How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

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Even when you have played the dating game for a while, it is hard to figure out how to tell if a guy likes you. You can’t decide if he is flirting with you, or if he is just being friendly. You know that you like him, but you don’t want to make a move until you can actually tell if he likes you back or not.

Every guy is different. Some guys are extremely shy, so they only show a few small signs that they are interested. Other guys are so outgoing that is seems like they are flirting, even when they are just trying to be friendly. While there are obvious signs that a guy likes you like when he asks you out, he might not be so clear about his feelings. If your guy does multiple signs from this list, then there is a good chance that he is interested in you on some level. Just doing one of the signs might be mere chance. If he does many of the signs, then you can bet that he likes you or has feelings for you on some level.

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How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

1. He Hates Seeing You With Other Guys

This is a fairly obvious sign. If your crush saw you as just another friend, he would not care if you hang out with guys or girls. If he seems to get upset when you are around other guys, then he might have feelings for you. He might suddenly become quiet when you seem happy to see your guy friends, or he may even act jealously. While it is possible that he is just protective of you as one of his good friends, it is more likely that he has feelings for you and is jealous of any guy who gets to be close to you.

2. He Is Protective

This sign only really works best if he does more of the signs on this list. If he is just protective of you, then he might just be acting like a friend. If he shows some of the other signs on the list, then there might be something more to it. When you like someone, you want to see them happy. More importantly, you want to make sure that nothing ever hurts the one you love. He might stand in a way so that you are protected from other people. If someone raises their voice or seems threatening, he might step forward or change his position just in case something goes wrong. If he likes you, he will become upset if another guy hurts you or stalks you. As the girl who he likes, he will do everything to keep you safe and happy.

3. He Seems to Be Everywhere That You Are

In the worst case scenario, this can seem a lot like stalking. This tends to happen with immature guys who don’t realize how their actions might be perceived. Most of the time though, this tendency to be where you are just shows that you are always on his mind. He might like all of your Facebook posts because he follows your page and wants to see everything that you are thinking about. When you go to a party or attend a school event, he seems to be in every room that you are. If you want to find out how to tell if a guy likes you, look at where he is. If he is always around you without a reason for it, then it is definitely possible that he likes you.

4. He Forgets to Leave

You are hanging out in a group of friends, or it is just you two together. Either way, he seems to forget that time exists. Even when he has to go somewhere, he seems to make excuses to stay. Sometimes, he might even be late to work because he is so focused on spending time with you.

Time is important. People can always make more money, but we only have a limited amount of time in each day. When someone spends their time with you, they are giving you an extremely valuable resource. They could work extra hours, play video games or do something else. Instead of choosing to do these things, he chooses to spend time with you. This shows that you are a priority. It is especially true if your guy stops checking his phone or answering texts when he is around you. You are important to him, so he devotes his entire attention to you.

5. You Are a Priority

Your tire blows, and you call your crush to pick you up. He is the only friend who immediately responds to come and get you. The reason for this is that you are a priority for him. If he likes you, then you are the most important people in his life, and he will treat you like it.

6. He Strikes Up a Conversation

If you are trying to learn how to tell if a guy likes you, think about the way he talks to you. While he might be shy and afraid to speak to you, he will eventually overcome his shyness and start a conversation with you. He wants to be around you and talk to you because he likes you. If he starts reaching out to you online or offline, then you can bet that he would like some type of friendship or relationship to start. Keep talking to him and see what happens!

7. He Goes Above and Beyond

When a guy likes you, he wants to be more than just a friend. He will do little favors that make you smile. This might be as simple as sharing chocolates with you or canceling hangout with his closets friends. If you need to repair something at your home, he is the one person who shows up to help. Whatever happens, he will do more than a normal friend would do to make sure that you are happy.

8. He Teases Around With You

In some cases, this can seem a lot like kindergarten. He might poke you or pick on you because he likes you. When he matures a bit, his teasing will be a lot more mature. He might tease you about something you are wearing or something that you aid. In his mind, he would love to just tell you how beautiful or intelligent you are. Since he is afraid of you finding out how he feels and rejecting him, he teases you instead. He may tease you in front of a group or alone together.

Keep in mind that teasing can sometimes mean the opposite. If the only sign on this list that he does is teasing, then he might actually dislike you a lot or just be a jerk. If he does show some of the other signs on this list, then there is a decent chance that he could like you.

9. He Always Looks at You

You know how it goes. When someone is always on your mind, you can’t help looking at them all the time. Guys are the same way when they are interested. It is normal to look at anyone when they walk in the room though, so don’t read too much into it if this is all that you notice. If you see him taking a second glance, then it might mean something. He may gaze at you multiple times, or you might see him staring at you. You might also notice him looking you up and down as he checks you out. All of these are indications that he likes you. When you catch him looking at you, he may also look away bashfully as he realizes that you caught him.

10. He Wants to Impress You

When you like someone, you want them to think the best of you. This can mean a bit of showing off at times. If a guy likes you, he might try telling you all about the award he won at school or how great he is at sports. If he is doing something that he thinks will be impressive, he will look around to see if you are watching before he does it.

Often, he will think about the things that you like and admire. If he knows that you volunteer, he might play up his volunteer work or how much he cares about a certain cause. If he knows that you like daredevils or bad boys, he might try to show off the risks he takes and how much he breaks the rules. You might notice that he spends more time focused on the clothes he wears, his hair and his grades in school. Basically, he will try to improve everything about himself so that he is more impressive to you.

11. He Stops Talking About Other Women

When you are just friends, it is entirely natural to talk about who you are dating or who you like. If he suddenly avoids talking about other women, then he may be starting to have feelings for you. He may have talked about how cute someone was before, but he starts to avoid the topic. When he has feelings for you, he won’t want you to think that he likes anyone else. He is focused entirely on you and wants to show that he is serious about how he feels.

12. He Doesn’t Call You a Friend

You have probably dealt with this phase in a relationship. You aren’t just friends anymore, but you aren’t quite dating yet either. When you like someone, it can be hard to introduce them to other people. If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, look at how he introduces you. When he likes you, you won’t be introduced as just a friend. He thinks of you as more than just a friend, so he might say that you are his best friend or closest friend when he introduces you. He might also just introduce you by only your first name because he can’t think of a better way to describe you.

13. He Wants to Help You Out All the Time

True friends are hard to find. Even your best friends are not always there for you when you need them to. When your car breaks down or you need a shoulder to cry on, it can seem like your friends just disappear. When a guy likes you, this is not the case. He will do everything that he can to help you out. He might offer to loan you money, or he might stop by to see how you were doing after a difficult day. If he knows that you are having problems with a certain class at school, he may offer to help you out with it. While he might just be an amazingly good person and an excellent plan, it is definitely possible that your crush might like you.

14. He Asked You Out

If a guy asks you out, it is almost completely certain that he likes you. Unless he is unbearably cruel and playing a terrible joke, he is interested in you. A guy will only ask you out if he has feelings for you. If he really likes you or is a bit shy, it might be hard for him to just tell you how he feels and ask you out directly. Instead, he might suggest meeting for coffee or going on a hike. He might also ask you to hang out with him and a bunch of friends. Once he thinks that you might like him, he will probably become more outspoken and ask you out.

15. He Remembers All of the Important Moments

When you care about them you remember all of the little details about them. You may have only mentioned your birthday once, but he immediately remembers the date. He remembers that you hang out with your grandmother on Sunday nights and that you love going to the movies on Friday. If a date is important to you in any way, he will do his best to remember it.

16. He Changes How He Acts Around Other Women When You Aren’t There

At first, he may flirt with other women and go out on dates. As he starts to fall for you, his behavior around other women will naturally start to change. If he is really, deeply in love with you, he is not going to flirt a lot with other women. Even when you are not around to see, he will no longer flirt around with the other women in his life.

17. You Are a Part of His Friend Group

While you might not have been close friends before, you suddenly seem to be invited along with his friends all the time. This is not just because of how often he invites you along. Often, his closest friends will know about how he feels, so they will try to prod things along. His best friends may invite you along to hang out because they want to him a chance to ask you out. Most of all, your crush asks you to hang out with his friends because he wants to get to know you better without getting rejected. He might be afraid that you would turn him down for a date, but he feels better about asking you to hang out with his friends.

18. He Adds You on Social Media

Seeing you during the day and talking to you in groups is not enough for a guy who likes you. When he is interested in you, he wants to do everything possible to talk to you and find out more about you. As soon as he can find you on social media, he adds you and sends you a message. When you post anything, he is always the first person to like or comment on it.

It is possible that he just really likes to use social media and is friendly. You can learn how to tell if a guy likes you using this sign by looking at the rest of his behavior. If he never adds anyone else and never likes anyone else, then it is definitely possible that he likes you.

19. He Gives You a Nickname

Even though you aren’t dating, he already feels close to you. He dreams about you and thinks about you all the time. It is only natural that he might try to express this closeness through a nickname. He might call you a flirtatious nickname like “gorgeous” or “beautiful,” but his nickname might be less obvious than this. He might use an inside joke or something else to show you how close he feels to you.

20. He Asks About Your Past Relationships

Technically, talking about an ex is probably not the best idea. If you are bitter because of a bad relationship, it can make your new date think that you are like that to everyone or that you are the problem and not the ex. If you speak too fondly of an ex, it can make someone think that you are still in love with an ex. Talking about an ex is a dangerous minefield, but people still have the habit of doing it.

When a guy likes you, he wants to know everything about you. He wants to make sure that you are single and that you are no longer interested in an ex. He may also be trying to figure out what type of guy you like and if he matches the description of your dream guy.

21. He Is Better Dressed Than Normal

While it is always fun to look your best, you aren’t going to spend as much time on your looks if there is no one around you who might care about it. If your crush has feelings for you, then he will start to care more about how he looks. You might catch him looking into a mirror whenever he thinks that no one is looking. He might start styling his hair differently or begin wearing a new cologne. Overnight, it seems like he suddenly starts caring about the way that he is dressed. If you want to find out how to tell if a guy likes you, look at the way he is dressed. If he is putting in more effort than normal, then there is definitely someone that he is dressing up for.

22. He Verges on Creepy

The line between showing your passion and being creepy can be a bit difficult to avoid. Sometimes, his behavior may verge on creepy. He may like all of your posts in an instant or show up wherever you are. If he does this too much, it can seem creepy, but he might not realize it. He just knows that he likes you, and he doesn’t realize that sometimes he goes overboard in expressing his feelings.

23. He Sits Close to You

There are seats open on the other side of the classroom, but your crush chooses to sit next to you instead. You can basically bet that he is interested in you on some level. He wants to be around you, so he goes out of the way to be near you. When he does sit near you, look at how closely he sits. If he views you as someone that he is close to, his seat may be closer to yours than it would be otherwise. If he just wanted to avoid sitting along, he will be farther away.

24. He Agrees With You All the Time

While he might state his opinion from time to time, you probably won’t see him disagree strongly with you. He likes you, so he does not want to make you angry or upset. Instead, he will try to agree with you more often so that you fall for him and see him as a good person. He also wants you to be happy, so he definitely does not want you to be upset with him in any way.

25. He Smiles at You a Lot

When people want to be viewed as a friend, they do things that seem agreeable. A guy who likes you will probably look at you fairly often. When he does, he will most likely smile. This type of body language shows that someone is a friend instead of a foe. It is also a subtle way to show that he might like to talk to you and hopes that you will come over to him to say hello.

26. He Gently Touches You

Body language is an amazing way to tell what someone is thinking and feeling. Some body language books are useless though because they show cultural body language techniques instead of universal body language. One universal thing is touching and proximity. While how close you can stand next to someone can vary between cultures, you can always bet that people with a closer relationship are more likely to stand closer to each other. Think about your parents or siblings. You could stand far closer to your brother or sister than you would ever be comfortable doing to a complete stranger or your worst enemy.

The same is true for touching. When people feel close to someone, they are more open to being touched by them and to touching them in response. Often, this type of touch will be on the shoulder or elbow. He might brush a hair out of your face or pick lint off of your jacket. It might not be a guaranteed sign that he is romantically interested, but you can basically guarantee that he feels close to you.

27. He Compliments You All the Time

If you are really close friends already, this sign that he might like you might not mean as much. If you are only casual friends or just getting to know each other, then compliments can definitely show how he feels about you. When a guy likes you a lot, he might compliment your outfit or tell you that you have beautiful eyes. If he is shy, he might be more subtle about his compliments or give you a compliment indirectly. No matter what the case though, you can bet that his indirect or direct compliments are happening because he likes you on some level.

28. He Remembers Everything

This is another way you can learn how to tell if a guy likes you. There are so many things to remember each day. From remembering to do the laundry to finishing a homework assignment, he might have a lot of things on his mind. He doesn’t have the memory power to remember every single detail about his friend’s life. If he likes you though, that changes completely. He will remember your favorite foods or your plans for the weekend. From your favorite hobbies to the outfit you wore last week, he seems to always notice the little things. When a guy suddenly remembers all of the little details about you, you can bet that he likes you and would like to be with you.

29. He Goes Radio Silent

When a guy likes you, you are the most important person in the world to him. Whenever he is around you, he turns off his phone or stops checking it. Even if he gets an important text message from work, he will quickly answer it, put the phone away and pay attention to you instead. Paying attention to you is a sign that he respects you and wants to spend quality time with you. He does not want any distractions to come in the way of being with you and enjoying your company.

30. His Friends Think That He Likes You

Other people are often a better judge of a crush than either of the people involved. When you like someone, it seems impossible that they could ever like you back. Even if you notice signs that he is interested, you doubt your own intuition. Luckily, other people are often excellent judges of these kinds of things. His friends may tease him about seeing you, or they might even tell you that he likes you. If all of his friends and your friends are telling you that he likes you, then you can be pretty certain that he has feelings for you.

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You: What to Do Next

If you think that your crush likes you back, then it is time to act on it. Remember, guys are just as nervous about asking a crush out as girls are. He is afraid that you might not like him, and he is worried that you will reject him. If you are feeling brave, just ask him out! You can also ask him to hang out as friends if you want more time to figure out if he likes you or not. Don’t be afraid to make the first move because he will most likely be relieved to find out that you like him and like that you made a move instead of waiting for him to do it.

Finding out how to tell if a guy likes you might not be easy, but it is possible. Listen to your instinct and intuition. The only reason you doubt your intuition is because it seems impossible that your crush could like you back. If you learn to trust your gut instinct, you will find out that your are right more often than not.

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