Virgo Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

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A Virgo woman is the type of person who focuses on the smallest details. Out of the entire zodiac, this is the sign that is best known for being careful. The Virgo woman personality type rarely leaves things to chance. While she might be cautious, this does not make her rigid or unfeeling. In reality, she is tender-hearted, but she will not always show her sensitive side to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, Virgo is a sign that is often misunderstood. She cannot always tell if her feelings are genuine or relevant. Instead of saying how she feels, she will avoid expressing her true nature. The Virgo woman is an earth sign that possesses a strong, fairly conservative character. She has a practical nature that leads her to be extremely organized. Even when the world around her is in chaos, she is the one person who is able to put everything in order again.

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The Virgo Woman Personality

This is the type of woman who sets very defined goals for her future. If she makes a goal list, it will most likely include little details and steps that must be followed along the way. At times, she can become stuck within the details and unable to move forward. Her concern for the details can also seem overly critical at times.

At the same time, this is a sign that is known for being good at communicating. Virgos often become amazing journalists or writers because of their talent for communication. She is a naturally intelligent individual who is systematic in her approach toward life. While she can be dogmatic at times, she is also someone who commands admiration and respect.

At work, the Virgo woman is typically driven by success. She makes goals that she plans on achieving. While some people rely on others or sheer luck to get ahead, the Virgo woman achieves her dreams through her intelligence and sheer wit. She is naturally inquisitive and her creativity helps her to imagine new ways to do things.

The Negative Personality Traits of the Virgo Woman

While she might seem extremely organized on the outside, her feelings are rarely in order. Emotionally, the Virgo woman personality tends to be fairly sensitive. When she works hard at the office, she expects to be encouraged and praised for her work. If she is told that she did something wrong, then she will generally be offended and not take it well. The person who made this mistake will be met with a cold shoulder immediately, or the Virgo will start to tear up right away. Either way, she will want to escape and be on her own.

While she might be sensitive emotionally, she does not want anyone to help her. She wants to handle all of her emotions by herself. The Virgo woman is more than happy to help you and your loved ones with your feelings, but she rarely asks someone else to talk through her feelings with her.

The Virgo Woman Personality Traits

While there are always individual variations within a particular sign, there are a few common traits that you can expect with a Virgo woman.

1. Balance and Harmony

The Virgo woman personality can be the diplomat in nearly every setting. She is able to be amiable and calm in the most fearsome of disputes. When people are upset or arguing, she can handle the problem efficiently. Both sides are able to reach an agreement without being coerced or influenced. She likes to achieve a balance in her life and prefers harmony over discord. Because of this, she is an excellent business partner or employee.

2. Practical

The Virgo woman is extremely practical. While she might have dreams about the future, you can guarantee that she has already planned out exactly how her goals will be accomplished. She is very sensible in how she plans out her life and is detail-oriented in her plans. Her extremely organized nature means that she is the person to turn to if you want to plan a camping trip or a marketing campaign.

3. Perfectionist

As you may have guessed, the Virgo woman is a perfectionist at heart. Her detail-oriented nature means that she notices all of the little things. If a single thing is out of order, she will not rest until she has fixed it.

4. A Need for Acceptance

The Virgo woman personality will get upset if someone is exceptionally cruel or critical toward her. She wants a life of harmony and balance. If you yell at her or belittle her, she will shut down. Because of this, she typically looks for a partner who will accept her for who she is. She needs someone who is trustworthy and loyal to be with her for the long-term. The same attitude carries over to her work life as well. While a Virgo woman has a high capacity for success, she will not be happy if her co-workers or bosses are overly critical. She wants to be accepted by others and recognized for her hard work. A Virgo woman does not ask for much because all she needs is to be accepted by the people she loves to become happy.

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