Taurus Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

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A Taurus woman personality is all about emotional strength and independence. This type of woman is exceptionally loyal to the ones she loves, but she likes to do things on her own. While she will accept help when it is offered, she will not ask for it. She tends to gravitate toward friends who are similar to her personality because they are easier for her to understand and get along with.

Unlike some zodiac signs, a Taurus woman personality type finds it easier to understand her motives and feelings. She knows what she wants, but the question is whether she wants to take the initiative and go for it. Once she does start a particular project, she is the type of person who will see it through to the end.

If you are looking to better understand the personality traits and characteristics of each zodiac sign, then we invite you to look through our extensive collection on the subject. Additionally, you benefit from learning everything you can about this relationship, so please take this time to learn about how to have a healthy relationship with a Taurus woman.

Taurus Woman Personality: Positive Traits

It is unlikely that you will ever see a Taurus upset or angry. Even when she is upset, she is not the type of person who lets it show. A Taurus woman personality is all about self-control. She can keep her emotions under control and seem to radiate generosity and kindness. When her friends are in need, she is happy to help. She tends to dislike being helped though, so she is the last person to ask anyone to lend a hand. If she asks you for help, you can be sure that she really needs it.

This type of woman is emotionally strong, and she does not look for sympathy from others. She dislikes worrying other people and tends to be quite independent. When she has a hobby, it tends to be something that she will work on by herself. Her artistic sensibilities means that she may be drawn to activities like playing an instrument or painting. When it comes to projects, she prefers to assign herself a project to work on alone and tends to avoid group projects.

Taurus Woman Personality: Negative Traits

Like every astrological sign, there are some negative personality traits associated with a Taurus woman. She is not a sign that bears stress well. When she is under stress, she can lash out. She feels bad about it later, but can’t help it at the time. In most cases, she would rather deal with the problem on her own. Whenever possible, she would rather keep her emotions locked inside her.

By taking jobs that have less responsibility, the Taurus woman personality type can avoid some of the stress that strains her so much. She can be quite happy remaining in the background and following orders. This is not because she can’t lead—she just has no need to prove her skills and undergo the added stress.

Overview of a Taurus Woman Personality

While every woman may vary slightly, the following traits can generally be expected from a Taurus woman personality type.

1. Loyal and Genuine

Your average Taurus woman is extremely loyal. Her loyalty extends to those closest to her, and she expects to be repaid in loyalty. If you are a part of her inner circle, she will always be ready to help you whenever you need it. Because of her need for loyalty and other qualities, she can be a bit selective when it comes to romantic partners. It can take her time to commit to someone. Once she chooses to make the leap, she is an exceptionally loyal partner.

Her nature is to be honest and genuine at all times. She dislikes artifice and anything that seems fake. A Taurus woman is exactly the type of person that she pretends to be. She quickly tires from anyone who wears a mask in public or tries to influence her perception of the world. Known for being exceptionally honest, a Taurus woman always leaves an honest impression of her personality.

2. Intelligence

While she might not be a true nerd a Taurus woman is fairly smart. Most of her intelligence is focused on practical matters. With her natural practicality, she likes to learn about things that will actually help her in real life.

3. Good Mother

A Taurus woman is generally an excellent mother. While she will not tolerate any disobedience or lying, she is quite caring. Because of her maternal instincts, her children tend to grow up to be friendly, well-mannered and polite.

4. Emotional Strength

Few people realize just how strong a Taurus woman is. She has an emotional strength that makes her capable of handling enormous pressure without ever complaining. She does not expect sympathy. When there is a problem, she will just put her head down and work harder. This does not mean that she can’t get angry sometimes though. If you really provoke her or push her to her limits, watch out.

5. Introverted

While a Taurus woman can take leadership roles and knows how to go after the things she wants in life, she is actually a natural introvert. After being around a thriving party of people, she needs to go to her room, relax and spend time alone. Being along helps her to recharge so that she can return to the busy world around her. Because of her need for solitude, she tends to create her own schedule and likes to do things on her own.

6. Financial Abilities

One Taurus woman personality trait is to be good with money. The average Taurus woman knows how to handle her savings so that they grow. Because of this, a Taurus woman will often be successful in careers that relate to money such as accounting, stock trading or financial analysis.

7. Independence

Most people know that an Aries is known to forge on ahead on their own, but they don’t realize that a Taurus woman is just as independent. A Taurus woman knows how to get things done. When a new project appears, she is not afraid to take the lead and get work done. Because of her independent streak, she would much rather work on her own than in a group. When needed, a Taurus woman personality type can be quite assertive in her romantic relationships and at work.

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