Saturn in Astrology

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Most people can easily recognize Saturn in astrology. This planet is the prettiest in the solar system because of its many colorful rings. In astrology, this planet is represented by concepts like restrictions, history, illness, debt, ice, depression, past, darkness, bones, karma and weight. It is linked to the day Saturday as well as the colors brown and black.

This planet rules Capricorn and Aquarius. As such, it connects the old and the new. While it may not have a particularly positive role in its life, Saturn can bring us valuable lessons. To learn, we have to embrace the negative emotions of the past and find a way to deal with them. By learning to deal with these emotions, we can achieve clarity, insight and awareness. Often, this planet is considered the most maleficent in astrological charts. People marked by Saturn have a tendency to obsess over the past and stay stuck on ideas that they are unable to resolve. If you are unable to move forward, you remain mired in the past. If you can take responsibility and resolve your situations, then Saturn will no longer burden you.

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Saturn in Astrology

Saturn in astrology represents the visible boundary of our solar system. Beyond that, we can no longer see the planets with our naked eyes. When it is in a challenging position, Saturn indicates our inability to protect ourselves or a tendency to build a wall between us and the outside. Restrictions can limit us if we do not figure out how they can point us in the direction of our true path. Saturn necessitates a certain clarity or faith, which is only achievable in its highest form. Otherwise, the obstacles and challenges in your way can become a hardship.

Saturn brings with it a sense of responsibility. As such, it can lead to negative emotions like shame, guilt and incompetence. Whenever it comes in contact with a house or sign, it burdens the other planet. Unlike other planets, even the best of positions for Saturn mean that boundaries are placed on you and the outside world. While Saturn brings with it schedules and hard work, it is not a planet for skipping out on obligations. When Saturn in astrology appears, do the work right away and hope that everything will work out.

Saturn as a Planet

As a planet, Saturn is the last sign that you can see with the naked eye. It is one of the most beautiful planets because it has gorgeous rings that are made out of dust and ice. These rings are wide and thin. In total, it has at least 62 moons. These moons are named after the Greek Titans as well as giants in Inuit, Gaelic and Norse mythology.

Manifestations of Saturn

Saturn is all about order, schedules and times. It demands that you do things on time and in the right way. When Saturn in astrology appears, it shows the deadlines we must reach within our lifetime. While this can be negative or frustrating, it still bears useful qualities. Through Saturn, you learn lessons like hard work and the need to get enough rest to be your best. Meditation and similar relaxation techniques like yoga are especially useful if you are encountering some of Saturn’s challenges.

There is always a tendency to take on other people’s responsibilities or to overwork yourself. If this happens, Saturn will cause you to become so frazzled that you are forced to take a rest no matter what it could cost you. You must respect your limits, or you will end up recuperating in bed. Saturn in astrology is all about learning your unconscious limits, abilities and needs.

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