Does Dreaming You Are Pregnant Mean You Are Pregnant?

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If you want to become pregnant, having dreams about pregnancy can seem especially cruel. It feels like your subconscious is giving you an experience that you can’t have yet. If you do not want to be pregnant, having a dream about becoming pregnant can be terrifying. Does dreaming you are pregnant mean you are pregnant? Should you be worried?

Enhance your understanding of your dreams by taking this time to learn how to interpret your dreams about relationships.

Does Dreaming You Are Pregnant Mean You Are Pregnant?

Dreaming that you are pregnant rarely means that you are actually pregnant. There is an old wives’ tale that dreaming you are pregnant means you are pregnant, but this is just an old superstition. It exists in many cultures, but has never been backed by proof.

If you have been trying to conceive, then the dream is probably connected to this desire. Considering the fact that you are actually trying to conceive, it makes sense if you were to become pregnant in the near future, but it does not mean that the dream foretold the future.

While dreaming that you are pregnant does not mean that you are pregnant, there are some common dream interpretations associated with pregnancy dreams. These types of dreams are often a symbol of nurturing a new project or starting a creative idea. It may symbolize transformation or an evolution in your life. Actually giving birth often shows that you are prepared to release your final project or idea to the world.

Different Pregnancy Dreams and Their Interpretations

The exact meaning of your pregnancy dreams depends on what happens in the dream. To help you decipher your dream, we have compiled some of the most common interpretations and meanings.

1. Discovering You Are Pregnant

If you realize that you are pregnant in the dream, it shows that a part of your life is starting to develop. You may be starting to grow as a person, or you may be learning a new hobby or skill. If you feel afraid in the dream, it may show that you fear the coming changes and transformation in your real life.

2. An Ultrasound

An ultrasound or sonogram typically shows that a new phase of your life is starting. This could be the decision to conceive, a new job or a new college degree.

3. You Discover That Someone Else Is Pregnant

When you dream that someone else is having a baby, it shows that you are developing a stronger bond with that person. If your wife or girlfriend is pregnant with someone else’s child, it is said to represent the fact that you are starting to grow separate from each other. You may be headed in different directions in life, so your subconscious senses that this could cause problems in your future.

4. Giving Birth

If you go into labor in your dreams, it shows that you are about to start a new project, but the project will require a lot of work. If you go into premature labor, then you may feel unprepared for this new project. When you are actually pregnant in real life, then this dream may show your positive expectations or your fear of what will come next in your pregnancy.

5. Taking a Pregnancy Test

When you take a pregnancy test in your dreams, it shows that you are about to confront a new project in your life. You feel like you are being put to the test to see if you are actually ready for this transformation or change. In some cases, this just shows anxiety, nervousness or fear about becoming pregnant.

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