get to enjoy the complete passion of this lovely lady. If she does achieve a strong sexual intimacy with you, it is unlikely that she will ever leave you.

The Downsides to a Cancer Woman

Like any astrological sign, there are some downsides to dating a Cancer woman. While she is loving and compassionate, she can also be overly sensitive and irrational. Her mood swings can be a challenge to deal with. In addition, she can often be too quiet at times. You will feel perfectly relaxed reading with her one night, and then she will suddenly become crabby. While she may hurl a harmful remark when she is feeling moody, she will not respond well to a crabby remark that you say. A Cancer woman does not respond well to criticism, rejection or harmful comments. It is a double standard because she is willing to give these same comments when she is in a bad mood.

There is another dark shadow to the Cancer woman. An attachment to the past can make living in the future (or present) difficult. Her imaginative nature can also lead to irrational fears and suspicions. The good news? If you can avoid criticizing her and gain her trust, she will reward you with her loyalty. You will just have to learn how to dodge her bad moods as you go along. With this in mind, it is important that you learn how to tell a Cancer woman how you feel.

The Best Gifts for a Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman in love tends to love getting gifts. If you want her to fall in love with you, then be sure to make your gift as thoughtful as possible. Try to remember her likes and dislikes. If she commented that she loved a specific book or piece of jewelry, get it. She will be ecstatic that you remembered that little detail and bought her that gift. If you are uncertain about what to get at first, she will generally appreciate traditional gifts like flowers, chocolates or jewelry.

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