Positive Energy Diet

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One of the most beneficial ways to establish a stronger connection to the natural world is to develop a plant based diet that is free from processed foods and added sugars. This helps you ensure that you consume an ethical diet, with the bonus of establishing a positive world view in your mind. This positive world view will help you act in a way that is kind and compassionate. As you develop these skills of kindness and compassion, you will find that your connection to the spirit world will become more powerful and secure. In short, developing a positive energy diet will ensure that you become more spiritually attuned.

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Positive Energy Diet

The positive energy diet can be established at any time in your life. However, it is much easier to develop this form of spiritual attunement if you develop an ethical and moral world view. It is beneficial to begin to view the plants and animal around you through a compassionate lens. Try to develop a code of conduct that is based on these positive and beneficial behaviors and viewpoints.

The first code of conduct that should be developed is to abstain from killing animals. This means that hunting and fishing should be avoided, as food may be obtained in a wide variety of other ways. A plant based diet can fill all of the dietary needs required of a human being. This also means that killing mosquitoes, flies, and spiders should be avoided as well. If you are able to avoid the annoyance of any animals that bother you, then you will find that you will have less stress in your life. If you are unable to avoid these burdens, then endure them with thoughts of kindness.

The next code to be developed is to abstain from harming or trapping animals. Harming animals, such as abusing pets, swatting flies, or throwing slugs, should be avoided completely. It is possible to reason with animals, especially pets that you have a strong connection with. For those who choose not to learn how to commune with animals, gently removing them from your house or garden is much more ethical than recklessly harming them. Additionally, using traps or snares to capture animals should be avoided. Preventing their freedom of movement is harmful, so it is best to avoid trapping or caging animals.

The third code of conduct is to minimize harmful actions to plants. If a plant can be harvested without killing the plant, then ensure that you are gentle with the plant. It is better to consume plants that offer consensual fruits, like cucumbers, apples, or peas, than it is to consume roots and tubers. This is because the act of harvesting the fruit does not harm the plant itself. When possible, planting your own food will ensure that you are not financially supporting pesticides and other destructive practices.

Nourishing Your Worldview

The worldview that is developed from these codes of conduct will help to ensure that you develop a positive energy diet. As you progress along this moral and ethical path, you may find that you are no longer interested in consuming food that required the death or harm of an animal. Exploitative practices, such as eggs and milk produced at factory farms, will eventually be avoided as well. Practices that damage the environment, such as processed and packaged foods, will eventually be a thing of the past too.

From here, a healthy, plant based diet will become ingrained. The foods that you eat will be nutritious and ethical. This worldview and positive energy diet will ensure that you feel energetic, kind and compassionate. In this manner, you may choose to influence people to take ethical action as well. There is no reason to force this worldview on other people, as they will see your actions and feel your energy. It would be best to allow people to learn from watching your lifestyle and actions.

As you continue to develop this positive energy diet and lifestyle, you may find that your spiritual abilities increase. Attempt to spend time in areas of positive energy. This may be achieved by visiting a peaceful spot in nature. You may also go to areas where great people have spoken or lived. For some, the aura and memory of the area that they are visiting will infuse them with positive energy. For others, the journey and mental state that one develops along that journey will ensure that they feel more attuned to the benevolent powers of nature.

Nutrients and Values

The human body needs a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins. All of these may be gained by the consumption of plants. Most vegetables are heavy in carbohydrates and fiber, which are two things that our body needs. Fats may be gained as well, especially from nuts and oils. Protein may be gained from avocados, artichokes, and other vegetables and fruits. All but two vitamins may be gained by an entirely plant based diet.

Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D are essential to human health. The best way to gain these nutrients is to determine your ethical guidelines and act from that perspective. For vegetarians or people who are moving to a plant based diet, they may find that consuming ethically produced eggs will be beneficial. People may choose to eat multivitamins or consume fortified foods, but these vitamins are gained from animal based products. Vitamin D may be gained from the sun, though not in large enough quantities to avoid eggs, vitamins, or fortified foods.

Drink plenty of water, as water is one of the most important things that you can consume. Avoid soda and other beverages that are high in sugar or that are carbonated. Coffee and other drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided as well. Juices are highly concentrated with sugar, but they are healthier than processed foods. Ethically harvested milk products may be used, though it may be best to stick with water. Flavoring water with fruits, like berries or citrus, will ensure that your taste buds are satiated.

Spiritual Benefits

The benefits gained from consuming a positive energy diet are immense. It is certain that any protective or healing traits that you have will be enhanced by this diet. Some people choose to take a vow to themselves or in a public setting. Those who choose to take vows may find that their mental state is one of ethical certainty. It is important to treat everyone, even those who choose to consume a destructive diet, with kindness and compassion. The positive energy diet should not be tainted by abusive or harmful thoughts, words, and actions.

Additionally, some people have found that they have gained new insights or abilities. Many people have claimed that they are better at communicating with nature after developing a positive energy diet. Others find that animals spend time around them, such as birds and small mammals. For some, they may find that they can see into the positive spirit realms. Developing an ethical lifestyle may help you in many ways.

This path may be followed by anyone. There is no cultural, religious, or spiritual limitation on this practice. This does not require anyone to give up their faith or belief system. By taking these positive attributes into your lifestyle, you may find that your connection with the natural world and the universe will become more vibrant and fulfilling.

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