What Happens When a Taurus Woman Is Done With You?

Last Updated on October 15, 2020 by Sloane Marie

You may discover that the behaviors of the Taurus woman that you are maintaining a social or emotional relationship with are indicative of her desire to end your partnership. Before a Taurus woman makes the decision to break up with you, it is likely that you will find that she will express herself in a variety of ways. When a Taurus woman thinks about breaking up with you, it is likely that she will behave in a contemptuous and distant manner. The article that follows explains what happens when a Taurus woman is done with you.

If you are looking to learn about what happens when each zodiac sign is done with you, then consider providing yourself with the knowledge that will help you successfully navigate any difficulties that may develop within your relationships. Additionally, you benefit from reading everything you can about this relationship, so you will benefit from taking this time to read about how to have a healthy relationship with a Taurus woman.

Signs a Taurus woman is done with you

If you are an attentive partner, then it is certainly possible that you will allow her actions or statements to cause you to change your behaviors. You may find that a Taurus woman may choose to keep her true feelings to herself, only to end the relationship after she has realized that the relationship is no longer viable. Should you notice any of the following signs, then you will find that reading our article about how to get a Taurus woman to forgive you may help you salvage your relationship.

1. Indifferent

When a Taurus woman has decided that your relationship is going to end, it is likely that she will ignore you. If you express yourself to her, and she chooses to not respond or inform you that she doesn’t care about your feelings, then it is certain that she is no longer satisfied. She may choose to behave in this manner to show you that you are no longer valuable to her. Similarly, when a Taurus woman is done with you, you will likely discover that she will be purposefully careless or irresponsible when it comes to things that you care about.

2. Gloomy

As a Taurus woman realizes that the relationship that she invested her time and energy into is no longer something that she wants to maintain, then that knowledge will certainly have a negative impact on her mood. When a Taurus woman is thinking about breaking up with you, she will likely become melancholy or depressed. Because of this, she will become less interested in spending time with you. It is likely that she will decide that she doesn’t want to go out or come over, as she would rather be alone than with you. When this occurs, you may find that attempts to cheer her up will only cause her to further withdraw herself from you.

3. Annoyed

You can expect that a Taurus woman who has decided to end a relationship will behave as though you are vexing or irritating. It is likely that she will find simple actions, such as loud chewing or asking questions, to be beyond her capacity to tolerate. When you find that she treats you poorly for things that previously never bothered her, then it is likely that there is a more serious issue that needs to be addressed. A Taurus woman may choose to purposefully annoy you as well, as she may have determined that you are choosing to exasperate her. 

4. Harsh

When a Taurus woman is done with you, you may discover that she treats you in an aggressive manner. This is likely done with the intention of pushing you away, as she would rather that you made the decision to simply leave the relationship without further confrontation. If you choose to respond to her in an angry manner, then it is certainly possible that the two of you will find yourselves in an explosive argument that will cause your relationship to end. If you want to attempt to salvage the relationship, then you should respond in a courteous manner at that time.

5. Scandalous

If you made the poor decision to cheat on the Taurus woman in your life, then it is likely that she will make the decision to nourish external relationships as well. This is her way of enjoying what the world has to offer, while simultaneously causing you emotional harm. It is possible that she will share her behaviors with your mutual friends, as this will cause you to suffer social humiliation. Should you notice that the Taurus woman in your life is behaving in a flirtatious manner with other people, then it is likely that she is getting ready to end your relationship.

6. Ponderous

Instead of speaking with you about her feelings, it is possible that a Taurus woman will simply slow down. She may choose to no longer join you on outings, or move at a pace that causes you to be late to events. A Taurus woman may claim to have forgotten about something that is important to you, only to show you that she truly has no intention of going with you. She may choose to do simple tasks, such as chores or errands, and an unreasonably slow manner. If you attempt to rush her, then you may find that she will stop in her tracks.

7. Obstinate

If you find that she becomes excessively stubborn or difficult, then it is possible that she has already determined that the relationship is no longer viable. Simple discussions may turn into arguments, while disagreements may cause her to stop speaking with you altogether. If she is upset at you, then it is possible that she will do exactly the opposite of what you request of her. Her decision to become uncooperative is likely a reflection of her feelings regarding your behaviors that made her unhappy in the first place.

8. Disengaged

A Taurus woman may behave in a manner that reveals to you that she is no longer satisfied with the relationship. Essentially, she may behave as though she has already ended the relationship with you, even if she has not yet informed you about her feelings. When a Taurus woman is thinking about breaking up with you, you can expect that she will begin to treat you like you are her ex. You may feel that she is being unfair, and it is certain that her behaviors are calculated to cause you to feel insecure or anxious.