How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

We all have spirit guides that watch over us every day, but many people do not realize it. Before you contact your spirit guide, you may not realize who it is. It could be a deceased loved one who communicates with you. In some cultures, a spirit guide is an animal or a guardian angel who lights the spiritual path ahead of you.

For many people, a spirit guide is an animal that brings you the characteristics of the animal itself. Other people have spirit guides who are ascended masters like Krishna or Buddha. While your spirit guide may walk with you for your entire life, they may also just show their presence when you need help. Often, a spirit guide will appear like a traditional teacher or religious figure. Your spirit guide could be from a past life or someone who was once a part of your current life before they passed away.

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The Purpose of Your Spirit Guide

Whatever they appear as, your spirit guide’s main purpose is to provide you with information and wisdom. They are there to help you along your current spiritual path and nurture your spiritual growth. Like a parent, they love and nurture you no matter what mistakes you make along the way.

While a guardian angel is supposed to love and guard you, your spirit guide’s role is to help you figure out your life’s purpose and help you reach your own path in life. They take a heightened responsibility in guiding you along the way and providing you with help when you need it. They may whisper reassuring words or appear to you in dreams when you need extra guidance.

How Do I Contact My Spirit Guide?

Many people spend their entire lives unaware of their spirit guides. In some cases, you may just sense them when you feel depressed or lonely. Some people also discover their spirit guides after crying out for help and asking the universe for assistance. Often, you will discover a spirit guide when you are searching for a solution to a specific problem. Guides often appear in your dreams because it is one of the easiest ways for them to take a tangible form and communicate with you directly.

To contact your spirit guide, you can do several different things. In some ancient cultures, a vision quest was used to find a spirit guide and get help. While the rituals vary, they generally involve an escape from normal life. For example, you may go to a cabin in the woods where you are completely alone. An elder or spiritual leader may play a rhythmic beat on a a drum while you meditate and focus on a fire in front of you. Many spirit guide quests also involve purification rituals like sitting in a steam room or sauna.

Since most people do not have the time or ability to go on a vision quest, there are alternatives that you can use in your daily life. Meditation can be extremely helpful in finding a way to contact your spirit guide. Sit quietly as gentle music plays in the background. Once you have become completely relaxed, ask your spirit guide to step forward. If you are lucky, you may see your spirit guide on your first attempt. It isn’t always easy to contact your spirit guide, so you may need to do this over and over again every day until you make contact.

While your spirit guide may step forward during meditation, they may also try to contact you in a different way. It could be an object that wasn’t expected where you were meditating or a sudden sound. There may be a sign given through a book, an advertisement or an actual person. This sign can appear in any manner, so be open-minded and pay attention to the world around you.

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