Cancer Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

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Cancer is represented by the crab and is a water sign. A Cancer woman’s personality type tends to focus on loyalty and sweetness. More negative traits include resentment and petulance. As a water sign, Cancer is quite changeable, so it can take time to truly understand this sign.

If you are looking to better understand the personality traits and characteristics of each zodiac sign, then we invite you to look through our extensive collection on the subject. Of course, you should be certain to consider the benefits of learning about all the ways that you can have a healthy relationship with a Cancer woman, as there are many aspects of this partnership to consider.

Overview of a Cancer Woman Personality Type

This astrological sign is known for its moodiness. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which waxes and wanes like the ocean’s tides. Like the phases of the moon, Cancer constantly changes. While this can sometimes be a good thing, it can also lead to a tendency to be moody. Cancers tend to feel things deeply and are known for being extremely tender-hearted.

A Cancer woman personality can be easily misunderstood. Worse still, Cancers are not always good at communicating their emotions. When they are hurt, it is hard for them to describe exactly how they feel. Until they are completely mature, there is also a tendency for their receptive nature to be emotionally immature. Once they do mature though, they become highly evolved beings who are still disconnected to their own nature. They tend to be extremely empathetic and sensitive to how other people feel, and it is common for a Cancer’s mood to change based on the moods of the people around them. Because of their sensitivity to other’s moods, many psychics and empaths are Cancers.

Cancer Woman Personality Traits

While there is always some variation between different individuals, there are a few Cancer woman personality traits and characteristics that are common among people of this zodiac sign.

1. Family-Oriented

With their sensitivity to emotions, it is unsurprising that a Cancer woman personality would put a lot of emphasis on the people around her. For a Cancer, family is everything. She will be dedicated and loyal to her mate, her children and her family. Her children will have everything that she can possibly afford to give them. While a Cancer is immensely capable of love, she has to learn how to give it first. Once she learns to love and show her love, she nurtures her family with a single-minded focus.

For a Cancer, children are an extension of herself. She will teach them how to behave in public, their manners and expectations. She will hold them to the same standard at home. Since a Cancer needs order and tranquility to feel calm, a Cancer’s home often turns into her peaceful retreat away from the world.

2. Excellent Workers

Cancers are known for being diligent workers who are highly capable of providing for their families. They tend to dislike anyone who tries to micro-manage them at work. Instead, they like to work on their own. They demand loyalty from their employees, but they are also immensely loyal to the same employees in return. At work, they often attain a managerial position and are highly protective of their job status. When someone needs a sympathetic listener, Cancers are there to help.

3. Creativity

A Cancer woman personality type is extremely creative. Often, Cancers become involved with things like art, writing or poetry. She tends to get a great deal of pleasure from being able to express herself in a creative way.

4. Resentment

On the negative side, Cancers can sometimes be resentful. If the Cancer woman feels that she has been slighted, she will let that resentment build up within herself. Any sign of trouble can send her overactive imagination into overdrive as she imagines problems and conspiracies. If these resentments are allowed to ferment, it can lead to a destructive tendency.

5. Home-Focused

At heart, a Cancer is a home body. She needs a home to call her own because it gives her a retreat from the world. A home makes her feel safe and grounded. Often, Cancers will spend significant amounts of time planning and designing their homes so that they feel safe, secure and comfortable at all times.

6. Unforgiving

Unfortunately, a Cancer woman often finds it difficult to forgive other people. You might not know what you did wrong, but she always remembers it. A grudge over a small misstep can be held for years by a Cancer woman unless something forces her to rethink her beliefs.

7. Kindness

A Cancer woman is the kind of person that you see out feeding the homeless or giving the last dollar in her purse to a person in need. Her empathy and emotional sensitivity means that she can easily understand how someone else thinks or feels. She knows that kindness and niceness are too different things, and she excels at both qualities.

8. Intuition

With her kind, emotional nature, it is unsurprising that a Cancer would be naturally intuitive. Like the tides, she takes her cues from the moon and her emotions. She is instinctive in the way she responds to different people and different situations.

9. Fear of Rejection

A Cancer woman personality type is often quite afraid of being rejected. Her emotions can be crushed by a rejection, so she wants to have space to express herself without being afraid of a rebuke. If rejected, the crab will crawl back into its shell and wait until a safer time to emerge again.

10. Dependable

While her moods might change constantly, a Cancer woman is the type of friend that you can always depend on. For the people she loves, she is fiercely loyal. Whether you need a ride to work or someone to help you watch the kids, she is the type of person that you can depend on in any situation.

11. Persistence

Cancers are known for their staying power. In an argument or dispute, she has the resilience to outlast any enemy. Once a Cancer woman decides to fight for something, she will most likely succeed in her fight. This quality means that a Cancer can do quite well in work or school once they decide to commit to their goals. As a sign of action, she is ready to spring into activity to right a wrong or work toward a new goal at a moment’s notice.

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