The Sun in Astrology

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The Sun in astrology is typically represented by colors such as orange and gold. Its day is Sunday, and it is considered the center of the solar system. This celestial body is connected to feelings like confidence, health, willpower and life. It is also often linked to fathers, husbands, bosses, days, stomachs and actors.

The Sun is a special entity that is the ruler of Leo. In astronomy and astrology, it receives extra attention as the only star that is close to planet Earth. As such, it is the giver of life and makes humanity possible. It can hide a process that is extremely important while shining energy down on us. In our chart, it plays the role of recharging us and showing us our capabilities. It shines a light on those around us and shows us the ways that our personality will be manifested.

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The Sun in Astrology

The Sun in astrology can just as easily burn you as provide you with life. When analyzing the Sun, you must be careful to look at the feminine energies. When the Sun is strong and the Moon is weak, it shows that our initiative is burning our emotions. Basically, you are chasing your dreams without regarding your emotional needs or physical limits. If the Sun is weak, it shows a lack of creativity or energy.

Unfortunately, many astrologers dismiss the Sun as unimportant in your astrological start. This is a gigantic mistake. Even if we are looking at our cosmic connections to the planets, the Sun is an obvious part of that system. It has a gravity that pulls the planets into orbit around it. This is one of the reasons why many interpretations are based around our Sun sign instead of the Moon’s position or our Ascendant. It is not the same as anything else in the zodiacal circle. Instead, it is the point that brings other energies into orbit and keeps us in balance.

The Sun is responsible for our core being and our personality. This energetic center is represented by the solar plexus chakra. As such, it gives us our personality, metabolism, willpower, life and immunity. If you want to achieve fame or become a leader, you must have a strong Sun. You will notice that many of the leaders and celebrities that become famous have a strong Sun in their chart. While the Sun in astrology is important, we should not forget about other entities. The Sun is the center that brings everything around it, and gives us a sense of who we are to be in life. It, and the other planetary entities, should not be forgotten.

The Sun as a Planet

Amazingly, the Sun accounts for 99 percent of the mass in our solar system. While Jupiter may be the largest planet, it is nothing when compared to the immense magnitude of the Sun. If our solar system was a workplace, the Sun would be the boss. This burning star is what provides our planet with life, light and gravity. Everything else can only circle around it. As such, it is highly symbolic in astrology. Where the Sun is placed in an aspect, house or sign shows the point where we can turn our lives around.

How the Sun Manifests

The Sun’s role is to shed light on the world. As such, it is associated with rationality and awareness. When the Sun is manifest, it shows clearness and openness. It represents our inner child, honest expression, our creativity, our heart and fame. When we look at the son, we see the image of ourselves, father figures, superiors and our ego. It instills our confidence and creativity as it breathes a new life into all things. This infinite source of energy will remain for millions of years after we eventually pass on.

The Sun shows our ability to metabolize things that come our way in our life. It is responsible for our feeling upset or sickened when things turned our poorly because something is not working well with our personality. Listening to your inner voice will help you release your insecurities and take part in the world. With its metabolizing fire, the Sun keeps us safe from harm when we are uncertain of our boundaries. When it comes to the Sun, the worst thing that you can do is compromise.

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