What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

It is estimated that the average person dreams 5 to 10 times every night. Many people do not realize that they dream because they were too tired to recall the dream or they woke up at the wrong stage of sleep to really remember it. If you are like most people, you have had a dream about your crush at some point. Now, you just have to figure out why these dreams are happening.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

For the past few nights, you have woken up with an amazing dream about your crush in your mind. In your dream, you talked to him or her and maybe even flirted a bit. The dream is even more enthralling because you have not found out how your crush feels in real life yet. Depending on what happened in your dream, there are several reasons why you may have had a dream about your crush.

What Happened in the Dream?

Your dreams are created by your subconscious mind. They show a blend of your thoughts, feelings, memories, fears and desires. Often, your subconscious will use the images that you think about most or the people you feel strongly about. Because of this, it is extremely common to have a dream about your crush. You think about your crush constantly in your waking life, so it makes sense that your subconscious would bring him or her into your dreams.

The most basic reason why you would have dreams about your crush is because of how you feel. You think about them a lot, so you also dream about them a lot. Your subconscious is given free reign to think about anything that holds its fancy during the night, so it picked your crush.

Is My Crush Dreaming About Me?

There is a common superstition that says that dreaming of someone means that they are thinking or dreaming of you. Unfortunately, this superstition is not true. It may seem true at times because you are more likely to dream of people who are close to you, and those people are also likely to think of you because of their close relationship with you.

While your dreams do not mean that your crush is thinking about you, it is possible. It only seems impossible for your crush to like you because you like him or her so much. In reality, he or she is just as likely to like you as anyone else. While your dream about your crush does not mean that they are thinking of you, it is always possible that they could be.

What Does My Dream About a Crush Mean?

To determine what your dream means, you have to first consider what happened in it. If your crush only talked to you as a friend, then it may symbolize that you want to be near your crush. They didn’t do anything romantic though because you are uncertain how they feel in real life. If the dream was romantic, then it shows that you feel confident that they could like you back if they really gave you a chance.

While there are many potential variations on a dream about a crush, we will cover some of the common interpretations below.

1. You Received a Love Letter

Receiving a love letter, text or message from your crush often symbolizes a desire that he or she will get in touch with you and share a message. It can also indicate that you want a reassurance in your dream because you feel insecure about your real-life potential. Another interpretation is that you feel like a new romance could blossom soon. Unfortunately, dreams only show your own state of mind, so you can’t be sure if what happens in your dream about your crush will actually come true.

2. You Kissed Your Crush

Kissing, holding hands or being romantic with a crush in your dreams shows that you are hopeful that there could be something to the relationship. You have a high self-confidence, so you feel like there could be a romance there if your crush really gave it a chance. Kissing your crush also symbolizes a desire for love and affection. It clearly demonstrates a desire to be with this person romantically and have a relationship with him or her.

3. You Argued With Your Crush

In your dream, you argued with your crush. This may have made you panic because you are afraid it means you aren’t compatible or your crush doesn’t like you. The argument only shows an internal conflict. Your subconscious is most likely showing your frustrations with liking your crush, but not knowing if your crush likes you back. This type of dream demonstrates that you want something more out of the relationship than just friendship.

4. You Dreamed About an Ex-Crush

This is a normal type of dream to have. You once cared greatly for your crush, so there are still memories of these feelings in your subconscious. It makes sense that those feelings appear from time to time, and it does not mean that you still like your crush. Instead, it could just be random. It could also mean that you want some type of love or romance in your current life, so you dreamed about your ex-crush. If you are currently in a relationship, the dream may just mean that you want to spice things up a bit.

What Should You Do After Dreaming About a Crush?

Your dreams only show your own state of mind, so they generally do not mean that you should do anything. With that said, you may want to consider making a move. You obviously care deeply for this person, and you want something more out of the relationship. If you do not make a move now, you may never find out if he or she likes you back. Even if they reject you, you will at least know that you should move on and that nothing is possible.

If you know that your crush does not like you, then just relax and try to enjoy the dreams. Over time, they will gradually occur less and less often. If you do find out that your crush does not like you, this will also help the dreams to happen less and less. As your subconscious starts to realize that a relationship is not possible with your crush, it will gradually focus on new possibilities.

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