Chaldean Numerology

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Chaldean numerology is an esoteric science that has existed for ages. Whether you love mathematics or the esoteric arts, Chaldean numerology can provide you with answers. It offers a different perspective than other types of numerology.

If you are interested in learning everything that you can about mystical numbers and numerology, then take this time to read through our collection on the subject.

The Background Behind Chaldean Numerology

Also known as Chaldean Gematria, Chaldean numerology is a system that gives each letter a numerical value. Using this system, you can create a numerological reading. Long ago, the Chaldean culture existed in present-day Iraq to the south of Mesopotamia. It was the culture ruled by the famed leader, Nebuchadnezzar.

This ancient group is still known today for their churches, oracles and mythology. They created books of mysterious, esoteric poems that archaeologists later discovered. During the 19th century, occult theorists popularized these texts. When it came to numerology, the Chaldeans had a lasting impact. Their system was based on how the human spirit connected to different astral planes.

What Is Chaldean Numerology?

In Chaldean numerology, every letter is given a different numerical value. The lowest value is one, and the highest is eight.

1: A, I, J, Q, Y
2: B, K, R
3: C, G, L, S
4: D, M, T
5: E, H, N, X
6: U, V, W
7: O, Z
8: F, P

One of the most common ways people put Chaldean numerology to work is by creating a reading for their name. Known as name numerology, this technique is based on the vibrations found in each number. The finished reading is essentially an interpretation of the numbers created by your name.

To create your reading, you would take a name like Sarah. Looking at the letters, you would find the number value for each letter in her name. According to the chart, S is 3, A is 1, R is 2 and H is 5. You would then add these numbers together to get the number 12 (Remember, there were two A’s in Sarah). Then, you add these two digits together (the 1 and 2 in 12) to get the number 3. This number, 3, shows how Sarah shows herself to the world and how she appears to other people. Think of this as something similar to a sun sign.

The Meaning Behind the Numbers

There are more intensive interpretations, and you can create a more elaborate reading by using Chaldean numerology in different ways. If you just created a number based on your name, the following chart is how you could interpret it.

0: Potential not yet seen; the whole of everything and nothing
1. Independent and a leader; a number is powerful
2: Balance and flux; adaptability and unity
3: Creativity unbounds; signals a performer
4: Focused and structured worker; symbolic of institutional nature
5: Born to travel and resourceful; the number of freedom
6: Born teacher: burdened by responsibility
7: Mental and intelligent; curious and spiritual
8: The end towards a goal; money driven and strong

The biggest difference between Chaldean numerology and other types of numerology is that it does not give any letters to the number 9. This is because the number 9 was thought to be extremely spiritual and would ultimately disappear. Any letter associated with the number 9 would be empty to the person who held it.

Chaldean numerology was created to help you understand yourself, your life and how you relate to the world. Through numerology, practitioners were able to attune their spirit to the vibrations of life inside and outside of themselves.

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