What Does It Mean to Dream About a Wedding?

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When you dream about a wedding, the meaning can vary based on what happens in the dream. It matters if you are already married or if you just want to get married. In addition, other symbols that happen in the dream can also impact the underlying dream interpretation.

Enhance your understanding of your dreams by taking this time to learn how to interpret your dreams about relationships.

What Does It Mean to Dream About a Wedding?

If you get married in a dream, it can represent an actual commitment between you and someone else. This could be a non-romantic partnership, or it could be a commitment to your real life partner. How you feel in the dream reflects how you actually feel about that commitment in real life. If you are nervous in the dream or unhappy, it may show that you are not ready for that commitment quite yet.

Getting married in a dream can show the union of the feminine and masculine sides of yourself. If you just met someone new, it may be your subconscious telling you to look deeper because this person could be your soulmate. The dream may represent a desire to commit yourself again to your relationship or current marriage. It may also represent a wish fulfillment if you would like to get married in your waking life.

1. Marrying Your Ex

When you have a dream about a wedding, it is often to someone you know. In some cases, you may dream that you are marrying your ex. This dream may show that you recognize some similarities between your ex and the current relationship. If you are excited in the dream, it may mean that you miss some of the more positive aspects of that relationship. If you run away from the wedding, it may show that your subconscious is starting to be ready to move on.

2. Elopement

Instead of a dream about a wedding, you may dream that you get eloped. Often, this kind of wedding dream shows that you are trying to escape from the issues of your normal life. You may be trying to reach a spiritual or emotional balance, but you are unable to do so yet.

3. Arranged Marriage

An arranged marriage in your dream indicates that you feel like you are being forced to do something that you do not want to do. You may feel like you are being pressured to take the next step in your life, and you do not want to. It feels like you have no voice in the matter, and you are unsure about what to do.

4. Engagement

When you dream about being engaged, it shows a need for an emotional or sexual relationship. You may feel lonely and wish that your relationship gave you something more. It could also mean that you desire security and commitment. If you are not married now, it shows a desire for some type of commitment. Who you are engaged for in the dream shows the type of relationship you want. If you dream of an older man, it may mean that you wish that there was a father figure in your life to support you.

If you dream that you are breaking an engagement, then it typically means that you are making a hasty decision in something that is important. Perhaps you are making an unwise decision that will end up haunting you later.

5. Wedding

A dream about a wedding can mean a new beginning. It may represent some type of transition in your life right now. It could also represent feelings of independence and commitment. If you feel negatively in the dream, it could reflect underlying feelings of sorrow, bitterness or death. If you dreamed that the wedding ends badly, then it may mean that there is something negative in your life that you have to address right away.

If you dream that you are marrying your current spouse again, it shows happiness, a strong commitment and marital bliss. Dreams about planning a wedding to a stranger means that your masculine and feminine side or in union. It shows a state of transition where you are starting to achieve a balance between the different sides of your nature.

If you are just attending the wedding, you have to look at how you feel in the dream. Feeling happy as you watch a dream wedding shows that you are ready to embrace new changes that happen in your life. Feeling sad or upset shows that you are not pleased with the state of your current life.

Sometimes, you dream about getting married as you are actually planning a real life wedding. Often, this show the stress of planning and organizing the wedding. You may have this dream because a fear that you will lose your independence or commitment. Often, dreams about an impending wedding show tension among your family as you conflict over the details.

6. Wedding Cake

A wedding cake in your dream means domestic bliss. It shows that you enjoy your life and are living in harmony. If the wedding cake is cut in the dream, it shows a happy, positive future ahead of you. If you are eating the wedding cake, it shows your sensual nature.

7. Wedding Dress

Dreaming about a wedding dress shows how you see your relationship. If you are wearing a wedding dress, it means that you are assessing your current, personal relationship. If you see yourself or someone else wearing a wedding dress in an inappropriate situation, it may mean that the person wearing the dress feels unworthy or inferior.

8. Proposal

If you dream someone is proposed to you, it shows that you are discovering an entirely new side of yourself. It may also mean that you are thinking about getting married or some type of long-term commitment to a project or situation. If you are thinking about proposing to someone, it could also mean you are considering a marriage or thinking about a deeper commitment.

9. Bride

Sometimes, when you dream about a wedding, you see a bride in the dream. The bride is the ultimate symbol of a partnership or a union. Because of this, dreaming about a runaway bride in your dream is a sign that you are not ready to commit to someone, a decision or a change. It shows that you are not ready to move on to the next phase in your life. If you dream that the bride is hurt or shot at the wedding, it shows that a part of your feminine nature has come to a sudden end.

Dreaming that you are single and the bride shows a desire to get married. It could also mean you wish to have more feminine qualities or characteristics. A bride could also be a symbol of virginity or purity.

10. Bridegroom

A bridegroom in a dream shows that you wish to have a partnership or some type of committed relationship. This is especially true if you are a woman and dream of a bridegroom.

11. Bridesmaids

Dreaming about bridesmaids in your dream shows a romance on the horizon. It could be an indication that you want to have a committed relationship. You dream about a wedding and being a bridesmaid because you want to find a lasting, committed relationship, but have not found the right person yet.

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