Paragraphs and Texts to Get Your Crush to Like You

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You want to show your crush that you are interested in nurturing your shared connection. Over social media or messaging applications, you may feel that you are at a loss for words, but you want them to know that you care deeply for them. It is also possible that you want to write them a handwritten letter, which will cause them to realize that you are serious about your feelings. Each individual is wholly unique, so you should alter these paragraphs so that they specifically address the qualities of your crush. You will find that these paragraphs and texts will help to get your crush to like you.

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How Can I Make a Boy or Girl Have a Crush on Me?

To make someone begin to have a crush on you, the first thing that you need to do is make them smile. When someone feels happy and comfortable with you, their positive feelings will infuse their thoughts about you. Making someone smile or laugh will cause them to associate those feelings with your conversations and your presence. You may even find that a flirtatious gesture or statement will make sure that they realize that you are interested in something more than friendship. Of course, it is important that you maintain respectful relationships with all of your friends, not just people who you want to date.

Send them something sweet and kind, as this may cause them to want to send you the same type of message. Of course, you can change any of these messages to be targeted to a boy or guy that you are interested in maintaining a relationship with. What matters is that whatever you send your crush is genuine and heartfelt, as that emotional energy is often felt through messages on social media and other messaging applications. You may find that a cute emoji will make sure that they are aware of your feelings. Some examples follow, but keep in mind that we offer more text messages to make a girl smile. You can always change the message to be more suitable for the guy or boy in your life as well.

  • Something Friendly: I always enjoy seeing you at school. You really make me enjoy our classes together because you are so funny and smart. I wish our seats were assigned together.
  • Something Flirty: You were so cute today! I loved your outfit and how your hair looked. Do you think that you would like to hang out with me during lunch? 😉
  • Something Cute: It makes me nervous to even say this, but you make my heart beat faster when I see you. I like being around you because you make me so happy!

What Are Some Paragraphs For The Girl I Have a Crush On?

If you have a crush on a girl or woman in your life, then you may want specific insights into how to speak with her about your feelings. You may want something sweet or flirtatious, but you may feel uncertain about how she will respond to what you have to say. Of course, the only one who can guess what it is that she wants to hear is you, so keep that in mind when you decide which paragraphs will be most appropriate for your relationship. If you are looking for specific examples and when they may be appropriate, then take a look at our sweet paragraphs for her.

There are many options to choose from, and you may feel that it would be best to look through a large collection of paragraphs, as this will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Keep in mind that you will want to personalize any message that you send to your crush, as she wants to know that she is special to you. You may find that by being nice, kind, and cute, you will draw positive people into your life. If you are interested in maintaining a healthy and lifelong relationship, then take a look at these forty cute paragraphs for her. What follows are some example paragraphs for her as well.

  • Something Nice: Sometimes, I just think about how amazing you are. Not only are you smart, cute, and funny, you are the person that I want to spend more time with. I was wondering if you would be interested in hanging out sometime. Maybe, if you want to, we could go on a hike together somewhere. I know this hike along the river that always makes me happy, and I could show you my favorite blackberry spot! How does that sound?
  • Something Frisky: I thought that I should tell you that your outfit looked amazing on you today. You made me want to say something flirty, but I almost couldn’t even approach you. But, I just have to let you know that I thought you were gorgeous. I would love to see you wearing outfits like that more often. Maybe I could help you pick out what you will wear tomorrow?

What Are Some Paragraphs For The Guy I Have a Crush on?

Should you be interested in nourishing your relationship with a guy that you have a crush on, you may want something more directed at his interests. You will want to be direct with him about your feelings, as boys often are unaware of even the most obvious flirtatious statements. Of course, you will benefit from giving him a reason to chase you, as many guys like to feel like they are the ones pursuing their partner. You will find that these forty paragraphs for him may cause him to have a crush on you. A pair of example paragraphs may give you some quick ideas for what you can send to him.

  • Something Cute: You were around your friends today, so I didn’t want to just walk up to you and talk. But, I figured that I could message you hear without them listening in. I was thinking, maybe we could meet up in the cafeteria, just the two of us. That would give us time to talk to each other in person. Of course, if you just want to spend time with the boys, I guess I understand. Though, they would probably tease you if you didn’t hang out with me instead, at least for one lunch.
  • Something Flirty: So, I was just putting on my lipstick today, and I thought about how much I would like to kiss you. I hope that isn’t too forward, but I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. I’m thinking about wearing something cute tomorrow, maybe cute enough that you will come and talk to me in person. What do you think? Should I wear something bubbly and pink or should I wear something metal and black? What would you like to see me in?