What Happens When a Cancer Man is Hurt?

Throughout each relationship, it is possible that you may behave in a manner which causes harm to the Cancer man in your life. When this occurs, you can be certain that he directly communicate his feelings with you, after he has decided that it is appropriate to do so. You will find that he is interested in hearing what you have to say, as this will help him understand the reasons and logic behind your actions. When he learns your motives, you will find that he will speak with you about his feelings regarding your decisions and the future.

What Happens When a Cancer Man is Hurt?

One of the most common characteristic of Cancer men is how much his emotions influence his life. When they are in emotional turmoil, you can expect that it will have a great impact on their thoughts and behaviors. While some focus this energy into productive endeavors, others will find that they will lose focus or ambition. It is certain that you will understand that he is feeling negative before he will express himself to you. You may find that, if left to his own devices, he may realize that emotional detachment may be the best option.

If communication was at the core of the problem in your relationship, whether an argument, an insult, or neglect, then you will find that he will remember everything that was said or that was left unsaid. When the two of you speak about this subject, it is important to you show him that you are listening to what he has to say. If he wants you to be more responsive, then be certain that you inform him of your thoughts and feelings. If you insulted him, then you will want to speak in a compassionate and understanding manner. When a Cancer man is sad or upset, you must show him that you are considerate of his feelings.

While maintaining a relationship with a Cancer man, you may make the unacceptable decision to cheat on him. If this happens, then it is likely that he will be emotionally injured, and he will want to address his feelings with you. It is certainly possible that he will inform you that he is going to maintain a physical relationship with someone else, and you can either accept that or not. This external relationship is not hidden, as he wants you to feel the same emotional pains that he did. If this occurs, unfortunately, you may find that he will nourish an emotional relationship with this other person, which may lead to the end of your relationship with him.

As he continues to reveal himself, you may find that new expressions will be revealed over time. Throughout this discussion, he will continue to show deeper and more complicated emotions. If he decides to expose himself, then he may cry or breakdown. It is important that you show him that you are compassionate and empathetic. He is sensitive, and he wants to know that he can trust you to care for him and change your offending behaviors. At his heart, he wants to forgive your errors and progress through a healthy and respectful relationship.

What Does a Cancer Man Hate in a Relationship?

His natural tenderness makes him particularly susceptible to emotional harm. Above all else, emotional carelessness, abuse, and neglect will damage this relationship. He doesn’t want to remove himself from a relationship that was previously supportive and successful, but he also doesn’t want to continue to maintain a harmful relationship. There are certain behaviors that will cause most Cancer men to second guess the relationship. When a Cancer man is hurt, there are certain behaviors that you should avoid. What follows is a list of ten behaviors to avoid, to ensure that you do not harm the Cancer man in your life.

Callousness: It is particularly important for a Cancer man to feel that his partner is mindful of their behaviors. Should you make the decision to be cruel or vicious, you will find that you will cause him to remove himself from you. When he feels that his partner doesn’t care for his feelings, then he will likely make the decision to end the relationship in an attempt to protect himself from further harm. If he speaks with you about his feelings, then it is absolutely necessary that you alter your behaviors to be more compassionate and understanding of his needs.

Instability: A Cancer man is interested in maintaining a relationship without stress or confusion. If he can not trust that his partner’s behaviors will not risk the relationship, then he will likely become uncertain about the future. Additionally, a partner whose behaviors are unpredictable will cause him to feel unsafe or insecure. With this in mind, if you are aware that your behaviors are erratic, then take action to be more constant and predictable.

Neglect: Like all people, a Cancer man wants to know that he is valued and respected. If you make the decision to neglect this relationship, either purposefully or accidentally, then you will find that he will begin to detach himself from you. This is not because he wants to be away from you, rather this is his form of protection against further harm. You will likely find that he will develop new emotional relationships if you neglect him.

Conflict: He is not interested in maintaining a relationship with someone who he constantly is at odds with. If you choose to be rude or insulting to him, then he will either end the relationship or respond in a similar manner. This will undoubtedly cause him to view you negatively, which will cause his emotions to spiral downward. If this occurs, then he will become sharp or harsh in his interactions with you, which will eventually lead to the end of your relationship.

Negativity: A partner who chooses to respond to everything in their life with negativity will certainly find that the Cancer man in their life will become annoyed with their behaviors. He understands that depression occurs, and that sometimes people have bad days. However, he doesn’t want to be around someone who is constantly gloomy, as this will have a massive impact on his mood and outlook.

Invasive: Most people have a desire to have personal space, and Cancer men are known for their desire to occasionally withdraw from the world. This gives him to to sort out his thoughts and desires. He may simply want to sit quietly for an evening, and if you choose to impose on him at this time, then he may develop a desire to remove himself from you. Of course, it is possible that he will invite you to join him, silently, as he enjoys the unobtrusive company.

Criticism: He isn’t looking to be with someone that is overly critical of his actions. Either they can enjoy his company, faults included, or they could change their expectations. This doesn’t mean that you can’t direct him in a positive or beneficial direction, but ensure that you are reasonable and kind with your statements. If you must be critical, then it is important that you are constructive and supportive.

Agitation: A Cancer man wants to chill. He has no interest in constantly being on edge, and if you are constantly stressed or worried, then you will find that he may distance himself from you. He will be supportive and work with you to solve any problem. When a Cancer man is hurt, you need to remain calm and collected. However, if you complain for the sake of complaining, then it is certain that he will become annoyed with such behaviors.

Contrary: For a Cancer man, communication is important. He wants to share his true thoughts and feelings, and he is interested in learning about you as well. He does not want to argue just to argue, and he likely isn’t interested in arguing with you if you take the role of the devil’s advocate. Likewise, if you choose to undercut him in public, then he will likely respond with similar behaviors. If you are going to undermine him, then he will do whatever he can to ensure that people do not listen to you.

Shallowness: Among the signs, a Cancer man craves to maintain a deep emotional and intellectual relationship with his partner. If your emotional depth is like that of a puddle, then you may find that he will seek new relationships. He is always interested in learning more and digging deeper. If you become uninteresting to him in this regard, then you will find that he will leave you for someone more compatible.

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