Free Course on Becoming an Herbalist? Yes, Please!

Last Updated on April 16, 2020 by Sloane Marie

We just wanted to take a moment to announce a new course offered by one of our affiliates. At Astrology Cosmos, we want to help each reader pursue their spiritual dreams and alternative medicine goals. If you wanted to become an herbalist, this free course is an excellent place to start.

Enroll in the FREE Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course and discover your herbal path

If you are interested in learning more information about how to become an herbalist, then be certain to provide yourself with all the available information that we have to offer on the subject.

What Does the Free Herbalism Course Cover?

Have you ever wondered what an herbalist does? Or how you can legally offer treatments and remedies to your friends, family members or clients? Herbalists are not doctors, so navigating the licensing process is not always straight forward. You might work in a clinic or grow herbal products for your clients. Whether you want to use herbs with your family members or blog about them, you need the right training to get started.

We love learning about herbs and taking courses, but it can dent your pocketbook before long. If you wanted to start learning about herbology without having to pay a lot, this free herbalism course is a great way to start. It helps you begin your journey to become an herbalist for free from wherever you are in the world. You can click on the ad for the Herbal Academy to get started or go to this link: Free Becoming an Herbalist Mini Course

The last day for registration is August 5th, so make sure to register in time for this free course.

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