Taurus Woman in Love

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A Taurus woman in love is known for being exceptionally dependable. If your car breaks down and you need a ride at 2 AM, a Taurus is the only person who will pick up the phone and show up. A Taurus is someone that you can always count on, and they are exceptionally determined. While they are not known for initiating projects, a Taurus is talented at persevering through difficult tasks and being stubborn. They are not quitters and are known for being hard workers. This fixed, stable sign is resistant to change and loves the pleasures of life. Be sure that you take this time to learn about what happens when a Taurus woman is in love.

If you are interested in learning about how each zodiac sign behaves when in love, then consider taking this opportunity to broaden your perspective on the subject. Additionally, you will benefit from understanding everything that you can about this relationship, so please take this time to learn about how to have a healthy relationship with a Taurus woman.

Overview of a Taurus Woman in Love

A Taurus woman is gentle and sweet most of the time. If you provoke her though, watch out. In general, a Taurus woman represents the earth’s mother. This earthly sign is nurturing, practical and patient. She can be as peaceful or as fearsome as the bull. As long as you do not anger her, you can enjoy the peaceful, placid nature of your bull.

A Taurus woman is known for being stubborn, but she can have an explosive temper when angered. She is not always the perfect partner since she is unwilling to settle for anything less than the best. If she decides that you are not right for her, she will cut her losses and move on. At heart, she is peaceful and composed. She draws the attention of many men because of her real appeal, feminine nature and strength of character. While she may be tender and feminine, hidden strength and firmness run through her character. To strengthen your understanding of how this relationship may play out, be certain to learn about the personality traits and characteristics of a Taurus woman.

One of the nice things about dating a Taurus woman is her steadfast natures and strong principles. She knows who she is, and she is not going to change her views for anything. Her practical nature and work ethic mean that she is likely to be successful in life. When it comes to getting her attention, be prepared for a bit of a wait. She is generally happy taking her time to decide if a relationship is right for her. She likes to be wooed by her suitors and will take her time to decide if you are the right one. Once she has found the right partner, watch out! She will unlock her passionate, sensual nature and you will be the focus of her seduction and ravenous energy. Once committed, she is a devoted, loyal partner.

A Taurus Woman in a Relationship

It takes time to get a Taurus woman to fall in love with you. Once you have a Taurus woman in love, enjoy it. She is willing to take the relationship slow and easy. Her strong work ethic means that she will persevere through any relationship issues if she has decided that you are worth the work. This devoted partner will do everything she can to nurture the relationship and pamper you. Be careful though. If you rub her the wrong way, watch out for her fiery temper. She likes people to be gentle and thoughtful, so she will become angry if you are inconsiderate or if you take her for granted. Luckily, she is slow to anger, so you have a bit of time to figure out your mistake before her fury is unleashed. She may be slow to anger, but her furious eruption is volcanic if you let things get too far.

A relationship with a Taurus woman is a wonderful thing. As an earth sign, she loves sensual things like physical intimacy, delicious food and the finer things in life. She enjoys each bite of love with a sensual thrill and ecstasy. Softness, tenderness and sensual moments turn her on. You may find that you will be greatly benefited by learning about how to tell if a Taurus woman likes you.

Again, remember that the Taurus woman in love is represented by the bull. There is a strong stubborn streak in the Taurus. She might be calm most of the time, but she has beliefs that she will stick to with every fiber of her being. If you push her into an argument, don’t be surprised if she obstinately sticks to her guns. She will be stubborn and impossible to cajole. Basically, your arguments are wasted on her because she already has made up her mind.

When dating a Taurus woman, take things slowly. A Taurus woman takes time to make up her mind. You may have dated for months, but she will break up with you all of a sudden. This is because she has finally reached her decision and realized that the relationship is not right for her. While this may make her seem self-centered, this is not the case. She just needs time to make up her mind. Once she has decided that you are right for her, she will stick with you through everything and is an extremely loving partner.

A Taurus woman in love does not need an exciting relationship or thrilling adventures. These might be nice at times, but she is really just looking for a comforting relationship with a nice, stable man. At heart, she is a romantic who cares deeply for her loved ones. A Taurus woman tends to attract plenty of male attention, so you have to be unique in some way to catch her eye. The first date is just your “in.” After that, you still have to win her affection. Be thoughtful, romantic and a good conversationalist. Being a good listener will also help your relationship to succeed.

The Type of Man Who Works Well With a Taurus

A Taurus woman needs someone to catalyze action. She is the steady, stable person who finishes projects, but she may need someone else to actually catalyze the start of each goal. A Taurus woman in love also needs a man who is patient and willing to take their time in the relationship. She is looking for a classy man who takes care of himself.

A Taurus woman does not like change. Once she is committed to the relationship, she is there forever. She needs a man who makes her feel secure in the relationship and who is just as committed as she is. As long as you take care of her needs, she will take care of yours. She tends to like good food, great music, fine wine, and music, so all of these things are great gift or date ideas.

In general, a Taurus woman in love is extremely easygoing. As long as you are relaxed and make her feel secure, she will generally be happy. She has a romantic nature, so be creative and bring out your sensual side. A Taurus hates anyone who is phony or fake, so make sure that you are as genuine as possible. As your relationship develops, consider learning about how to tell a Taurus woman how you feel.

A Taurus Woman in the Bedroom

It can take time for a Taurus woman in love to actually bring you to her bedroom. Like everything else, she is patient and willing to take her time. Once you are in the bedroom, enjoy a fantastical night together. She loves sensual things, so lovemaking is a multiple course meal with desserts, entrees and many side dishes to round out the experience.

Since a Taurus woman loves beautiful scents and smells, try buying her a pretty perfume. In the bedroom, burn a delicious candle or incense. If you want to really please her, invest in scented massage oil and give her a long, passionate massage. While Taurus men and women are generally not as interested in experimentation, they like to do everything well and have a steep learning curve. To drive her wild, focus on the neck and throat. If you can keep up with your Taurus woman’s stamina, you are in for an enjoyable, sensual experience.

The Downsides to the Taurus Woman

As we mentioned before, a Taurus woman can be slow to make up her mind. While she is normally calm and tranquil, she can be a furious bull when driven to anger. Since she is slow to anger though, you will have plenty of warning signs before she explodes if you are smart enough to notice them.

The only other real downside to dating a Taurus woman is her stubbornness. If she has made up her mind, she is not going to change it for anyone or anything. The good news is that this same stubbornness extends to her relationships. If you are the one for her, then she will stick by you and be faithful no matter what.

Gifts for a Taurus Woman

Once you have wooed your Taurus woman in love, it is time to start showing how much you care. A Taurus woman loves the pleasures of the world. Luxury items, valuables, art, perfumes, chocolates, and fine food are all excellent gifts for her. Basically, look for something that pleases one of the five senses and get it for her. A Taurus woman in love is often taken for granted, and your thoughtful gifts will show that you care and value her.

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