Is Everyone Clairvoyant or Do Only Some People Have Psychic Abilities?

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The word clairvoyant comes from two French words. Clair means clear and voyance means vision. Thus, being clairvoyant means having a clear vision. This term applies to someone who can gain insight or get information about the past, present or future. In pop culture, it is often known as the sixth sense. If you have never experienced this yourself, you may wonder, “Is everyone clairvoyant?”

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Is Everyone Clairvoyant or Do Only Some People Have Psychic Abilities?

There are different interpretations of what being clairvoyant means. For many people, it is like energy entering your body and bringing you to an altered state. While only some people are aware of this energy, it is actually open to everyone. Human beings are more likely to focus on the five sense like touch or sight to experience their life. When you possess clairvoyance, you can access a different way of experiencing the world. You may see images in your mind’s eye as a vision or you may hear information. Other people just sense what is going on.

My personal experience has been through emotional connections to loved ones. When I am close to a partner, family member or friend, I can feel when they go through a traumatic event. Before someone dies, I sense that something is off with the world. When this first started, it was disconcerting. I didn’t understand why I would suddenly be in a bad mood, and it felt like the world darkened suddenly. Before long, I started to realize the connection and honed it so that I could know who and why this was happening for.

Can You Develop This Sense?

After finding out that the answer to “Is everyone clairvoyant?” is a qualified yes, your next is probably about how you can become clairvoyant. You already have an intuitive sixth sense, but you probably do not listen to it all the time. Many people ignore the whispers of their intuition, even though this happens all the time.

You have probably experienced clairvoyance without realizing it. The phone rang and you knew immediately who would be calling you. Or, you knew what a friend was going to say before they even said it. All of these are examples of your sixth sense at work. If you can acknowledge your intuition and listen to it, you can open up your mind to a new wealth of information. If you do not recognize and encourage this ability, it essentially remains asleep until you wake up to it.

Honing Your Clairvoyance

You cannot become a world-renown artist over night. It takes years of practice to become good at playing piano, oil painting or writing a novel. Similarly, it takes time to really utilize your clairvoyance. You have spent your entire life filtering your experience of the world through your other five senses. Now, you have to learn how to change this conditioned habit so that you can use your sixth sense.

Meditation is a starting point for learning clairvoyance. It helps you to slow down and pay attention to the thoughts, feelings and little experiences that you normally ignore. You also have to become self-aware. The best clairvoyants are people who known themselves well. Personal development is a necessity if you want to become awakened. You have to be rooted like a tree if you want to explore the hidden side of the universe without becoming lost. If you are not psychologically balanced, you can quickly become overpowered or lost in your visions.

Sometimes, your visions or insights can be overwhelming. You could pick up on the despair or hopelessness of someone around you. If you are not self-aware and psychologically stable, then these emotions could become your own. By focusing on personal development, you can learn to handle these situations better. You may pic up on more positive insights, or you may just be able to handle the information without letting it overload you.

Being clairvoyant can help you become more sensitive to the world around you. It helps you to make connections to other people and situations. In addition, clairvoyance helps you gain better insight into situations. It is a process of self-discovery that helps you reach a higher spiritual state.

Is Everyone Clairvoyant?

Essentially anyone can be clairvoyant on some level. People do not talk about it because they are afraid of how people will view them, or they may not realize that these visions are clairvoyant. This hidden insight is available to everyone, but it takes time to rediscover it. Intuition is often the first step in developing your clairvoyance. Over time, you can continue to develop even further.

To develop your clairvoyance, start by meditating. You have to quiet down your mind to hear the whispering of clairvoyance. Sit in a darkened room with a lighted candle in front of you. Soften your eyes and focus on the candle. Think about a specific color as you watch the candle. Before long, you will start to see the color appear around the flame. Continue to practice this every day. It helps you to learn patience and how to work with subtle energies. As your sensitivity increases, you will be able to develop your clairvoyance as well. This type of meditation is essentially putting you in a trance state where you can easily listen to your sixth sense.

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