Will Cacao Get You High?

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Cassandra Nostredame

In recent years, cacao ceremonies have become a growing trend. While purists use cacao for self-renewal and to encourage self-expression, there are also plenty of examples of cacao being used at European raves as well. Whether you are drawn to cacao because of its potential as a guide or want to experiment with a new trend, you may have questions like, “What is cacao?”, “Will cacao get you high?” or “What does a cacao high feel like?”

What Is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao ceremony focuses on a ritual that helps to center the mind, body and spirit. By using cacao, you can open up yourself for healing, creativity and growth. In addition to experiencing personal growth, cacao is a powerful way to connect with the environment and the people around you. It serves as a compass that guides us to inspiration and connection.

The whole cacao ceremony is based around cacao, which is the same base ingredient used to make chocolate. When you look at cacao in a laboratory setting, you will discover 300 to 1,200 individual constituents. This amazing plant is the most pharmacologically complex substance humans have ever encountered. For the cacao to do its job, it needs to have no or very, very little sweetener in it. Other than its psychoactive properties, ceremonial cacao can improve circulation, cleanse the liver and promote a happier state of mind.

Is Cacao Psychoactive?

Cacao is a psychoactive substance. The chemical theobromine is similar to caffeine. Other than raising the heart rate, theobromine also has psychoactive effects like getting you high.

In Europe, chocolate recently became a trendy drug to use at parties and clubs. While part of the reason for this was because of its status as a superfood, but it is also because cacao can cause a huge release of endorphins in the human mind. Your standard cocoa won’t have this effect because the magnesium in it serves as a high-countering muscle relaxant. Cacao is pure, so the theobromine is able to take effect like it is supposed to.

When you drink cacao, your pituitary gland releases endorphins. In addition to lowering your level of stress and pain, this causes a sense of euphoria to flood your body. According to European ravers, the parties go on for six hours after they take cacao. Since it doesn’t distort your sense of reality and amplifies your senses, cacao became a key part of the conscious dance movement.

Will Cacao Get You High?

The short answer: yes. If you are looking for a legal high and something to uplift your mood, cacao will do the trick.

I originally discovered cacao after watching a cacao ceremony on an episode of Grace & Frankie. A quick search of the web brought me to a ceremonial cacao company and an unforgettable experience with my husband. While I had more of a high than he did, we both experienced a sense of euphoria and a vivid lucidity where the world seemed more in focus.

What Does a Cacao High Feel Like?

Other than wondering, “Will cacao get me high?”, you may also want to find out what a cacao high actually feels like. For the most part, it feels extremely blissful and relaxing. Like most drugs, the experience is extremely subjective. If you like using drugs like cannabis regularly, you may not notice the subtleties of cacao as much (at least, that’s how it seemed for my husband and myself).

A cacao high is not like cannabis or other drugs. Instead, it is more likely a pleasant relaxation and alertness. Because of the theobromine in cacao, the drink stimulates the cardiovascular system to create an uplifting, warm feeling. It is similar in many ways to having a beautiful experience or an especially wonderful moment with people you care about. You won’t hallucinate or have an out-of-body experience, but it is incredibly blissful and the entire ceremony is an excellent way to connect with other people.

How Does Cacao Make You Feel?

How you feel depends on how much you take and your personal chemistry. It also depends significantly on where you buy your cacao from because pure, unsweetened cacao is what you really need for your cacao ceremony to work. Cacao may make you feel blissful, euphoric and connected to the people around you. People report feeling expansive, intuitive and grounded. Personally, I felt relaxed and completely peaceful as I enjoyed a vivid, sunny day in a meadow.

Soon after you drink an ounce of cacao, your blood flow will increase. Your consciousness will expand, and you may experience an elevated mood. Technically, cacao is known as a vasodilator. This basically means that it can relax your muscular system and blood vessels relax so that blood can flow more easily through your body.

A Word of Warning

Like anything you eat, consume or otherwise ingest, you should always talk to your doctor if you have any underlying conditions. Also, be cautious. If you don’t know how your body will respond to cacao, start off with a small, daily dose instead of a ceremonial dose. People underestimate the effects of cacao because they think that it is exactly like the chocolate they buy at the store, but most of the chocolate you buy has been significantly diluted. You can always increase your dose during future cacao ceremonies, so start off small.

Also, don’t snort cacao. It causes damage to your nasal tissue and is an all-around bad idea. Ceremonial cacao helps you connect to your spiritual, mental and emotional self, and it is a truly beautiful experience. If you snort cacao, you miss out on this experience and you also risk your physical health and well-being. Don’t do it. If you follow the directions that come with your package of caca and be safe, you will have a good experience.