Clear Orbs Meaning

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Ghost orbs appear as odd, circular shapes on your photos. They can look like balls of light, and you can sometimes see them outside of photographs as well. Many people believe that these spirit orbs are communications from spirit guides and angels. While these orbs are typically white in color, you can also see different variations as well. Read on to find out the clear orbs meaning.

If you are interested in learning more about the meaning of the ghosts orbs of each color, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding them.

The Clear Orbs Meaning

Clear orbs are one of the most common colors of orbs to see. This is the basic way for the spirit world, angels and your spirit guides to communicate with you. To figure out the clear orbs meaning, you have to consider the circumstances, how you felt when you saw the orbs and what is currently going on in your life.

1. Communication

The most common meaning of clear ghost orbs is communication of some sort. Unlike black orbs, this color does not contain ominous or malevolent undertones. Instead, it is just a message from the spirit world. In some cases, the spirit is not trying to convey anything at all. It just wants to gently let you know that it is there and wants to communicate with you.

2. A Significant Event

Sometimes, the communication is more specific. The spirit may be trying to tell you that something significant happened at that location. While the spirit does not have any bad intentions, it is stuck in this world instead of getting to move on to the next. The spirit may be trying to tell you that it needs help so that it can finally move on to the next realm.

3. Seeking Closure

In some cases, the spirit does not need help moving on at all. The clear orbs meaning is just that the spirit wants closure about the event. It may just need someone else to know and understand what happened there.

Whatever the clear orb means, do not worry. The spirit does not mean anything negative or evil by its message. In most cases, the clear ghost orb only means that the spirit wants to communicate with you or let you know that it is there. To figure out what it means, spend some time meditating in a quiet place. If you feel comfortable remaining at the location, meditate where you saw the orb so that you can receive direct messages from the spirit.

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