What Is Kabbalah Numerology?

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On of the most popular branches of numerology is known as Kabbalah numerology. After Kabbalah (or Kabala) was popularized by stars like Britney Spears and Madonna, it developed a renewed interest in popular culture. While this branch of numerology may be getting more attention today, it is actually thousands of years old.

If you are interested in learning everything that you can about mystical numbers and numerology, then take this time to read through our collection on the subject.

The Story Behind Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah numerology originally started with Hebrew mysticism centuries ago. This branch of mysticism arose out of a desire to focus on the knowledge that arises from the mind instead of the body or the senses. Its primary goal is to bring about an elevated self-awareness by focusing on a higher level of knowledge.

This type of numerology is different than Pythagorean or Chaldean numerology. The only thing that Kabbalah numerology does is to analyze your name. Because of this, there are a number of numerologists who dislike it. They think that other types of numerology are more accurate than the Kabbalah system of numerology. Other people love the simplicity of this numerology branch because of how easy it is to master and use.

What Is Kabbalah Numerology?

The essence of Kabbalah numerology is your name. Each letter of the alphabet is given a specific number value. Originally, these numerical values were based on the Hebrew alphabet. Ultimately, Kabbalah offers 400 different life path numbers, although many numerologists focus on just the most popular or common numbers. To find your numerical value, take your name and compare the letters to their numerical value on this chart:

1: A, J, S
2: B, K, T
3: C, L, U
4: D, M, V
5: E, N,W
6: F, O, X
7: G, P, Y
8: H, Q, Z
9: I, R

Look at your entire first, middle and last name. Calculate the value for every letter in your name. Then, add all of these letters together. In most cases, this will create a double-digit in number. If you have a long name or a lot of high-value letters, it might even be a triple-digit number!

Now, you need to divide this number by 9. For example, assume that the number you got was 95. Now, you divide it by 9 and get 10 with a remainder of 5. Take the remainder and add 1 to it. This (in the example, the number is 6) is your Kabbalah number.

Let’s try another example. Say that you added up the letters in your name and ended up with the number 42. Divide 42 by 9 and you get 36 with a remainder of 6. Add 1 to the remainder to get 7.

If you happen to divide the number and 9 goes perfectly into it without a remainder, then you still have a number. Your remainder was 0, so 0+1 gives you a Kabbalah number of 1.

Find your name in Kabbalah numerology

What Does Your Kabbalah Number Mean?

Now that you have figured out what your Kabbalah number means, you can figure out what the meaning behind it is. The basic meaning behind these numbers is:
What Does a Kabbalah Number Mean?

1: Progression
2: Expansion
3: Love
4. Unfortunate
5: Creation
6: Fulfillment
7: Magic
8: Dashing
9: Success

There are more detailed methods that you can look up, but these are the basic meanings. If you want a deeper level of knowledge, try meditating on the number and the meaning. This method is different from other numerology techniques because it only analyzes your name and not your birthday or life path. The values of the numbers and how you calculate the values is different than other numerology types. There is also a wider range of life paths in Kabbalah with 400 different life path options from 22 different vibrational options.

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