Lunar Nodes and Planetary Nodes in Astrology

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When it comes to planetary and lunar nodes in astrology, you have to understand the unseen. They represent the points in space where orbits intersect, so they have no actual material value. Instead, each pair of nodes carries a symbolic meaning like the two sides of the same coin. Ancient astrologers actually used these concepts and linked them to past lives and reincarnation. They help us to understand how our natal charts evolve. On the mundane level, they carry an impact on larger events. They may speak to the debt that the collective must pay or something that society must earn or sacrifice.

If you are interested in learning more about the celestial bodies of astrology, then take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of how the cosmos influences our lives.

What Is a Planetary Node in Astrology?

A node is a meeting point in the orbit of a celestial body with the extended plane of another celestial bodies orbit. It can be obtained from any entity that moves in a closed loop. The Moon has lunar nodes, and each planet, asteroid, satellite and minor planet has nodes as well. These are often used to reference an intersection on the elliptic or Earth’s orbital plane. These crossing points on the elliptic are projections on our chart and the zodiacal circle. They are often represented by points like the South and North Nodes.

In astrology, each celestial body has a downside and an upside. The descent of the body takes energy away while the rise of the body brings back the energy and benefits. These points can be both maleficent and beneficent since they are a whole that only function in relation to the other. As such they represent duality and unity. If we try to label these nodes, we will be unable to see the stories of our past lives and current embodiment.

What Are Lunar Nodes in Astrology?

Lunar Nodes are typically thought of as the most important of all Nodal influences. This is because they are the most personal and play a huge role in our astrological charts. Without getting too far into the mystical, we can understand them as a space that is distant from our reality. They are not easy to reach, so they are best approached by the habits and people that they tend to represent.

The North Node is represented as the head of the dragon, while the South Lunar Node is represented by the tail of the dragon. Western astrology typically thinks that the North Node is the most beneficent and gives us more than we ever thought possible. Meanwhile, the South Node is considered a sign that we must give something up. In Vedic astrology though, the North Node is the mouth that creates the debt while the South Node indicates a need for extreme caution.

Whatever approach you use, know that these Nodes do not function separately. They are dualistic and show the karmic opposition we must learn to resolve. They are like the two parts of our Soul that must come together to make one. There is now way of truly understanding them without both halves.

Lunar nodes in astrology are just a part of our Moon and project images of the Moon’s past lives. It plays the role of showing the soul’s evolution and demonstrating the path that we are on. The Lunar Nodes show the path that we must take in order to evolve and reach our greatest ambitions. These Nodes support each other and our mission on earth. Harmony can best be obtained by finding a middle ground between them and reaching a conflict resolution.

Our Lunar Nodes are a representation of the sacrifices we make and what our family teaches us. It show our genetic inheritance and the things that are beyond our reach in our present life. We cannot truly grasp their significance, but their contact with our planets can show the people we have met before and some people who we will meet again before we traverse to the next life.

Planetary Nodes and Our Solar System

Every planet within our solar system contains a pair of Nodes on its orbital plane. These Nodes show where it intersects along the elliptic. Planetary Nodes have a slower space and show us locations in our chart where something deep was left behind that must be found again. Often, we will not notice the movement of Planetary Nodes in our own lifetime. They merely show the one mission or goal of a celestial entity. Lunar Nodes show how we can evolve and our soul’s mission on Earth.

While Lunar Nodes in astrology are fairly common to use, Planetary Nodes are often neglected in modern astrology. Many people do not understand their influence or importance in our charts. While they may only be felt when they touch a personal point, they can have a vast impact in the right position.

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