The Moon in Astrology

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The word for Moon is where we developed our word “Monday,” which is why the Moon is often connected to that day. Represented by the colors white and silver, the Moon is a sign of things like the soul, milk, home, baby, mirror, pregnancy, family, bread and reflection. From Earth, we can only ever see a part of the moon at a time. It is the fastest moving body in relation to our earthly position, which makes it one of the most personal planetary entities on the chart.

In Eastern astrology, the Moon is considered the most important part of any interpretation. It is considered the representation of our soul and our inner emotional being. Western astrology says that the Moon is the ruler of Cancer. As such, it shows our ability to create what woe want to live through, our understanding and our peaceful support. It shows the ability for our love to be reciprocated. The Moon’s aspects and dignities determine whether you will be supported by your family and have support or compassion as you go through challenges in life.

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The Moon in Astrology

The moon in astrology represents our subconscious world. It shows the love we can experience in this lifetime, our emotions and the heart. It supports our family life and is the feminine parallel to the Sun. The Sun gives light, which the Moon reflects to us on earth. If we have a troubled Moon, it shows that our outer experiences are off or there is a great challenge in our life. We need the emotions that come from the Moon because a life without emotion would be a punishment for our inner souls.

The problems encountered by the Moon in aspects and dignity show the family issues that hurt us. In positive aspects like a strong Moon in Cancer, we have health emotions and can incorporate positive reactions into our relationships. A strong Moon makes us able to bring love and acceptance in our life. We are able to understand our feelings, accept them and act positively in our daily lives.

The Moon as a Planet

As a planet, the moon is truly the only natural satellite that earth has. It is the closest planetary entity to earth. Since it is so close, it is easier for our healing work to start from the Moon. The Moon is essentially the planetary entity that brings us closest to home. While it has the smallest stature of any celestial body on our charts, its proximity and gravitational impact bring an out-sized influence. The Moon causes the tides on Earth as it rotates around the Earth.

Since the Moon does not have an atmosphere like Earth, it is especially vulnerable to the impact of any space-borne object. It also happens to be free of wind, which is why the footsteps of astronauts can still be found on the Moon. The Moon symbolically holds the memory of our soul and is swayed by outside influences. This makes it especially important when it combines with Scorpio, which is the sign of change.

How the Moon Manifests

The Moon is our symbolic mother. It provides a sense of support and belonging. At night, the light of the Moon guides on our way. It represents our fertility, motherhood and pregnancy. The Moon shows our memories like the home we grew up in and the warmth we experienced. It is the most intimate point on our chart. While other influences can challenge it, the Moon helps us to achieve a point of emotional balance. Our best option is to stay open to the Moon and accept our natural emotions.

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