How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

We all have spirit guides who watch over us every day, but many people do not realize it. Before you learn how to contact your spirit guide, you may not realize who it is. Your spirit guide could be a deceased loved one who communicates with you. In some cultures, a spirit guide is an animal or a guardian angel who lights the spiritual path ahead of you.

For many people, a spirit guide is an animal that brings you the characteristics of the animal itself. Other people have spirit guides who are ascended masters like Krishna or Buddha. While your spirit guide may walk with you for your entire life, they may also just show their presence when you need help. Often, a spirit guide will appear like a traditional teacher or religious figure. Your spirit guide could be from a past life or someone who was once a part of your current life before they passed away.

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The Purpose of Your Spirit Guide

No matter what form they choose to appear in, your spirit guide’s main purpose is to provide you with information and wisdom. They are there to help you along your current spiritual path and nurture your spiritual growth. Like a parent, they love and nurture you no matter what mistakes you make along the way. Because of their support, you are able to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Learning how to contact your spirit guide is important for your own personal and spiritual development.

While a guardian angel is supposed to love and guard you, your spirit guide’s role is to help you figure out your life’s purpose and help you reach your own path in life. They take a heightened responsibility in guiding you along the way and providing you with help when you need it. They may whisper reassuring words or appear to you in dreams when you need extra guidance. In many ways, your spirit guide is like the mother or grandmother you always wanted to have in your life.

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

Many people spend their entire lives unaware of their spirit guides. In some cases, you may just sense them when you feel depressed or lonely. Some people also discover their spirit guides after crying out for help and asking the universe for assistance.

Often, you will discover a spirit guide when you are searching for a solution to a specific problem. Guides often appear in your dreams because it is one of the easiest ways for them to take a tangible form and communicate with you directly.

If you want to learn how to contact your spirit guide, you can try several different techniques. In some ancient cultures, a vision quest was used to find a spirit guide and get help. While the rituals vary, they generally involve an escape from normal life.

For example, you may go to a cabin in the woods where you are completely alone. An elder or spiritual leader may play a rhythmic beat on a drum while you meditate and focus on the fire in front of you. Many spirit guide quests also involve purification rituals like sitting in a steam room or sauna–which are also practices that we highly recommend doing on a regular basis for spiritual, physical and emotional cleansing.

Since most people don’t have the time or ability to go on a vision quest, there are alternatives that you can use in your daily life. Meditation can be extremely helpful if you want to learn how to contact your spirit guide. Sit quietly as gentle music plays in the background. Once you have become completely relaxed, ask your spirit guide to step forward. If you are lucky, you may see your spirit guide on your first attempt. It isn’t always easy to contact your spirit guide, so you may need to do this over and over again every day until you make contact.

While your spirit guide may step forward during meditation, they may also try to contact you in a different way. It could be an object that wasn’t expected to be located where you were meditating or a sudden sound that shouldn’t have been present. There may be a sign given through a book you were reading, an advertisement you noticed or an actual person you encountered. This sign can appear in any manner, so you should be open-minded and pay attention to the world around you.

The 10 Steps You Need to Do to Contact Your Spirit Guide

While we can’t all afford to go on a true vision quest, there are ways you can learn how to contact your spirit guide from home. The following 10 steps will help you learn more about the spirit or spirits who are currently trying to guide your day-to-day life. If you are ever in need of help, you can always reach out to them for support.

1. Set the Right Mood and Intention

Like any spiritual ceremony, you have to make sure that the environment has been properly prepared. For many people, this includes physically preparing the body as well as the exterior world. Physical preparations may include spending time in a steam bath, fasting and avoiding toxins.

In your exterior world, you should light a candle and clean the space around you. Try to make the space as peaceful as possible. In addition, place powerful, spiritually significant objects like art, crystals or other religious artifacts around you.

Once the environment is prepared, make sure that you make a clear intention. Figure out who you want to work with and open your mind to the universe. Sometimes, you are able to work with specific guides like Guan Yin, Buddha or Mary. Think about which guide you would like to partner with for your current need or goal.

2. Develop Loving Kindness

You don’t have to be Buddhist to practice loving kindness. Open your heart to the world, and you will be surprised by how quickly the world returns your kindness. In addition, remember that contacting your spirit guide is a gentle, unrushed process.

You can’t force a guide to appear, so relax and don’t hurry your way through the process. Focus on your breath. Then, open yourself to the world, and divine forces will go to work around you.

3. Focus on Your Breath

In the next step, you need to focus on your breathing. In Buddhism, the Buddha managed to achieve enlightenment entirely through following his breath. Pay attention to the way air moves in and out of your body. Deepen your awareness and bring yourself fully into the present moment.

This should be a completely relaxed, unstressed process, so don’t allow yourself to grow tense. In the stillness of your breath, you will be able to open up your senses to what you are experiencing. With practice, you will be able to hear the gentle whispering of your spirit guide.

The type of energy you give to the universe greatly determines the energy you receive. You are about to directly reach out to your spirit guide, so you need to make sure that you only have good energy. Like most kinds of spiritual work, you need to clear your mind and the space around you to ensure only good energy gets in.

During meditation, imagine yourself within a pyramid made of white light. Let the energy of the white light remove all negative energies, thoughts and emotions. Once you are sure that this process is complete, ask that loving energy be brought in to replace all of the negative vibrations that were sent away.

4. Bring in Sacred Sounds and Chants

In the next step, you are further brightening and sanctifying your spiritual space. Use your own voice to chant a mantra like “om” or “ananda.” Do this seven times so that your energy can align with the universe and a portal can open up for reaching your spirit guide.

5. Entering the Door

As you focus on your breath and chanting, you may notice changes in your body, mind and soul. Your light body is beginning to attract ascended masters and spirit guides to your side. Focus on your light body and your pure spirit.

Imagine a doorway opening up to another dimension. The exact details of the doorway’s look or size don’t matter. It could be an opening to the cosmos or a lovely landscape. The doorway is only the figurative reference that your mind uses to create a connection to the universe. Allow an infinite space to open up around you.

Once you have done this, call out to your spirit guide and invite him or her to join you. State your intention clearly. Make sure that you give your guide permission to join you so that they know you want their presence.

6. Open Yourself to Signs From the Cosmos

Your spirit guide may not appear as a person or an animal. Sometimes, they send a message through a smell, vision or thought. If you are confused, ask them for a sign.

You may ask your spirit guide to give you a sign in your normal life about what you should do. This sign is seldom an eclipse or something so noteworthy. Often, the spirits use normal mechanisms to show us what they want. This could be through angel numbers, a sudden call from a friend or a book you happened to pick up. If you pay attention, you will notice these signs all around you.

7. Requesting a Message

Your spirit guide may respond during your meditation, or they may wait until later to respond. Make sure that you ask for a message or a blessing while you are in this sacred space. Your spirit guide may also give you a blessing like insight or healing to help you along the way. Do not worry about asking for help—your spirit guide’s sole purpose is to help you along your path.

8. Express Gratitude

Now that you can contact your spirit guide and are almost finished, make sure that you express gratitude. You are fortunate to have a spirit guide to help you in life, and you are even luckier to be awakened enough to realize this fact. Many people never get a chance to learn how to contact their spirit guides. Make sure that you give thanks and express your gratitude to your guide.

9. Ending the Ceremony

Now that you have expressed your gratitude and learned how to contact your spirit guide, it is time to gradually reawaken yourself to normal life. The way you leave such a sacred space is just as important as how you entered it. If you aren’t cautious, you can undergo soul fragmentation. This happens when a piece of you is left behind in an alternative reality. Make sure that you leave the sacred space in the same way that you entered it. Find the same doorway or portal, and ask your spirit guide for help if you get lost along the way.

10. Returning to Normal Life

Many people find that a walk in nature or a relaxing bath is a good way to reemerge in their normal life again. Readjusting may take time, so make sure that you have a few extra moments to center yourself and return to reality. As you readjust, try to bring some of your sacred space and new discoveries into your normal life. While you don’t have to share the blessings you have received, it is one way that you can show gratitude toward your guide.

Do not be worried if you don’t see a sign at first. You now know how to contact your spirit guide. Whether you realize it or not, your spirit guide is communicating with you. Sometimes, it may just take time to realize what your spirit guide is trying to tell you.

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