How to Prevent Harmful Magic

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Harmful magic can be applied to those who are willing to let it hurt them. It is easy to learn how to prevent harmful magic, but you must be willing to learn. The purpose of this article will explain how to prevent harmful magic. All of these techniques will help you protect yourself and the ones you love from evildoers who are trying to curse you or cause harmful magic to lead you into dangerous situations.

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How to Prevent Harmful Magic

Doing good deeds, thinking good thoughts and helping others can help you make a difference in the world around you. These steps can also help you learn how to prevent harmful magic. By developing a mind full of positive and healing energy, you can harness these forces. Then, you can use these forces to prevent negative influences from harming you. Developing kindness and compassion toward all people and beings will also help you counteract negative influences.

Over the years, we have found that the following techniques have helped us learn how to prevent harmful magic and counteract negative influences.

  1. Stock up on sea salt.
  2. Enhance your spiritual shield.
  3. Use laughter.
  4. Harness the law of attraction.
  5. Get an amulet to help you.
  6. Use prayer.
  7. Try a mirror energy spell.
  8. Burn “uncrossing” incense. 
  9. Chant a binding spell.
  10. Get help from a spiritual healer. 

Stock Up on Sea Salt

For centuries, people have used sea salt to protect themselves from negative influences. You can harness this ability by making a circle of sea salt around yourself, and a chant or spell can increase sea salt’s protective ability. Since you can’t just sit in a circle all day, you can also create the same protective circle around your entire home and achieve the same benefits from harmful magic.

Enhance Your Spiritual Shield

Clear your mind, and spend some time in meditation. Your aura needs to be clear if you want to prevent dark magic from affecting you. By strengthening your spiritual shield, you can keep yourself safe.

Use Laughter

While we don’t recommend laughing at serious situations, laughter does have a potential power when it comes to dark magic. With laughter, you invoke strong, timeless energy that can effectively counteract evil forces.

Harness the Law of Attraction

At its most basic level, the law of attraction says that you receive the energy you send out into the world. If you create harmful magic or are an extremely negative influence, it isn’t surprising that you’d bring those same energies back into your life. Once you decide you want a happier life, you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

Get an Amulet to Help You

An amulet is like a charm that can protect you from hexes, negative energy and curses. To harness the amulet’s power, you just have to wear it around your neck or keep it in your pocket. An amulet can be something as simple as a seashell you loved during your childhood. Many people use religious images, precious stones or packets of herbs as their amulets.

Use Prayer

If you are being harmed by some evil, malevolent force, turn to prayer. People of many religions use prayer to get the power of the universe on their side.

Try a Mirror Energy Spell

A mirror energy spell helps you send the harmful magic back to the person it came from. You use a black candle flame in front of a mirror during the nighttime. The black absorbs the negative energy and harmful magic around you.

Once the candle finishes burning, you can purify the mirror using sage incense or saltwater. You should avoid looking into the mirror while the black candle is burning, or the harmful magic could be concentrated and directed back at you.

Burn “Uncrossing” Incense

You can burn a blend of incenses such as vetiver, mugwort or wormwood to break curses and hexes. You don’t even have to burn all of these “uncrossing” incense to break the negative energy. All you have to do is bundle them up with a piece of string before lighting them on magic. After the bundle is burned, the curse will be broken.

Chant a Binding Spell

If you want to learn how to prevent harmful magic, this is a good option. With a binding spell, you turn the spellcaster’s energy from negative to positive. Once this is done, they can’t harm you anymore because their harmful magic is now positive.

All you have to do is write the person’s name on a candle and light the candle flame. As the flame burns, repeat the following chant.

I call you forth from the darkness and into the light. Your past may no longer control my present. May my future never be as black as night. I greet you with my arms wide open as I bring you back into the light. So mote it be.

Get Help From a Spiritual Healer

If you nothing seems to work and you can’t learn how to prevent harmful magic, try turning to a spiritual healer. Great healers can help you break the negative energy of the spell and break free from the negative magic.

How Can You Create Positive Energy?

Helping people in need is an excellent way to improve the positive energy in your life. Thinking positive thoughts of goodwill and joy towards all people is the best way to purify your mind. This process of purification will help you still the mind, become more aware and reduce the effects of harmful magic.

Reduce the impact that your actions take on the natural world. The natural energy that courses through living plants and animals supports those who wish to do good. If possible, reduce the amount of technology you use for anything other than positive influences.

Sometimes, it is hard to figure out which influences or people cause negative thoughts. The best thing you can do is get rid of any negative influences. By cleansing these sources of negative influences from your life, you will quickly start to feel more healthy and vibrant.

How to Cleanse Negative Influences

Cleansing negative influences from your life will reduce the amount of negative energy that you experience. Try using your time to experience nature, focus on good things and to act in a positive manner. Then, you will be better able to prevent harmful magic.

Instead of watching or using violent media, turn your mind to healing influences in your life. Grow a tree that will provide nutrients to future generations of humans, plants and animals. Sew some clothes or blankets for your local homeless shelter.

Doing positive things will help to reduce the power of the negative influences that prevent the healing and protective magic you want. This magic may begin through the mundane actions of your everyday life such as helping a wounded animal or protecting someone in need. As you do positive actions, you will find the negative influences of your life will begin to disappear.

In time, this lack of harmful influences will relieve your mind of stress and negative emotions. You will find that you are more willing to support those who are experiencing stressful situations. Talk with a person who is in need of a shoulder to cry on. Be compassionate to the people around you. If you want to experience a better reality, you have to become the change you want to experience.

You Can Start Manifesting Healing and Protective Magic in Your Life

Like all things, you will find that you gain skills through practice. Attempt to heal things that are in your life. If you find a plant in need of support, then water it and give it food. You will be amazed by how much healing others helps you heal your own spiritual, mental and emotional injuries.

While doing so, develop a mindful technique that will guide your future spells. When healing those in psychological need, offer kind thoughts while you remain silent and listen to their needs. This will help keep you focused and help them remove negative influences from their life.

Over time, you will realize how many of the things you experience in life are fleeting. In reality, it is your reaction to events and not the event itself that leads to suffering. Ancient religions like Buddhism teach that the way to happiness is to change your reaction. You can’t control the events that happen to you, but you do have the power to control your own reactions.

Healing magic is strongest in person as proximity is often needed for this magic. Because of this, you should try to help through in-person sessions or group meetings. Experienced practitioners are able to heal others over great distances.

Before any action is taken, be certain that both you and the target of your magic are filled with peace and love. This will help the receptivity of every positive influence that they have in their life. With time and practice, you will be able to successfully learn how to prevent harmful magic.

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