What Does a Dream About an Elevator Mean?

Last Updated on March 31, 2020 by Sloane Marie

When you dream about an elevator, it can mean a number of different things. The exact dream interpretation can vary based on the situation, what happens in the dream and how the dream version of you feels.

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What Does a Dream About an Elevator Mean?

Elevators and escalators are designed to go up and down. Because of this, they often represent things that go up or down in your real life. This could be due to your emotional, financial or career situation going up or down. The up and down motion may represent changes in your life or how your emotional state changes.

1. Elevators Going Up

An elevator moving up in the dream shows you reaching a higher level of consciousness. It can mean that you are starting view the situation from a higher angel. It may mean that your goals or plans in life are quickly moving ahead. It may represent a promotion or a raise.

2. Elevators Going Down

When you dream about an elevator going down, it means the opposite of an elevator ascending. It may mean that your plans are about to get a setback or you feel like something is working against you. It can also mean that you are starting to accept the reality of the situation. It can represent the ability to become more grounded or to descend into your subconscious mind.

3. An Out-of-Control Elevator

If you dream about an elevator that is out of control, it can mean several different things. If it is plummeting down, it represents that you fear losing control. It can also represent an inability to reach the level you want to. If the elevator crashes through the roof, then it shows that you are being pushed into an new, elevated position and you feel like you are not prepared yet to deal with those additional responsibilities.

4. A Stuck Elevator

If the elevator in your dream gets stuck or stops completely, it shows that you feel like a part of your life is stuck. You may feel like your relationship, career, education, goals or project is at a complete standstill.

5. An Elevator Moving Sideways

Dreaming about an elevator moving sideways shows a feeling of being unproductive. It feels like you keep making efforts, but you are unable to break out of a plateau. If you are doing a diet or fitness plan, you may feel like all of your work is going nowhere. It could also mean your relationship or career is not moving forward like you want it to.

6. You Can’t Get on the Elevator

If you feel like you are unable to get on the elevator because it is broken or an obstacle is in the way, it shows that you are not able to reach the goal yet. You may need to work harder to reach the goal you have in mind. If you dream about an elevator where other people are waiting in line ahead of you, it shows that you have to consider taking extra time and being patient to reach your plans.

You can often learn about the meaning of your dream about an elevator by considering the location. If it is in an office building or where you work, your dream is probably related to how you feel at work. By analyzing the location and who appears in your dream, you can determine a more exact interpretation.

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