Lavender Orbs Meaning

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Overall, purple orbs represent things like magic, magnificence and mystery. The actual color purple is a blend of red and blue, so it carries the tranquility of blue with the fiery energy of red. Sometimes though, the color of ghost orb you see is more of a lavender than a genuine purple. The lavender orbs meaning carries a specific message from the spirits. Read on to discover what it means.

If you are interested in learning more about the meaning of the ghosts orbs of each color, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding them.

The Lavender Orbs Meaning

This beautiful orb brings with it a sense of peace and tranquility. Connected to the wisdom of purple, this color has a sense of power and nobility behind it. There are several different lavender orbs meaning and interpretations, but the overall sense is one of tranquility, creativity and peace.

1. Communication

According to many paranormal researchers and spiritualists, lavender ghost orbs are supposed to be a messenger from God. It is not necessarily a message of anything specific. Instead, it just shows the deeper peace that God, the angels or the spirits can bring with them.

2. Tranquility

The lavender orbs meaning is almost always about peace and tranquility. No matter what the spirit is trying to say otherwise, it wants you to know that it comes in peace. There might not be anything good or bad about its presence. Instead, the spirit is just there to observe the world, relax and exist in harmony. You never have to worry about the lavender orbs meaning because this orb is the color of peace, compassion and tranquility.

Seeing a lavender spirit orb is often a sign of the magic of the universe. There is always something that we cannot know about the beyond or even about our own lives. We just have to trust in that magic and the mystery of the beyond. Lavender carries with it the magnificence of lavender flowers such as orchids, lilacs and lavender. These beautiful flowers are reflected in the beauty and peace of the lavender ghost orbs. No matter what the spirit is trying to convey, the lavender orbs meaning is always about peace and harmony.

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