What Does It Mean When You Dream About Water?

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Without water, we would not be alive right now. It is one of the key components on our earth that make life possible. We see water all around us. From the water we drink to the ocean’s waves, we are constantly exposed to this droplets of liquid. When you dream about water, it can mean a number of different things depending on the circumstances.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Water?

There is a humongous difference between a dream about water droplets and a tsunami. If you dream about water like a polluted sludge or a devastating tsunami, this will often mean something negative about your life, feelings or a current situation. Meanwhile, a dream of a clear lagoon or tranquil pool often reflects a softer, calmer meaning.

There are many ways to interpret a water dream, so the best option is to analyze your dream on your own. You are the best person at figuring out how your dream relates to your life and any current situation that you are in. Start by thinking about what happens in the dream. Who is present? How do you feel? Is the water crystal clear or is it polluted? Are you drinking the water or are you drowning in it? By analyzing the circumstances of your dream, you can gain a better understanding about why you are dreaming about water.

In addition to the more traditional dream interpretations, there are other ways to interpret your dream about water as well. Water often symbolizes primal or maternal feelings. It is present in the womb, so it often signifies a fresh start, pregnancy, mothers or our connection to the earth. The ability of water to flow unconsciously from one location to another is similar to how our psyche operates. Water in dreams can represent our emotional state. On a very basic level, the water in tears shows our sadness.

Additionally, we can see how water dreams have been interpreted by a variety of different religions. For fun, we will start with these interpretations and see how Buddhists, Christians and others think about water appearing in dream. Afterward, we will go over the specific meanings of each type of water dream such as floods, drinking water and sludge.

How World Religions Interpret Dreaming About Water

Since water is essential for life to exist on our planet, it is unsurprising that many societies and religion focus on the role of water. In ancient and modern religious texts, you can find discussions of water. Some religions use water in ceremonies and religious traditions because of its symbolism and importance.

Many groups water as a symbol of spiritual and physical purification. In Christianity, it is often used during baptism as a sign of renewal, cleansing and Christ washing away your sins. While water may play a positive role in this case, there are also many tales of great floods in religious texts. Water is both a force of creation and destruction.

1. A Jewish Perspective on a dream about Water

In Judaism, water is a part of rituals involving purity and cleansing. Living water is often mentioned or focused on. There are also stories about the parting of the Red Sea and the great flood. In a ritualistic bath called a mikveh, individuals cleanse themselves after menstruation or if they have come in contact with a corpse. Other situations like childbirth, converting to Judaism or buying new eating utensils may involve mikveh as well.

2. A Hindu Perspective on a Dream About Water

In this religion, water is also believed to possess a cleansing power for the body and the spirit. Water is thought of as sacred. Thus, it is unsurprising that many holy locations tend to be close to water. This is especially the case when two bodies of water meet. Daily worship and funeral rituals also require water.

3. A Shinto Perspective on a Dream About Water

During Shinto rituals, waterfalls are used for purification. It is thought that waterfalls are important for purification. You can also see water motifs like waves, rivers and waterfalls in many pieces of Japanese art.

4. A Buddhist Perspective on a Dream about Water

Among Buddhists, water is often thought to be a sign of death or of someone passing on to the next life. It is often connected to the idea of death because it plays a role in Buddhist funerals.

5. An Islamic Perspective on a Dream about Water

In Islam, water is also used for rituals for cleansing and purification. Before Muslims can turn to God, they must cleanse their bodies completely.

6. A Christian Perspective on a Dream About Water

In Christianity, water is famously used in baptisms. This is symbolic of the soul being cleansed from sin as the child’s soul is dedicated to God. A dream about water might represent cleansing or being reborn.

The Different Interpretations of Water in Your Dreams

Before you go through this list, consider the type of water that appeared in your dream. Next, go through this list to find the closest match to your dream. You can then use the water dream interpretation to help you figure out the underlying meaning of your dream.

1. Dreams About Waterfalls

Waterfalls often have a positive connotation in dreams. They symbolize a renewal of the spirit and rejuvenation. The crashing rivulets of water symbolize a release of emotion and can even have a sexual connotation.

While waterfall dreams are often positive, they can occasionally have a negative connotation. In these cases, they may symbolize a tendency to feel overwhelmed. If you are at the bottom of the waterfall and the waves are pushing you down, it may symbolize a feeling of being overwhelmed in your normal life. If you fall off the waterfall, it could symbolize a fear of losing control, falling or taking a risk.

3. Dreams About Oceans

Oceans are a common type of water-related dream. These tranquil, flowing waterways often represent the state of your emotions and subconscious mind. If the ocean is filled with storms and crashing waves, then it may show inner turmoil, anger or rage. A peaceful, beautiful ocean will generally show that you feel at peace with yourself and completely calm. The ocean is often associated with peaceful retreats, meditation and calmness.

Of course, the meaning of oceans in your dreams depends entirely on how it appears. Crashing waves, sudden whirlpools and rough waters could symbolize that your emotional state is in just as much turmoil as well. When the sheer power of the ocean takes over, you are completely under its control. IN this case, the dream may indicate that you feel like you are not in control of a situation and are uncertain about which step to take.

4. Dreams About Showers or Bathing

Who does not love a shower? Luckily, shower and bathing dreams tend to be quite positive because of this. Unless you had an unfortunate encounter with a bathtub in your past, this dream probably means good things. When you step into a shower, you are able to release all of your stress, tensions and past burdens. Being in the shower often represents a need to relax and let your body be cleansed of any stress.

If you have a bath in your dream, it shows a desire for cleansing and relaxation. You may need a break in your normal life, so you get to be pampered in your dream. If you are in a bubble bath in your dream, it may indicate a desire to relax and forget about the rest of the world. Bubble baths are often connected to your youth as well because parents often give their children bubble baths. This means that your dream about a bubble bath could represent your need to relax, be a child again and cut loose.

5. Dreams About Pools

As a child, you may have spent the summertime at the community pool and enjoying the summer. Even now, a pool is a place you go to relax, enjoy your vacation and catch some sunshine. Man-made pools are unique in dreams about water. Unlike a pond or lake, they are made by humans. This means that they represent a tendency to box up emotions. When under stress, you may try to compartmentalize your feelings. When you see a pool in your dream, it may mean that you need to gain a deeper understanding of how you feel and what you need.

Sometimes, the pool in your dream may be empty of water. This symbolizes that you feel drained and completely emotionless. Even if you want to have some type of feeling, you can’t because you are drained and exhausted. This type of dream is often reported by addicts. When coming down from a high, they feel exhausted and drained of emotion, so they dream about an empty pool.

If something like a floatie, small boat or lily pad is floating on top of the pool, it shows that you want to take a break from your emotions. This floating item is like a lifeline to your emotions that helps you connect to the world again.

6. Dreams About Sewage

This is one of the least auspicious dreams to have about water. Sewage is something that carries diseases and filth. It is trash that people have discarded and unclean water that rushes to the waste treatment center. When you see sewage in your dream, it indicates that you feel some of the worst emotions possible. You may feel like someone has discarded or forgotten about you. You may feel shameful or feel like you have a low self-esteem. You may also feel like you or other people do not value your personality, life or emotions. Sewage often means that the emotions you never expressed are starting to become toxic within your body and soul.

7. Dreams About Steam

Dreaming about steam can show that your emotions have taken a new, inspiring turn. Steam is created when water is heated so hot that it turns into a vapor. Basically, the steam indicates that your emotions and thoughts have broken free from being just water and have transformed into something new. Steam indicates spontaneity and new ideas.

8. Dreams About Rivers

A dream about a river shows that you are on an emotional journey. In a way, a river is like the oceans version of a highway. Water flows from rain clouds and lakes through a river until it ultimately meets the ocean. This river shows how your life is progressing spiritually, emotionally and mentally. If the river is relaxed and moves along smoothly, it shows that you go with the flow and let fate determine the course of your life. If the river is in turmoil and is forced along through rapids, it shows that you are in emotional turmoil as you fight against the tide and try to determine your own fate.

If you are crossing a river in your dream, it shows that you are trying to get over one obstacle or problem. Meanwhile, a muddy river shows that your emotions are clouded or in turmoil. Someone who has developed a strong inner peace and harmony will see a calm, smooth, clear river in their dream. This means that they are generally happy and have a balanced emotional state.

9. Dreaming About Ponds

Ponds are often a symbol of tranquility, so they may reflect a desire to be calm and reflect on life. Many ponds are locations where frogs, plants, fish and other animals live. This nexus of life show the possibilities of the world and potential for your life. If the animals and plants are dead in the dream, it shows that your emotional state feels stymied or negative. If the pond is teeming with life, it shows that you intuitively feel like there are many possibilities in life.

Pools do not generally have an outlet like a stream or pond. Because of this, they tend to show the thoughts and feelings that you have not expressed yet. They may show the types of feelings that you feel a need to explore.

10. Dreaming About Faucets

Dreams about water faucets show that you want to control your feelings. You can turn a faucet on and off easily in real life, so you want to be able to do the same thing with your feelings. If you cannot turn off the faucet in your dreams, it shows that you think it is impossible to contain and control your feelings. An overly hot faucet shows you fear your “hot” emotions are out of control. Likewise, an overly cold faucet shows that you feel controlled by cold emotions like sadness, grief or depression. If the faucet is leaking, it shows that you feel like some part of your emotions must be handled or fixed.

11. Dreaming About Lakes

When you dream about lakes, it will often have a similar meaning as ponds. Lakes are generally natural and often represent tranquility or peace of mind. They may also indicate an inability to find an emotional outlet in your normal life. Since lakes are larger, they tend to lose some of the sense of solitude that you would generally associate wit ha pond.

The type of water and context of the lake can greatly determine the meaning of the lake in your dream. Turbulent water dreams show that your emotional state is chaotic. A relaxed, calm lake represents tranquility. It can also mean something depending on your own experience with lakes in your past.

12. Dreaming About Rain

Dreaming about rain is quite common. It can’t always be sunny outside, so rain will happen in real life and in your dreams. In movies, rain is often used by directors to show depression or some major turning point for the character. A dream about water or rain can be positive or negative. It all depends on the feelings that you associate with the dream.

Raindrops can symbolize forgiveness from a higher power or a type of cleansing. Sometimes, it can represent a sense of purpose or a deeper connection with your spiritual side. In more negative dreams about water, it may symbolizes crying, depression or a sense of grief.

13. Dreaming About Floods

Water dreams can be quite terrifying at times. Dreaming about floods is especially traumatic. A single flood can cause loss of life, massive devastation and overwhelming grief in the real world. In your dream, it is the same types of feelings that appear. There are very few instances where a dream about a flood its a good thing.

If you dream that there is a flood that is going to happen (and does not actually occur), it means that you are consumed by fear and worries in real life. You are afraid of something that may never happen, and you need to address these feelings.

Often, a flood represents the ability to be in control or to lose control. If you need to control the world around you, the struggle of being in a flood is a painful reminder that you cannot always control the world around you. You have to learn how to let go at times and allow fate to happen. Controlling every aspect of your life is like controlling a flood; it just isn’t possible.

Many dream dictionaries also indicate that a flood represents sexual energy that cannot be contained. It may show that you have some type of sexual energy that you are unable to control. You may be repressing this energy, but you need to allow it out at times or it will overwhelm you like the flood in your dream.

14. Dreaming About Puddles of Water

Dreaming about puddles tends to show that you have overlooked an emotion. In real life, you may step into a puddle and get wet because you were not paying attention to here you are going. The puddle in the dream is a reminder that you need to pay attention to your emotions. If you do not listen to how you feel, you will find that fate and sudden events happen to you without your involvement. Processing your emotions properly will help you to avoid this pitfall in real life.

15. Dreaming About Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Large Waves

Dreaming about tsunamis or large waves can mean a number of different things depending on what happens. If you are surfing the wave or create the wave, it shows that you are in control of your thoughts, creativity and emotion. You have the power to shape the world around you into what you want. Riding the wave often shows that you are able to handle your emotions and navigate over or around the difficulties in life. You are flexible in meeting these obstacles, which makes it easier to achieve your goals.

A sudden tidal wave or tsunami that pushes away everything indicates that you feel like your emotions are threatened or washed away. You may feel troubled emotionally, or their could be a financial problem threatening you. Whatever the case, you feel like some aspect of the outside world is causing you stress. The outer environment is in control, and you feel like you have no say in what happens.

This type of dream about water often has many different layers to it. While it may start with negative emotions and turmoil as a tsunami sweeps you away, you may end the dream riding a wave as you start to figure out that you do have the ability to take control of your life.

16. Dreaming About Underground Pools

Dreaming about water or waves is quite common, but we hear few people discuss a dream about an aquifer or underground pool. These unusual dreams often represent that your unconscious mind is completely hidden. The depth of your emotion and soul has not been discovered, and you still feel like there is more to explore. While this type of dream about water may sometimes be negative, it can often have positive connotations.

17. Dreaming About a Hose

A dream about a hose tends to show that you are directing your emotions. You can direct a hose, so you are figuratively trying to direct your emotions. To interpret this dream about water, you need to see where you are spraying the water or who you are spraying it at.

18. Dreaming About Crying or Sweating

In a way, dreaming about crying is a good thing. This dream shows that you are figuring out a way to healthily express your emotions and heal. You have made an important step and recognize that your emotions must be expressed for you to be a complete, holistic being. Tears often represent healing, pain, compassion and wisdom.

Meanwhile, sweat in your dreams often shows the necessity of working hard to reach your goals. It might also be a subtle suggestion that you need to cool down your emotional nature and relax at times.

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