What Happens When a Cancer Woman Is Done With You?

Last Updated on October 16, 2020 by Sloane Marie

As a relationship with a Cancer woman begins to near its end, it is certain that her behaviors will reveal her thoughts regarding ending your relationship. When a Cancer woman is considering breaking up with you, you will discover that she will withdraw into herself, as this will give her an opportunity to determine how she wants to navigate this crucial point in her life. The article that follows is available to help you learn about what happens when a Cancer woman is done with you.

If you are looking to learn about what happens when each zodiac sign is done with you, then consider providing yourself with the knowledge that will help you successfully navigate any difficulties that may develop within your relationships. Should you want to ensure that you have a healthy relationship with a Cancer woman, be certain to provide yourself with all of the necessary tools to be successful in your endeavor.

Signs a Cancer Woman Is Done With You

Cancer women are renowned for allowing their emotions to guide their actions. When you notice the following behaviors, it is certain that you will discover that she is thinking about what course of action she should take. She will want to discuss her feelings with you, though it is possible that she will choose to give you signs, rather than directly speak with you. As you notice her exhibiting the following traits, you will be benefited by taking an opportunity to learn about how to get a Cancer woman to forgive you.

1. Irrational

A Cancer woman may begin to speak and act in a manner that you may feel is unreasonable or illogical. This doesn’t mean that her behaviors aren’t valid, but rather she is expressing herself in a manner that she feels is appropriate. It is possible that her actions will be deliberate, as this may cause you to determine that the relationship is no longer viable. Her goal may be for you to make the decision to end the relationship yourself, rather than continuing the relationship until she needs to end the relationship through confrontation. 

2. Resentful

You may discover, that when a Cancer woman is done with you, that she will seem dissatisfied with anything that you do. She may behave in a spiteful or indignant manner. Her decision to break up with you, coupled with her desire to not take action, may cause her to feel upset about the situation that she has found herself in. If your behaviors have insulted or offended her, then it is possible that she will want you to feel the same negative feelings that she suffered. She may continue to maintain the relationship, as this will give her an opportunity to return the favor.

3. Fearful

It would not be uncommon for a Cancer woman to turn her energy inward. This may be a defensive mechanism, as she may choose to protect herself by avoiding interactions with you. She is worried about her future, as ending your relationship will be a major chock to her life. However, these concerns develop into a negative spiral. Due to these worries, it is likely that she will respond to you in a manner that may cause you to feel that she is afraid of you. Similarly, she may be hesitant to take action or anxious when it comes to making a decision.

4. Clingy

While it may be counterintuitive, it is possible that a Cancer woman will make the decision to spend additional time with you, even after she has made the decision to break up with you. It is possible that these behaviors are her final attempts to salvage the relationship. However, it is likely that her statements and actions at this time are as insincere as they are annoying. She may become jealous or possessive at this time, as she may be attempting to exert control over your relationship at this time. While she is behaving in this manner, she may choose to treat you cruelly or harshly. 

5. Moody

You may find that a Cancer woman may begin to exhibit her famed mood swings at this time. She is uncertain about what the future holds, though she knows that her relationship with you is no longer viable. It is possible that she will attempt to put on a good face, only to reveal her true feelings when she becomes stressed. She may go from pleased to displeased at a moment’s notice, though these changes are more likely to occur when the two of you are alone. Similarly, things that previously made her happy may cause her to become upset.

6. Explosive

Cancer women are known for withdrawing into themselves, only to burst forth with fury at a later time. If you find that her distant or quiet behavior is marked with verbal attacks, then it is likely that she has made her decision about her future without you. She may be sharp and cutting, as though she is purposefully drawing attention to your failures and insecurities. It is also possible that she will behave in this manner in public settings, as this will cause you embarrassment. Her intention may be to cause you such stress that you make the decision to end the relationship because Cancer women generally want to avoid the emotional turmoil that is present during the breakup conversation.

7. Insidious

It is possible that she will make the decision to undermine or sabotage your relationship. When a Cancer woman is done with you, she may want you to feel insecure or uncertain about the future. By lowering your self-esteem, it is likely that she will feel better about herself and her decision to end your partnership. She may attempt to bait you into treating her poorly, especially in arguments, as this will give her ammunition to use against you when she finally decides to inform you that she is moving on from you.

8. Touchy

When a Cancer woman becomes excessively sensitive or easily offended, it is likely that she feels that you are no longer satisfied with the relationship. She may convince herself that the reason why she wants to end your relationship is due to your actions, even if you have not changed the way that you interact with her. She may project her feelings onto your behaviors, which will allow her to blame you for the failure of the relationship. When she does this, it will give her an opportunity to feel that she was leaving an abusive or neglectful relationship.