What Are The Hidden Meanings of Common Dream Themes?

Last Updated on August 1, 2020 by Sloane Marie

You may find that you have recently had a dream that you need to have interpreted. Keep in mind that dream interpretation is incredibly personal, and the specific meanings of such dreams are best understood through introspection. However, this article is available to help you understand the hidden meanings of common dream themes. Allow these insights to provide you with the information that you will need to understand what your dreams are guiding you toward or steering you away from. 

If you find that you are interested in learning about other types of dreams, then consider learning about how to interpret what your dreams mean.

What Are The Hidden Meanings of Common Dream Themes?

Growing up, you may members dreams such as losing your teeth or missing a test. These dreams, like most dreams, have common interpretations that may be simple to understand. For example, losing your teeth within a dream may signify that you have recently lost something or you are concerned about such a loss in the future. Likewise, missing a test could mean that you are unprepared for important aspects of your life or you may be confused about what actions are appropriate for the future. We even have prepared a dedicated article for those of you who have recently dreamed about death. What follows are various common dreams and their interpretations, and you are invited to delve deeper into those subjects as well.

Dreams About Being Lost

When you find yourself in an uncertain place without the knowledge of how to get somewhere familiar, it is normal to feel anxious or eager. These aren’t negative dreams, but rather a sign that you may be uncertain about what actions you should take. It is possible that these dreams should influence you to evaluate your situation and consider which actions would be appropriate. Allow the stresses that you feel from these dreams to guide you toward introspection, as this will help you navigate the future. Should you still have questions, then take this time to learn more about what it means when you dream about being lost

Dreams About Elevators

There are many different aspects of elevator dreams. You may feel that you are going somewhere, which may include going up or down. This could be a sign that you feel that you are moving somewhere beneficial or somewhere detrimental. An elevator may be stuck or out of control, which both may be signs that you feel that something is happening in your life that you are unable to guide or direct. Similarly, you may not be able to get out of an elevator, which could be a sign that you feel that you are in a dire situation. Regardless, elevators are indications of movement and change, so take this time to learn more about what it means when you dream about elevators.

Dreams About Falling

If you are dreaming and you notice that you are falling, then it may cause you to feel a sudden shock of fear or concern. Many times, these dreams cause us to wake up, but not always. Before you started falling within the dream, there may have been something happening that will give you a greater understanding as to the purpose of the dream. If you slip, then you may feel that you are in an untenable position in your waking life. If something breaks and that causes you to fall, then it is possible that you may feel that you can not rely on what you once thought you could. Many more examples are available, so take this opportunity to learn more about what it means when you dream about falling.

Dreams About Being Naked

Often, dreams about being naked tend to symbolize feelings of insecurity or exposure. If you have dreamed about showing up at work or school naked, then it may mean that you are unprepared or stressed. On the other hand, such dreams could be reflections of your positive thoughts regarding freedom and individualism. For this reason, you will need to interpret your dreams according to the emotions that you felt when you were naked. This is the perfect chance to learn more about what it means when you dream about being naked.

Dreams About Money

Financial and economic concerns often manifest within our dreams. Sometimes you may feel that money is a secondary aspect of the dream, and the emotions and experiences within the dream may color your thoughts regarding money. If you receive the money within a dream, then it may be a sign that you feel that you are owed something or that it would greatly reduce stress in your life to get some much-needed cash. Should you lose money, you may feel that your life is causing you to waste money or you may realize that you are in an unstable financial position. Learn more about what it means when you dream about money.

Dreams About Water

Among dreams, water is often a symbol of change or spirituality. Throughout cultures, water may be a sign of rebirth. Water and death are often associated together in dreams, though it is important to keep in mind that death is not always a negative aspect of a dream. Purification, cleansing, and rejuvenation are all aspects of such dreams. Of course, your dream will color your perspective, and you should allow the emotions that you felt within the dream to guide your introspection. Take this time to learn more about what it means when you dream about water.

Dreams About Snakes

Snakes, which are often symbols are fear in our waking life, may symbolize a wide variety of things within dreams. It is important to consider the behaviors of the snake within your dream. If it behaves in an aggressive manner, such as chasing you or biting you, then it may be a sign of a concern regarding a known threat or complicated social relationship. Snakes could also be a symbol of curiosity, and you may feel drawn to the snake within the dream. If this occurs, then you may be interested in learning about something new. There are many possible interpretations, and you can find them as you learn more about what it means when you dream about snakes.

What If I Don’t Have Dreams?

Some people have frequent dreams, while other people have nightmares. Some people seem to live a life without dreams, or at least they don’t remember the dreams that they may have had during their sleep. From a dream perspective, it likely means that there is little that you are confused or uncertain about. You may be navigating your stresses in a healthy way during your waking life. More likely, there is a scientific reason for your dreams. A lack of dreams may be related to a lack of deep sleep. If you would like to learn more, then consider reading about what it means if you don’t have dreams.