Ghost Orbs: The Different Colors and Meanings

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If you love the paranormal, then there is an excellent chance that you have heard about ghost orbs before. These orbs are believed to be from spirits or ghosts that have come down to the earth. They exist on earth as a kind of light and use their light to communicate with the earthly realm of humans.

Typically, ghost orbs will look like transparent light in a small, spherical light. These occurrences have been debated by the paranormal community because some are uncertain if they are actually from spirits and ghosts or not. Each person seems to have a different opinion about why they exist and what they could actually mean. While there is some debate about what each color could mean, we will cover what each color of ghost orb is generally thought to mean.

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The Meanings of Ghost Orbs and Their Colors

Normally, you will see ghost orbs on a video or photograph. While some people say that these orbs are created by ghosts, there are actually a number of reasons why these circles of lights could develop. In some cases, the ghost orbs are created by the coloring of the camera lens. Things on the camera lens like insects, dust, rain or other materials can cause the coloring to change as well.

When ghost orbs come from videos, it is believed that they are created by the way that infrared light reflects off of certain shapes or types of objects to create the orb-like shape. Because of these reasons, there are a number of people who do not believe that ghost orbs actually exist. There is one type of ghost orb that seems to occur without a practical reason. When you see the orb with your naked eye, there is no logical reason why it would exist. If this occurs in a place that is known to be haunted by spirits, then it may be due to some kind of paranormal activity.

For people who believe in ghost orbs, these colors are a sign that a spirit is trying to manifest. There may be no color at all or the type of color could show what the spirit is trying to demonstrate. People interpret these colors in different ways, so one of the best options is to determine the type of energy or vibe you get from the orb. None of these theories are based on scientific facts like many aspects of the spirit realm. To find out some of the general meanings of ghost orbs and ghost orb colors, read on.

1. Black Orbs

For many people, the color black is connected to negativity and darkness. When you see a black ghost orb, you should pay attention. The ghostly spirit may be trying to tell you that a specific location is not safe and that there could be a danger nearby. It could be a warning about high levels of negative energy. If you feel unsafe as you approach the black orb, then make sure to stay away from it. Black or brown orbs could represent evil and darkness, so make sure to take care whenever you approach them. Ideally, you should try to avoid the spot where you see the black or brown orb.

2. Lavender Orbs

Normally, a lavender orb is a sign of peace and tranquility. It represents peace with God and is generally not a sign of anything good or bad. It just shows that the spirit has come to visit, observe and relax within the world.

3. Blue Ghost Orbs

Blue is considered a tranquil, welcoming color in the human realm. This is also true in the spirit realm. When a blue ghost orb appears, it indicates that the spirit feels happy, peaceful and calm. They are bringing positive energy to the world and are not something that you should be worried a bit. Pilot light blue typically represents shielding or protection. Dark blue represents a survivor spirit or a shy spirit. Meanwhile, light blue orbs indicate peacefulness. Many paranormal investigators believe that blue orbs come to the human realm in an attempt to guide human beings.

4. Silver or White Orbs

Silver or white tend to have similar meanings when it comes to ghost orbs. These colors indicate a connection to a higher power. Silver orbs are often a sign of protection for the people in that area. If you see this color of ghost orb, relax because the spirits are trying to guide and protect you. White and silver ghost orbs show that the spirit may be stuck on this plane and cannot move on to the next life. These orbs are generally peaceful and not something to worry about.

5. Yellow Orbs

Yellow orbs are like yellow street lights. They represent a need to be cautious and may be a warning. Whenever you see a yellow orb, it is a sign that you should exercise caution wherever you are at. If you begin to feel uncomfortable or disturbed, then make sure to leave that place right away. This spirit orb is a sign that you should be cautious, so make sure to listen to it.

6. Red Orbs

In normal life, red is associated with rage and passion. This general meaning is not true for ghost orbs. Instead, red is generally an indication of safety and protection. Do not be afraid of them because they are just trying to keep you safe. In most cases, the ghost or spirit is just trying to tell you that you are in a safe, protected space and have no need to worry.

7. Clear Orbs

Clear orbs are one of the more common colors to see. This is because the clear orb represents communication. The spirit is trying to communicate a message to you in some way. Often, the ghost orb is trying to tell the human realm what occurred at that specific location or a specific event. For the spirit to pass on, they have to relay their message to a human and gain that closure. If you believe in ghost orbs, do your best to listen and communicate with the spirit whenever you see clear ghost orbs.

8. Green Orbs

A green orb just shows that there is a human spirit presence. While some of the other ghost orbs can come from a non-human spirit, green orbs are generally from someone who was actually a human being. They are visiting the human realm with happiness, peace and love. Green orbs can also represent a close link to nature and the environment. In almost every case, seeing green ghost orbs is a positive indication.

The Different Colors of Ghost Orbs and Their Meanings

The list of ghost orbs, colors and meanings is just intended to be a guide. You should use your own intuition and experiences to determine what the ghost orb is trying to say. If you feel like it is sending out positive energy, do not be afraid of it. It may just be trying to communicate an important message to you. Until science determines what ghost orbs are and what they mean, there is no way to know for certain what each color really means. Listen to your own intuition to determine if the ghost orbs are dangerous or peaceful. If you feel safe enough, spend some time in meditation to listen to the spirit and to understand what it is trying to tell you.

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