What Is the Meaning of Two Souls That Feel Connected?

Last Updated on March 30, 2020 by Sloane Marie

When you have two souls that feel connected, it feels as if you have found your soulmate. It is as if destiny has conspired to bring you that mystical unity of two souls merging into one. Often, people ignore this type of sensation because they are distracted by everything else in their life. They do not look for a deeper meaning behind the spiritual connection that happens between two souls that are meant to be one.

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What Is the Meaning of Two Souls That Feel Connected?

If you have two souls that feel connected, it feels like you do not need anyone else in the world. You wake up every day thinking about the person that you care about. It is more than just a superficial relationship because there is a deeper meaning behind everything that you feel and experience. When two souls feel connected, it means that you have found your soulmate.

To keep yourself in solitude means dealing with an eternal sense of pain. It is by being a part of a relationship or a larger group that you develop your sense of identity. Meditating, doing yoga, taking a walk and sitting in silence give you a sense of what matters most in life. Then, when that other soul appears, you are able to recognize your counterpart in another being.

Two souls that feel connected are not always meant to be lovers. Sometimes, you feel connected to another soul because you are meant to make this journey through life together. It is like you are two pieces of a puzzle piece that is only designed to work together and become one. This other soul could be your best friend for the rest of your life or your romantic partner forever. Either way, they are meant to journey with you on this physical and spiritual plane.

How Do You Know When Two Souls Are Connected?

Most people will just “know” when their soul discovers a new connection in another being. If you doubt your own intuition and feelings, you might also know by:

  • Not having to talk constantly to feel like you are a part of each other
  • Knowing that he or she will always pick up the phone when you call
  • Thinking about him or her constantly during the day
  • Wishing that they were always at your side
  • Feeling as if you have known this person for years instead of just a short time

You know that you have made a soul connection because you are suddenly more understanding and patient than before. It seems like nothing gets you upset or angry like it used to. You know that you always have your soulmate to turn to when there is a problem, and you want to be a better person because they are in your life. You see your soulmate as the summation of their character instead of their flaws, which makes it easier for you to overlook the flaws in other people as well.

When there are two souls that feel connected, you know that you will do anything to make this relationship last. You want to make your best friend or lover happy in all ways. No matter what you plan on doing in your life, you take steps to make sure that your soulmate can remain a part of your existence.

Suddenly, you realize that your physical boundaries have changed. When you have made a soul connection, you feel intimately close to the other person. If they are your romantic partner, this may manifest as being unable to keep your hands off of each other. If you are just platonic friends, it may manifest as hugging all the time or just sitting close to each other.

When you suddenly have two souls that feel connected, you want to focus entirely on the other person. With everyone else, you might become easily distracted by a phone call or something else. When you have an intimate connection to another soul, you are willing to put down whatever you are working on to listen actively and pay attention.

A soulmate is not just born into existence. This type of soul connection is made by spending time together, treasuring your connection and working to build your relationship. If you are lucky enough to have two souls that feel connected, cherish that relationship. It means that you have found a soulmate to journey through life together with, so don’t throw away your good fortune.

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