Venus in Astrology

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Venus in astrology is frequently associated with feminine energy. It is often symbol of concepts such as beauty, balance, touch, romance, money, inspiration, marriage, looks and gratitude. This planet is associated with the colors green and pink as well as the day Friday. Venus is the ruler of Libra and Taurus and is dominant over all things feminine. It shows our ability to find beauty in all things and achieve love in our life.

Venus shows the balance in our relationships with other people and the key to finding beauty. When it is connected to maleficent forces, it demonstrates that beauty can be found in challenges that most people would think are only negative. This pleasure planet demonstrates emotional and physical pleasure. As such, it bears little connection to common sense and reason. When exalted with the sign of Pisces, it is especially prone to the ethereal versus the rational.

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Venus in Astrology

Venus is a planet of warmth and love. It makes you feel like you are lost in a haze of emotions, love and people. At times, it could mean a dependency on people, food or hallucinogenic substances. When we are out of balance, Venus in astrology leads to rapid mood swings and sudden changes of the heart. While this is often attributed to the Moon’s role, it is also the fault of Venus. At the same time, Venus’ primary job is to put our existence in balance. It provides us with a sense of what we need to pursue beauty, stay healthy and enjoy balanced hormones.

As the ruler of Libra and Taurus, Venus is in charge of two signs that have problems accepting one another. One sign is physical and practical, while the other is all about beauty, what we want to see and how we are reflected to other people. The biggest problem is achieving a balance between outer beauty and inner practicality in our natures. In Greek mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and romance. She was in charge of both physical love as well as the platonic, unconsummated love. In this sense, she is both the platonic damsel in distress as well as the sensual courtesan. Through Venus, we are told that obligation and our moral sense has nothing to do with our passion and love.

Venus as a Planet

Mercury might be the closet planet to the Sun, but Venus is actually the warmest planet in the solar system. This is because the thick atmosphere on Venus creates a type of greenhouse effect that traps in heat. In addition, Venus is the home of many volcanoes, which gives it a connection to Pluto.

Venus is quite close to Earth, which means that it looks like a bright star in the sky. It is actually the brightest planet in the sky and the only one of all nine planets that was named after a female. Because of this, it is thought to be the ruler of all things female. The only other celestial entity as closely linked to the feminine is the Moon. Venus is the ultimate lady of all the planets. It turns in an opposite direction than many of the planets and its surface is hidden beneath a thick fog of clouds.

Manifestations of Venus

When it comes to the manifestations of Venus, the greatest ones are on an emotional level. Venus may be the ruler of emotions and love, but it also manifests in our desire for jewelry, sweets and a high self-worth. While a Libra Venus is connected to chocolate, Taurus Venus is all about the pasta. Together, we receive pleasures of all types that please our senses, body and soul. Venus in astrology is intricately connected to our physical senses of smell, touch and taste. Through Venus, love and romance are brought into our lives. When Venus appears in a house or sign, it brings with it inspiration, feelings and devotion.

At its heart, Venus is our ability to love. It shows our capability t move easily and feel. It demonstrates our capacity to earn money and our ability to value the personalities of both ourselves and other people. When Venus is challenged, we become our own worst critics and criticize others as well. This makes us lacking in gratitude and unsatisfied. Rather than be ungrateful, we should be embracing all of the gifts that life brings us. When influenced by Venus, we embrace the physical, lazy pleasures of life like eating ice cream, relaxing, dancing and singing. Venus is also associated with tact and diplomacy.

Observing Venus is the first step if you want to find the love of your life or change your marriage. If Venus is badly damaged, finding love or believing that you deserve love can be a challenge. Like the other planets, problems stemming from Venus can always be worked on. Buy a gift for someone as a surprise without any expectations, pick out a new perfume or use art to give yourself a little hedonistic pleasure. You must work on being flexible with the people around you and physically. There is nothing that stops you from achieving artistic expression, beauty, love, passion or satisfaction. While you wait for these, dance, sing and enjoy your life.

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