Violet Orbs Meaning

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Ghost orbs have a habit of appearing when you least expect them. You were taking a photograph at a wedding or a selfie with your dog. When you look at the photo later, a ghostly orb has appeared. While the most common colors of orbs are white, silver and gray, you may sometimes see other colors as well. The color of the orb is associated with the meaning and message that the spirits are trying to tell you. The violet orbs meaning is a special message from the spiritual realm.

The Violet Orbs Meaning

While some people think that a ghost orb is just a spot of dust or dirt on the camera’s lens, spiritual experts do not believe the same. The spiritual realm often uses practical, everyday items to communicate with humans. Angel numbers and ghost orbs are just two examples of signs from the other realm.

The color violet is a blend of red and blue. While often called just purple, violet is actually slightly closer to red than purple is on the color wheel. When you see this beautiful ghost orb, it brings with it a message of creativity, wisdom and independence.

1. Listen to Your instinct and Intuition

When your spirit guide or guardian angel sends you violet ghost orbs, it is a sign that you are on the right track. Even though it may feel like you are entirely alone in the world, you are never truly by yourself. Your spiritual guides, the souls of deceased loved ones and the angels are always there. The violet orbs meaning is that you should listen to your own intuition and follow your heart. You already have what it takes for you to be successful in this life, but you have to trust your instincts. Whenever you are in doubt, know that the spirits support you in your cause.

2. Guidance Is Available

You may feel like you are alone on this earthly plane, but that is far from the truth. Your spiritual guides and the angels are always there. Often, people will see violet ghost orbs when they are going through problems or are worried about which path to take in life.

The violet orb is meant to convey the message is that you are never alone. Sometimes, you just need a bit of support to have the courage to make big choices in your life. When you see a violet ghost orb, it is a sign from the spirits that they want to help you. Instead of rushing about and spinning your wheels endlessly, stop for a moment and listen to them. Spend some time in prayer or meditation and listen closely to the stirrings of your heart. The spirits may speak quietly, but they will make their voice heard. Seeing a violet orb is a sign that support, help and guidance are available if you are willing to ask for them.

The violet orbs meaning is a positive one. It is a reminder to listen to the divine in your own heart and follow your intuition in life. Even when things seem difficult, know that the spirits are their to guide and support you. There is always help available for those people who need it, so you are never truly alone in this world.

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