The Best Gifts for a Scorpio Man

Known as the eighth sign of the zodiac, the Scorpio is born between the days of October 23 and November 21. This type of man is known for being extremely intense, possessive and unyielding. If you have an important Scorpio in your life, find out the best gifts for a Scorpio man. He might not be easy to shop for, but there are a few presents that tend to work well for his demanding personality.

The Best Gifts for a Scorpio Man

When it comes to the Scorpio man, the most important thing is to find something extremely personal for him. He is not the type of guy who wants a gift card or a gift from just anywhere. The best gifts for a Scorpio man tend to reflect his unique personality. He loves completely and cares about his passions intensely. What he likes, he really likes. If family is a priority for him, create a digital picture frame that plays through his favorite photos of his family. Buy something that helps him to do his favorite hobby. Whatever you do, don’t just buy any gift for him. If you could have just as easily given the present to any other friend or family member, he won’t like it.

1. Gifts for the Passionate Man

The Scorpio man is passionate and intense in everything that he does. Unsurprisingly, this trait extends to his love life as well. If you are dating a Scorpio, then a love aid is a top gift for him. Scorpio men are generally intense, passionate lovers. You might want to get him a new sex toy or black satin sheets. A set of aphrodisiacs, the kama sutra or a silk robe could also work amazingly. If you have the funds, buy yourself some amazing lingerie and book a hotel weekend away from it all. He will love getting to take a break from life as he showers you with his passionate intensity.

2. Material Things

This is a man who does not understand that things are in shades of gray. Everything is either in black or white for a Scorpio. He might love your passionate love letters one day, but appreciate some of the finer things in life the next. Material items can work well as gifts for a Scorpio man. Think of high-quality, expensive items. Fine leather for belts, jackets or wallets would be a good option. Invest in an expensive cologne or fine jewelry for the man in your life. Whatever you do, make sure that you buy something that is made from high-quality materials. A Scorpio won’t want to own something that just breaks down. It is either perfect, or he doesn’t want it.

3. Games

The Scorpio man doesn’t seem like a guy who is all about fun and games, but you might not have found the perfect option yet. This guy loves mysteries, so try arranging a treasure hunt for him. Make him figure out the clues along the way until he reaches his present. You could also gather together all of his friends for a giant scavenger hunt.

If those options are not possible, think about a gift like a chess set. The Scorpio man has a keen intellect and a love of secrecy, so he will love building a strategy and secretly plotting his takeover from the game. Battleship and Monopoly could also be great options. If the game requires taking calculated moves and planning out a meticulous strategy, he will probably like it.

4. Play to His Love of Mystery

The Scorpio man knows that he can seem mysterious and secretive, and he revels in it. While he may seem mysterious to other people, the Scorpio man holds his believes dearly. Once he believes in something, he will stick to that belief. It just isn’t easy to tell what he thinks because he can hide his emotions behind a cool, calm facade. To satisfy his love of mystery, trying investing in some detective novels or mystery films. Many Scorpio men love the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, so buy him the Sherlock Holmes books or get him a set of every Sherlock television show. The Agatha Christie novels, CSI shows and similar options could also work. If he hates watching television, buy him some binoculars so that he can do his own sleuthing from home.

5. Help Him Exert Ownership

Some of the top gifts for a Scorpio man play on his need to own things. He is intensely possessive of the things that he owns and hates to loan them to anyone. If you can’t think of any other gift ideas, give him a mug, robe or shirt that has his name engraved on it. He will think of you when he sees it, and he will also satisfy his need for ownership.

6. Deep Tissue Massage

If you are short on cash, a deep tissue massage is a great present for a Scorpio man. He loves having intimate moments with his lover. Devote at least an hour to massaging his sore muscles and back. This gift helps him connect to you on an intimate, deeper level. If you have a bit of extra money, plan a day for massages and the spa.

7. Framed Art

The Scorpio man loves to hold up his icons for the world. The hard part is figuring out which figures he actually cares about. Once you find the historical figure or character he likes, have this picture framed and give it to him as a gift. As you look for the right figure, keep in mind that Scorpios are generally attracted to power, prestige and strength.

8. A Mystery Cruise

This gift idea quickly satisfies two of the Scorpio man’s biggest personality traits. His mysterious, passionate nature will love a getaway on a mystery cruise. The cruise satisfies his need for sleuthing, mystery and revealing secrets. At the same time, it will also give him a chance to focus some of his passionate intensity on you. Finding a mystery cruise at the right time isn’t easy, but it is definitely one of the best gifts for a Scorpio man.

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