Blue Orbs Meaning

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Ghost orbs are an unusual phenomenon that can appear in your photos from time to time. Often, people do not notice the orb until they are looking at the photo later. Once you do see it, you may want to know more about the blue orbs meaning. Read on to find out more about this unusual sign from the spirits.

Blue Orbs Meaning

The blue orbs meaning is said to vary based on the color of blue. While skeptics believe that orbs are just flecks of dust or a problem with the lens, paranormal experts think that they are a sign from the spirit world.

1. Psychic Energy

The blue orbs meaning is often thought to be a sign of psychic energy. Since it is a calming color, many people think that it is a sign of spiritual guidance. The angels, your spirit guide or a spirit at the location may be trying to give you a calming energy through their presence. They may just want you to notice that they are present and to relax with them.

2. Truth

Another common meaning behind this ghost orb is truth. The spirit may be trying to guide you on your own inner path and help you to find the truth of your existence. They may also be trying to alert you to the truth of their own life and to inspire you through their path.

3. Dark Blue and Shyness

The type of blue is also supposed to be a sign of what the spirits are trying to convey. Dark blue is said to be a sign of shyness. The spirit wants to let you know that it is present, but it is too shy to speak up directly or to make a more obvious contact with you. If this is the case, be patient and wait for the spirit to tell you what it wants to convey.

4. Medium Blue: Protection

The way ahead is not always easy, but you are not alone in the world. If you see a medium color of blue, it is said to be a sign of protection. No matter what happens, the spirits are there to guide and protect you. You just have to open your heart and listen to the guidance of the other world as you move ahead in life.

5. Light Blue: Tranquility

Thankfully, blue ghost orbs are almost always a positive sign. In general, any color of blue orb is supposed to show a calming, peaceful influence. Light blue is especially peaceful. This color of spirit orb is said to reflect a sense of tranquility. The spirit has come to terms with how it lived life, and it wants you to know that it has no bad intentions. It brings a message of peace, harmony and tranquility with it.

What to Do After Seeing a Blue Orb

After understanding the blue orbs meaning, the next step is to let the spirit guide you. This is a peaceful, calming spirit. It just wants you to listen and recognize its existence. If you feel comfortable, stay at the location where you saw the blue orb and meditate. Attune yourself to the spirit world around you and listen to the spirit’s message. The spirit may want to guide you along a sacred path, offer protection or just be present with you.

If you are interested in learning more about the meaning of the ghosts orbs of each color, then be certain to take this time to gain a better understanding them.

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