Aries Woman and Aries Man

When a fiery Aries woman and a burning Aries man develop a relationship together, the resulting combustion is an irresistible force of passion. The first spark of the relationship quickly erupts into uncontrollable lust and emphatic emotions. For both partners, the beginning of the relationship is filled with mutual possessiveness, smoldering jealousy, and combative engagements. A relationship that lasts between the two is rare, as many affairs between Aries lovers end as quickly as they began, leaving only blackened ashes and flickering embers. Those successful pairings, few as they may be, will be lifetime connections of success, beauty, and glory. Learn more about the relationship compatibility between an Aries woman and Aries man.

Aries Woman and Aries Man

With An Aries Man

Aries, known for its fiery energy, cardinal qualities, and masculine vigor, is ruled by passionate and combative Mars. The natural male energy of an Aries man only magnifies these attributes, and often creates a paragon of Aries. Depending on the moon, planets, and other factors during the birth of an Aries man, he has the potential to be a physical and emotional avatar of the god of war.

For an Aries woman who wants to secure a relationship with an Aries man, she simply needs to understand that his nature is one of demanding desire. Whatever he wants should only be given after she has gained what she yearns for. An Aries man takes and takes until he has taken everything that he wants, and then vanishes like a puff of smoke. To ensure that he remains, the Aries woman should use the tactics given to her by the god of war, or goddess of war in her case.

Mars dictates that an Aries woman should have her partner meet her demands before giving into her partner’s requirements. However, she may find that her partner is prepared for the battle as well. A relationship between an Aries woman and an Aries man is a battle of wills, and the fight will continue for as long as there is glory to be gained. A successful Aries woman will keep her partner interested and entranced for as long as she remains interested.

With An Aries Woman

The receptive energy of female energy greatly compliments the natural tendencies of an Aries. Without a doubt, an Aries woman has the capacity to outflank and conquer her Aries contender on the battlefield of love. Manifesting the raw power of the Amazons, an Aries woman will never submit to the will of an Aries man. To her, it is his place to look up to her as the vanquisher goddess she personifies.

An Aries man who seeks to be successful in a relationship with an Aries woman needs to follow the guidance of Mars. Both partners seek victory, yet neither is interested in predetermined triumph. An Aries man should seek to enliven the relationship to keep his partner interested. Without conflict or competition, an Aries woman may become bored of her partner. He needs to be intelligent, attractive, energetic, and exceed her expectations whenever possible to keep her focused on him.

He should be willing to give her what she desires, but he must remember to keep the price interesting. To an Aries woman, victory is hollow if it is without glory. Work hard to keep an Aries partner impressed, and remember that beauty and honor for one partner brings beauty and honor to the other. An Aries woman will not settle for someone who is unwilling to better himself in a wide variety of ways, especially if that man is an Aries.

Impassioned Love

Forcefulness of character requires the Aries man to attempt to dominate any relationship that he is in. An Aries woman, equally powerful in her abilities and attributes, has the potential to rival her partner. This rivalry, fueled by mutual respect and the need to reign supreme, causes both partners to attempt to compete at unprecedented levels. An Aries woman who is prepared for battle often ends up domineering her partner, who may not be well versed in dealing with a powerful woman. If left unchecked, a victorious Aries man may become autocratic and forceful. Between an Aries woman and an Aries man, the battle and the relationship become inseparable.

The beginning of a relationship between two Aries people is filled with cosmic clashes powerful enough to rend the constellations. This destructive energy has the potential to end a relationship if a victor is determined or if the battle becomes entrenched. Both people must keep their partner interested to maintain a successful relationship. When things begin to stabilize, one partner or the other may attempt a bold strategy to gain the upper hand. Aries will never allow a strike to remain blocked or a parry to be riposted.

When this wildfire of a relationship burns all of the fuel available, the two may find that they are ready to take on the world together. Woe to anything or anyone who stands in the way of an Aries couple. At this point in the relationship, the two have merged into a terrifying machine that cannot be stopped. Truly, a successful relationship between two Aries is an unstoppable force. The two may always be in competition with each other, but the targets become external goals and objects.

It is the responsibility of each partner to bring excitement into the relationship. Sadly, it is the nature of an Aries to become bored with the current situation. To keep the relationship faithful and secure, the adventure must never stop. Jealousy and infidelity may be risks that are present in this relationship. The only way to prevent these problems is to develop a mutual respect and personal character. If an Aries, man or woman, finds that their partner betrayed their trust, then fury and scorn will be their punishment. Unfaithful partners become little more than scorched earth and a distant memory should they suffer the inevitable wrath of a maligned Aries.

Long term relationships can be successful for partners born under Mars. Adventures, whether financial, spiritual, or experiential, strengthen a relationship between an Aries woman and Aries man. A couple that can survive until they become steadfast allies will likely last a lifetime. Shoulder and shoulder, this impassioned pairing will let nothing prevent them from reaching their goals. Fortune favors the bold, as the old adage goes, so be dauntless, fearless, and with limitless spirit.

Sexual Rivalry

The head, specifically the face and hair, are ruled by Aries. The adrenal glands, which are intertwined with the sexual organs and muscles of the body, also follow the commands of Mars. Every part of this relationship will be about dominance, control, and power, especially sexual encounters A relationship between an Aries woman and an Aries man will be a involve energetic and passionate embraces of the lips, tongue, teeth, and hair. The frenzy of sexual energy between the two partners may be dangerous during the fevered heights of climax.

Sexual exploration is less important than energetic enthusiasm. That is not to say that an Aries couple will not push the limits in the bedroom. Be prepared for passionate sessions that may be more similar to a wrestling match than love making. It is important for an Aries partner to be athletic, as neither partner is interested in wasting their time with someone who is unwilling to give it their all.

Covetousness runs through the blood of an Aries, especially in regard to a vibrant and powerful partner. An Aries woman is just as likely to look outside of their relationship as an Aries man if they find that their partner is unsatisfactory. Exceptionalism is required for both partners, and Mars is unrepentant in its desire for conquest and conflict. The only way to prevent infidelity is to meet the physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of an Aries partner.

Breathtaking Excursions

Both partners will be interested in adventures that stimulate the senses and expand their minds. It is important for an Aries, especially an Aries couple, to enjoy what the world has to offer. Go out on an adventure that is new for each person, and learn how to develop a new skill or conquer an old fear. Perhaps join an athletic team together and compete against other people who are interested in showing off their skills.

For cerebral Aries couples, the opportunity to develop a new program or write a timeless novel exists as well. Musically talented pairings can learn exotic instruments and enhance a genre of underappreciated music. Mixed partnerships will be nourished by the artistic talents of one Aries and the entrepreneurial skills of the other. An partnership blessed by Mars will only become more secure and successful with each enterprise established and goal completed.

If either person finds themselves becoming tired of the experiences that they are having, and each person is willing, then moving to a new city or country is always an option. The world is wide open, and Aries are notoriously willing to expand their horizons. Learn a new language, develop an unusual career, and take off into the unknown. There is nothing to be lost that cannot be regained for a compatible coupling of those born under the sign of Mars.

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